Ten Best Quality Control Apps of 2024

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SafetyCulture is a quality control app that aims to aid QC managers in every step of the quality control process. With SafetyCulture, you can easily convert your paper checklists or spreadsheets into mobile-ready inspection forms in minutes and ensure that the same template is used by all your inspectors. With your quality control team using the same digital quality control templates and having visibility for all actions, you can be sure that everyone is on the same paperless page.

Having your digital checklists backed up to the cloud also ensures you won’t have to worry about losing important records. Quality control inspection reports are automatically saved in SafetyCulture’s secure cloud-based storage to help you strengthen compliance with standards and regulatory requirements, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP, or ISO 27001. Quality control teams in all industries can also easily retrieve old audit files with the quality control checklist app and present them to external auditors with confidence.


  • View changes in checklists and inspection forms in real-time
  • Connect to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more
  • Integrate temperature and weather sensors and devices to get accurate, real-time temperature and humidity readings straight to your phone, tablets, or desktop
  • Create immediate corrective action in each identified quality control issues
  • Automate scheduling and report delivery
  • Export accomplished inspection forms as PDF or Word files or by sharing links to them
  • Attach photos, videos, and notes to inspection checklists for proof of compliance or noncompliance
  • Use and create QR codes for faster reporting of issues
  • Create specialized quality control training courses to align teams with best practices

Produce Pro is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app for industries dealing with produce and perishables. As a quality system, Produce Pro’s QC App streamlines the product and inventory inspection process by digitizing paperwork, making and assigning inspection scores, and receiving goods. This app is best for companies working in the food and agriculture industry .


  • A dashboard that shows the food item’s receive time and inspection status
  • Color-coded statuses for easy reading
  • An inspection screen for each product in the list to record quality control values that managers can set based on your quality standards and quality systems already in place
  • Automated reminders for future inspections after a product has been shelved for a while

Nestforms is a survey app that can also work as a quality control app. Company quality managers can use Nestforms to conduct quality control surveys to customers or employees to gain their insights on a specific company’s products or services. Later, through Nestforms, they can store the responses online and access them whenever needed. This app is best for conducting quality control surveys and quality checks by getting direct responses.


  • Save GPS coordinates
  • Can work offline
  • Multiple users in one form 
  • Customizable email notifications

Tetra Inspection is a provider of customized quality control and quality assurance services for all kinds of businesses. The Tetra Inspection quality control app offers inspection solutions, audit guidance, and quality control services dependent on the products produced by a company and their industries.  This app is best for quality control and quality assurance services.


  • Dedicated quality control and quality assurance services for different types of products such as furniture, children’s toys, electronics, textiles, and footwear
  • Built-in knowledge base about the different materials needed to make certain products and the quality standards they must meet
  • Audit and inspection forms for pre-shipment, supplier verification, initial production, and container loading

Greenlight Quality Control 2 is a mobile-only quality control app that acts as a centralized location for a company and its stakeholders to view and access information on quality control easily and instantly. Through this quality app, users have complete visibility of their site’s performance, as well as the performance of their suppliers and the status of their productions in real-time.  This app is best for coordination between a company and its stakeholders 


  • View product specifications at a glance
  • Supports photo attachments
  • Log problems with shipping and quality of a product in one place 
  • Compatible with iPads

Odoo is an open-source and multipurpose software solution that also excels in being a quality control app. With Odoo, users can pick out the dedicated apps and integrations they need as they see fit, adding more depending on their needs. This manufacturing quality control software can be used by manufacturers for product maintenance, inspections, and parts approval by ensuring they are within the standards set by the company. Odoo is best for businesses in the manufacturing industry and other related industries.


  • Customizable alerts
  • Quality control plans to trigger when and where to conduct inspections
  • Integration with Odoo’s other manufacturing, purchase, and inventory management apps

Qualio is one of the quality management systems mainly used by those in science-related fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and pharmacy. Using Qualio, managers can organize their documents online, train their employees on maintaining quality standards, and ensure product and service compliance with international standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 14971, and the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). This app is best for those working in life sciences and related jobs.


  • Filters for sorting through documents
  • Different role assignments for team members to work on a document
  • Risk management tools and options available
  • E-learning modules can be stored here

Novade is a construction management platform specifically designed for large-scale projects. While it primarily focuses on managing construction workflow and risks, it also works as a quality control app. Contractors, operators, and developers can use Novade to create quality inspection forms, manage their quality control processes, report incidents, and predict trends based on the data reported.  This app is best used for construction-related projects.


  • Can annotate photos 
  • Create forms with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Assign actions to specific team members 
  • Export reports in PDF and Excel

Fleetio is a vehicle inspection app that also works as a quality control app. Fleet managers can use Fleetio to manage, track, and control their fleet’s fuel consumption, preventative maintenance, equipment, parts, inventory, and other assets to make sure that everything is within their quality standards. This app is best for those managing fleets or working in the fleet industry.


  • Schedule and automate vehicle maintenance checks
  • Cost management and calculation
  • Supports GPS connection and tracking
  • Automatically track and get reports on fuel consumption and invalid odometer readings
  • Link equipment and tools to vehicles

What is a Quality Control App?

A quality control app, or quality software, is a web-and-mobile-based solution used by quality control teams to streamline quality control inspection processes and ultimately ensure high-quality standards across products and services. With all necessary inspections and actions on inspectors’ mobile devices and desktops, and their results appearing in real-time, a quality control app provides visibility and insights to help them be always at the forefront of quality control.

How Quality Control Apps Can Support Quality Management Processes

Quality control teams from industries, ranging from manufacturing to the medical field, have used traditional paper and pen checks for product quality inspections. And while it has allowed workers and employees to go through a checklist, critical data often gets lost in the process which poses a challenge to its traceability. This process has been proven to be tedious, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

Using a quality control app replaces the tedious process of pen and paper checks with digital inspections that allow your data to be instantly saved in the cloud, making it easy for you to pull them up when needed. With quality management software, there’s no need to compile data manually; you can automatically generate comprehensive reports every time you finish an inspection using the app. This saves you time—time you can better spend on other important areas of your business.

Below are five reasons why you should consider integrating a quality control app into your organization’s processes and efforts aimed at quality improvement.

Organize your Data Entry Process

Traditional pen-and-paper inspections require quality control inspectors to manually transcribe data and transfer them from inspection templates to printed reports. SafetyCulture Quality Control App provides pre-made digital templates that can easily be customized to suit inspectors’ preferences. Once quality control checks are completed, your data is automatically saved via secured cloud storage where you can easily access them from your desktop or mobile device.

Gain Visibility

Get real-time data about what’s happening in your business. View inspection frequency, performance, and issues in one place. Attach and annotate unlimited photo evidence of defects and damages. Highlight areas that need improvement and monitor results over time. Learn more about reporting & analytics.

Share Accountability

Easily distribute and share accountability within your organization with a quality control app. Empower your team to be your eyes in the field by auditing and performing inspections using their mobile or tablet device. Connect your team with QM operations to collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, and identify and resolve failed areas swiftly.

Get Accurate Temperature Readings

A quality control app can integrate your existing sensors and get accurate, real-time temperature and humidity readings straight to your phone, tablet, or desktop. It automatically triggers alerts sent to the assigned quality control team as soon as something goes out of the critical range.

Maintain Consistency

Along with total quality management (TQM), ensure consistent quality in every step of the production process by performing regular quality checks using a digital checklist. By doing so, you can be confident that only high-quality products go out the door.

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