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Run your construction site safely and efficiently with safety checklists and inspection forms on your smartphone or tablet using the iAuditor app.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Create your own checklist or browse our public library of 57,000 templates

Checklist inspection app, iAuditor has the largest collection of construction checklists in the world. You can choose a checklist that matches your site requirements or create your own templates from scratch. From weekly walk through inspections, to toolbox talks and quality assurance checklists. Choose a checklist template and modify to suit your needs.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Checklist More than one million organisations worldwide have adopted the principles and achieved certification to the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality Management System.
  • General Site Inspection Before you enter the site, use this checklist template to ensure everything is in order and hazard free.
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    • Site Inspection
    • Project Site
    • Weather information
    • Items requiring attention
    • Equipment
    • Client contact
    • PPE
    • Tools
    • Hand and Power
    • Electrical
    • Fall Protection >6 feet
    • Stairways and Ladders
    • OHS
    • Excavations
    • Corrective Action
  • Site Induction Checklist Everyone can complete a site induction checklist before each new project site.
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    • Name
    • Company
    • Personal hygiene
    • General welfare
    • Employee relations
    • Health and safety
  • Toolbox Meeting Conduct regular toolbox meetings with your project teams using the Toolbox Meeting checklist template.
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    • Safe observations
    • Task Analysis
    • Hazard Boards Update
    • Non Conformance Notices
    • Accidents and/or near misses
    • Subjects Introduced at a Meeting: Information
    • Training needed
    • Follow Up Actions
    • Work Programme for Next Period
    • Attendee Signatures
  • OSHA Self Inspection Stay compliant by OSHA standards using the OSHA self inspection template.
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    • Employer posting
    • Record keeping
    • Safety & Health Program
    • Medical Services & First Aid
    • Fire Protection
    • PPE
    • General Work Environment
    • Walkways
    • Floor and Wall Openings
    • Stairs & Stairways
  • ITP Inspection Test Plan Meet your construction project KPI’s with inspection test plan checklists.
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    • ITP/ITC Format
    • ITP Approval
    • ITP Content
    • References
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Inspection Method/Frequency
    • Records
    • Subcontractor ITP accepted
    • Sign Off

The 3 best checklists for your construction project

1. Toolbox Meeting Checklist

A toolbox checklist is an essential tool for your construction project. Regular toolbox meetings are an excellent way to get safety messages to your employees at the start of each day. The best way to conduct a toolbox meeting is to find an area free of distractions and to use open-ended questions to promote involvement. Plan ahead with structured topics and a set agenda. Topics can include a review of incidents, observations on practice, safety alerts, legislative updates and hazards to look out for on the job site. Capture the toolbox meeting minutes on the spot with iAuditor, get your employees to sign off and email them a PDF report post meeting.

2. Site Induction Checklist

Site inductions are a necessary for any new contractor, visitor or employee. A good site induction will inform people about the hazards and risks they may face at that particular job site, how the risks are controlled and what to do in an emergency. A good idea to include in this induction is a daily hazard register. Other items to include are site specific rules, who to report incidents to, evacuation procedures and the layout of the workplace.

3. ISO 9001 Standard Checklists

What better way to ensure your operation is up to scratch than by building out a digital checklist to comply with ISO standards. A digital ISO 9001 checklist will ensure you are prepared and have a good understanding of what is required for certification. Build checklists to facilitate the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Faster, more accurate inspections

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful checklist inspection app, allowing you to conduct quality management and safety inspections on the go. Increase your productivity and do more inspections than you would with a paper system.

Instant reports on the spot

Easily create a checklist template and start conducting your inspections. With the tap of a finger, send off instant signed and dated reports to your project supervisor or client. Meet project KPI’s by conducting your inspections on your work site and issuing daily reports straight from your smartphone device. Gone are the days of spending hours writing reports.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Put an end to paperwork

Reduce your risk and have complete visibility over your entire project. Replace your spreadsheets and paperwork with iAuditor checklists and reports. You can export your reports instantly.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

An image is worth a thousand words

Using high quality images throughout your inspection can increase the level of detail and accuracy in your reports. iAuditor allows construction workers to capture high resolution images throughout the construction site. Images can also be embedded into templates to demonstrate best practices.

A mistake proof process

iAuditor sets the standard for your construction project and ensures every worker is on the same page. Create standardized company checklist templates for your workers and contractors to use across a job site. Combine data from multiple sites and identify safety and quality issues in real-time. Notification alerts can be set up to alert construction supervisors the moment an issue is identified. As work unfolds on site, you can stay ahead of what’s happening by capturing everything on the spot.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Drawing tools

Record an issue, take a photo and mark it up. Ensure there are less errors on your job site with this effective tool. If you’re taking a picture of a broken down machine, you can highlight the area of focus that requires maintenance. You can easily mark up the photo and add arrows and circles to communicate this with contractors.

Offline capability

A checklist inspection app needs to work anywhere, including underground and in remote locations. Working in remote sites shouldn’t stop you because you don’t have connectivity. iAuditor allows workers to conduct their audits in any location. Simply sync the checklist back to your SafetyCulture account when you come back into cellular coverage. iAuditor is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android devices.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Insights at a glance

Gain real-time information about your construction worksite. Make informed decisions and track the status of safety and quality issues instantly.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Work in project teams

All project participants including the project manager, contractors, subcontractors, consultants and suppliers can conduct inspections in real-time for a single point of data collection. Simply set up a SafetyCulture account, start an organization and invite your team.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Digital inspections can’t be lost

Inspections are backed up to the cloud as soon as they’re done.

Using your device in the sun

For working in glary environments you can set your device to ‘Invert Colours’ which makes it easier to see and use your screen.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Tips for creating the world’s best construction checklists

  1. Simplicity is key
  2. Present plain language and concise questions to gather information
  3. Start your checklist with an analytic objective. What do you want to know from this checklist?
  4. Avoid using legislative references where possible, as it implies knowledge of the particular code or legislation
iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Create your own construction checklist in minutes

  1. Download iAuditor and open the Template section
  2. Drag and drop what you need in your inspection template
  3. Set your own questions, add signatures and build logic into your inspection checklist
  4. Preview template
  5. Share your template or start conducting your audit
iAuditor by SafetyCulture

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