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What are Site Inspection Reports?

Site inspection reports are valuable tools used to document findings of visual inspections conducted in the workplace. These reports summarize risks and hazards identified and preventive controls in place. Creating good site inspection reports help safety officers and managers compile all needed data for safety planning and purpose.

Using Technology to Streamline Site Inspection Reporting

Faster Reporting
Using iAuditor, inspectors can download and share inspection reports instantly after completing an inspection. No more waiting to get back to the office or typing up reports. Find out more about reporting.

“Now auditors can finish their inspection reports, take pictures, and it all incorporates into one document. You can send it right from the field.” – Mark Hickey, Environmental Health and Safety Engineer

Take photos, add drawings and write notes

Create rich inspection reports by capturing photos as you go. Simply click the add photo button and take photos through the app. Use the drawing tools to highlight areas that need attention, or write additional notes.

Rich data and analytics
Access all your previous inspection report data securely using the website. Monitor, analyze and improve site inspections with analytics that track inspection frequency & performance. Find out more about analytics.

“iAuditor has saved us about 1,500 man hours per year. That’s a huge efficiency gain.” – Nick Argyropoulous, NA Managing Director