The 10 Best Site Inspection Software for 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a powerful site inspection software, building inspection software, and mobile app that helps site inspectors identify and eradicate safety hazards and non-compliance in construction sites. Maximize this mobile solution’s intuitive features to ensure the quality of your site processes and empower your workers to build a culture of safety. This app is best for teams across industries and business sizes.


  • Conduct site inspections more efficiently using smart, digital checklists and templates, and never miss any action or item that would compromise either worker safety or site facility standards
  • Maximize the geo-tagging feature to monitor remote workers on-site as a proactive safety measure of your organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in conducting and maintaining site inspection protocols
  • Automate workflows in assigning actions such as scheduling inspections, generating and sharing reports, and completing site inspections and other construction site-related activities
  • Capture issues and monitor flagged items in real-time by letting your workers use the free site inspection app on their mobile devices and provide media documentation such as photos and videos as evidence
  • Resolve issues and improve site inspection processes quicker through fast and intuitive reporting that is key to gaining insights about your organization’s inspection performance
  • Store and automatically organize all site inspection reports in a secure cloud storage for future reference
  • Turn data captured from site inspections into actionable insights for risk assessments, continuous improvement, and quality assurance
  • Keep everyone informed, trained, and guided on the protocols, site inspection guidelines, and construction safety measures via Heads Up
  • Have your own forms used in site inspections get converted into digital templates and use them for site inspections anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate other Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau and PowerBI to access all safety data, worker information, and your overall site inspection and site management insights in one place

Why use Procore?

As a construction site inspection software, Procore enables organizations to identify hazards before they compromise not just worker safety but also the companies’ reputation. Helping workers stay ahead of safety issues, leave risks behind, and standardize inspections is at the core of this software’s goal. This app is best for organizations with on-site and office-based construction project teams


  • Contractor performance track records
  • Inspections library
  • Collaboration tools
  • Accounting integration
  • Billing and invoicing

Why use Safetymint?

Safetymint helps progressive organizations keep up with today’s ever-critical safety measures by replacing conventional pen-and-paper methods with a highly-collaborative digital solution. Easily manage site safety functions in one place to ensure safety and compliance at your construction site. This app is best for construction, manufacturing, and hospitality industries


  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Data-rich reports
  • Permit-to-work system management
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Online and offline capabilities

Why use SHEQSY?

SHEQSY by SafetyCulture is a safety-focused, free site inspection app built to allow organizations to protect employees in the workplace, most especially those that work alone out on the field. Using this app, you’ll be able to maintain compliance with lone work legislation, achieve peace of mind, and make it easy for everyone to monitor, record, and receive safety alerts when doing site inspections and more.


  • Location tracking
  • Management dashboard for reports, historical information, and escalation processes
  • Calendars and scheduling platforms integration
  • Emergency feature should workers on-site need immediate help
  • 24/7, A1-graded monitoring center
  • Ease of use across smartphones

Why use InEight?

A cloud-based construction inspection software, InEight also offers a solution for project management and construction inspection compliance. With InEight, construction site workers, contractors, and business owners can work more efficiently, safely, and proactively. Further, this app is best for enterprise-level companies.


  • Real-time issue tracking
  • Inspection history
  • Daily inspection reports
  • Intelligent forms
  • Subcontractor management

Why use ASK-EHS?

As a multifeatured service, ASK-EHS has thousands of active users from industrial workplaces maximizing the platform’s digital site inspection solutions. To suit unique business needs, the platform also has configuration capabilities for streamlined task automation and site safety process implementation. This app is best for construction teams across various business sizes.


  • Access real-time site inspection data analytics and promote proactive safety among construction workers
  • Configure user hierarchy based on your organization’s structure
  • Customize workflows, templates, and forms for site audits
  • Integrate existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that your organization uses (like SAP)

Why use vHive?

vHive is a site and field inspection software solution that allows enterprises to utilize drone hives aimed to create digital twins of construction assets and help field personnel in inspecting sites from the ground. Simplify ongoing inspections, adhere to safety and regulatory guidelines, and reduce costs associated with site activities using vHive. This app is best for enterprises looking to utilize autonomous drone hives.


  • Site surveying
  • Construction assets inspection
  • 360° virtual site tour creation
  • AI and machine learning capabilities
  • Data insights sharing with peers and team members

Why use Construction Inspector?

Construction Inspector helps unify site inspection processes, record deficiencies, and flag items needing attention. Likewise, be able to maintain efficiency, reliability, consistency, and transparency with this construction site safety inspection software. This app is best for residential and commercial builders.


  • Ability to pre-define typical property templates for site inspections
  • Side-by-side comparison inspections
  • Customizable report formats
  • Digital collaboration
  • Mobile app capability

Why use Fieldwire?

As a holistic construction management software, Fieldwire also provides field management solutions for construction teams. Over 1 million projects utilize this platform to boost productivity in the field. This platform lets you access the latest drawings, plans, and documents in one space. Streamline tasks on the field and meet deadlines through punch lists, schedules, and real-time notifications. Further, Fieldwire is best for general and specialty contractors.


  • Plan management
  • Progress reports generated instantly
  • Centralized document storage
  • Scheduling tools powered by Lean methods
  • Real-time alerts and notifications

Why use OnSiteForm?

As building operations, site, and equipment safety on construction sites require continuous monitoring and control, site inspection safety software solutions such as OnSiteForm help construction professionals comply with safety and regulatory requirements while improving productivity and inspection performance. This app is best for businesses in the UK.


  • Asset management
  • Audit function and audit trail capability
  • Accurate and speedy access to inspection reports
  • Fully searchable, easy to use, database
  • Online and offline functionality

What is a Site Inspection Software?

A site inspection software is a digital tool used by construction professionals to aid in the performance of site safety walkthroughs. Aside from searching and identifying construction site hazards, it can also be used to verify if the work being performed adheres to the construction plans agreed upon by the client and the contractors. Further, it allows construction professionals and safety officers to use digital, smart forms instead of manual pen-and-paper checklists to make inspection and reporting faster and more efficient.

Why Use One

A good site inspection process is critical to the safety and success of construction work. Scheduled and ad hoc site inspections ensure that the site maintains adherence to safety standards, and that the project stays aligned with organizational specifications and government regulations up to its completion. This is why it is important for construction professionals and site inspectors to have the right tools to get the job done.

By using a site inspection software, construction personnel can make use of intuitive smart forms to increase the efficiency and precision of inspections, data collection, and reporting. Apart from that, these are the top benefits of using one:

Make inspections faster and more precise

Traditional pen-and-paper inspections require site inspectors to manually transcribe data and transfer them from inspection templates to printed reports. A site inspection software provides pre-made digital templates that can easily be customized to suit the inspectors preferences. Once your site inspection is complete, your data is automatically saved via cloud technology where you can easily access it from your desktop or mobile device.

With traditional pen-and-paper inspections, handwriting may be illegible and entries are susceptible to being vague or unclear, since different inspectors may describe the same thing in different ways. Using a digital checklist or template promotes uniformity and precision through multiple response types which ensure that you capture the right data.

Immediately address non-adherence to safety and work protocols

In some instances, photo evidence conveys information better than written descriptions. For site inspectors who use a paper template, this means having to bring a camera along for photo documentation, and dealing with the hassle of printing them out to manually attach them to final reports. Using a mobile site inspection app lets inspectors take pictures and annotate them directly on the app, reducing the lag time between inspection and reporting.

In relation to that, site inspectors can assign tasks to personnel mid-inspection so urgent issues are addressed ASAP. Set the deadline and priority level for each assigned task to make triage easy. Prevent injuries and accidents from ever occurring by taking pre-emptive measures.

Automatically generate comprehensive reports

One disadvantage with paper inspection reports is that they can easily get damaged, lost, or accessed by unauthorized personnel. A site inspection software’s secure cloud technology not only provides unlimited storage, but also allows users to set permissions which means only those authorized by the organization would have access to inspection data and reports.

Have the power to immediately generate a comprehensive report upon completing your site inspection, minus the extra effort. Using an auto-share feature lets site inspectors automatically send completed reports to authorized personnel. Improve communication and visibility within the team through automation and ensure that the right information is in the right hands.

Encourage accountability

Using paper templates makes it hard for management to ensure that site inspectors are following protocol and performing their duties on time. A site inspection software gives you the option to set mandatory fields to ensure that no items are skipped. Assigned inspections and corrective actions can easily be tracked so you know which ones have been completed, were missed, or are overdue. Lastly, require digital signatures at the end of inspections to safeguard audit accountability.

Make better sense of your data

A powerful data analytics feature helps interpret the inspection data being saved to the cloud, provide site inspectors with valuable insights such as frequently failed items so they can identify the root cause of problems, and spot trends for you to get a comprehensive view of your site’s performance.


Top site inspection software programs must have these features:

  • Smart Forms – Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms.
  • Inspections and Workflow Automation – Complete inspections from anywhere, at any time with a site inspection software mobile app.
  • Fast Reporting – Detailed inspection reports and insights help problems get solved quicker.
  • Insights & Analytics – Turn your data into actionable insights.
  • Integrations – Connect your site inspection software to other business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more.

Choosing the Best Site Inspection Software

For a quick overview of which site inspection app or software is best suited for your needs, here’s a roundup of our best 10:

  • Best Overall: SafetyCulture
  • Best for Organizations with On-site and Office-based Construction Project Teams: Procore
  • Best for Construction, Manufacturing, and Hospitality Industries: Safetymint
  • Best for Lone Worker Safety: SHEQSY by SafetyCulture
  • Best for Enterprises: InEight
  • Best for Construction Teams Across Various Business Sizes: ASK-EHS
  • Best for Enterprises Looking to Utilize Autonomous Drone Hives: vHive
  • Best for Residential and Commercial Builders: Construction Inspector
  • Best for General and Specialty Contractors: Fieldwire
  • Best for Businesses in the UK: OnSiteForm

You may also use this table for the comparison of free version availability, pricing of paid plan, and mobile app capability:

Site Inspection Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/month/10 users Yes
Procore None Details unavailable Yes
Safetymint None $699/month* Yes
SHEQSY by SafetyCulture Yes $6.95/month/unli users Yes
InEight None Details unavailable Yes
ASK-EHS None Details unavailable Yes
vHive None Details unavailable Yes
Construction Inspector None Details unavailable Yes
Fieldwire Yes $29/user/month Yes
OnSiteForm None Details unavailable Yes

*on an annual billing

Customer Success

Learn how the world’s leading drone stringing system provider, Infravision, uses SafetyCulture’s Inspections and Issues features in reducing time spent in flagging issues and going beyond compliance:

“It’s really been one of the foundational pieces of us being successful in getting our ISO certification, which is really critical for us as a business.” – Paul Crawford, ​​Director of Operations

Check out these ready-to-use site inspection checklist templates you can download and customize using SafetyCulture:

Browse more templates

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