The Best Construction Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

As a construction management software, SafetyCulture empowers construction teams to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely on site. Teams can build workflows, schedule tasks, and monitor progress to manage construction projects and meet project targets on time. Moreover, SafetyCulture can help them improve safety and quality standards on site.

How to Use SafetyCulture as Your Best Construction Management Software

  1. Convert an existing paper checklist or create one from scratch.
  2. You can now use your digital form anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet even while offline. You can also distribute the form to the appropriate personnel through the SafetyCulture form app.
  3. Once completed, the data from the digital form is automatically uploaded to the cloud to serve as your backup. If your inspection or assessment was done offline, the data will automatically sync the next time you connect to the internet.
  4. You can generate digital reports of your completed forms even while offline. These reports can also be distributed automatically to select personnel once a form or template is successfully completed. Reports can be exported in various formats for distribution.
  5. Lastly, SafetyCulture form builder can be integrated with external Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online to automate your workflow each time a form is completed.

Why use Fieldwire?

Fieldwire provides field management solutions for construction teams. Over 1 million projects utilize this platform to boost productivity in the field. This platform lets you access the latest drawings, plans, and documents in one space. Streamline tasks on the field and meet deadlines through punch lists, schedules, and real-time notifications.


  • Plan management
  • Progress reports generated instantly
  • Centralized document storage
  • Scheduling tools powered by Lean methods
  • Plan markups
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Punch lists to track tasks

Why use JobNimbus?

JobNimbus is a cloud based construction management software for roofing professionals. It offers easy-to-use and flexible functionalities for contractors specializing in roofing jobs—from managing leads, finances, and tasks. By automating reports and tasks, you can save time and maximize productivity.


  • Automation tools
  • Organization boards
  • Calendar for field management
  • Task functions (planning, scheduling, delivery)
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Automated invoices and payments
  • Reporting tools
  • Integrations to various systems such as Google, Beacon, QuickBooks, and more

Why use Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is a platform designed for home builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors. It features tools and functionalities to promote operational efficiency during the entire construction project lifecycle. It covers all aspects of managing remodeling projects inside (project, financial) and outside (customer, pre-sales) of the team.


  • Bid requests, estimates, and proposals
  • Daily construction logs
  • Scheduling functions
  • Messaging
  • Bills and budgets
  • Change orders
  • Client portal

Why use enables you to collaborate and manage projects in a holistic construction management software. It maximizes productivity with streamlined workflows and centralized information databases. Connect with your teams, receive updates, and monitor each step of the way with this platform.


  • Advanced time tracking capabilities
  • Unified Kanban boards for tracking goals
  • Automated workflows and notifications
  • Calendar integrations
  • Centralized knowledge base for files, images, designs, and more
  • Project monitoring tools
  • Integration for third-party applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, JIRA, and more

Why use ClockShark?

ClockShark offers scheduling and time tracking solutions for managing construction personnel on the ground. You can monitor employees and ensure workplace safety on your mobile phone, cutting down the extra paperwork. Its mobile GPS tracking system helps track personnel location and provides status updates instantly.


  • Attendance and time tracking
  • Task and job tracking
  • Timesheet attachments and approvals
  • Overtime notifications
  • Seamless team management using JobFlow
  • Drag-and-drop employee scheduling functions
  • Administrative controls over job costs and more
  • Integration with third-party payroll and accounting systems

Why use Procore?

Procore is an all-in-one construction management software for managing a project’s entire lifecycle. Property developers, field personnel, and office teams can collaborate on projects through a centralized cloud-based platform. It features a set of core management capabilities to help you deliver construction projects on time and on budget.


  • Field productivity functionalities
  • Budget planning and bid management
  • Real-time communication capabilities
  • Design coordination
  • Centralized analytics dashboard
  • Integrations with over 300+ applications

Why use Contractor Foreman?

Contractor Foreman offers cost-effective construction management solutions for small and medium general contractors. It hosts over 35 features to simplify processes for people, financials, documents, project management, and integrations.


  • GPS-enabled time tracking cards
  • Calendar and scheduling tools
  • Easy-to-use client portal
  • Financial dashboard with cost controls
  • Crew and leads directory
  • Singular hub for contracts, financial documents, and other paperwork
  • Request for Information (RFI) generator
  • Integration with your preferred tools

Why use InEight?

InEight is a comprehensive construction management software that helps you carry out projects within their cost, scope, and schedule. It integrates reports, references, and data in a secure cloud platform that your field and office teams can easily access. Get real-time updates on any scope changes and optimize operations on the ground with this tool.


  • Centralized view of projects, models, and source systems in a Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • Custom insights on project budget, cost estimates, and forecasts
  • Instant updates in scope through drawings, documents, inspections, and more
  • Scheduling functions
  • Integration of existing tools in one place

Why use Clear Estimates?

Clear Estimates is a web-based software that can help you with the financial side of your projects. It provides accurate cost estimates based on labor and material costs in your area. Apart from this, it also generates professional business proposal templates for documentation purposes.


  • Accurate cost estimates by area and job type
  • Professional business proposals in minutes
  • Over 60 proposal templates to choose from
  • Free customer support and resources

What is a Construction Management Software?

A construction management software is a tool used to manage construction projects of all sizes and complexity. It helps property owners, contractors, and designers to streamline the construction process from project planning to delivery closeout. This platform should contain features needed to track progress, monitor costs, allocate resources, collaborate with teams, and meet the project requirements.


A construction management software handles all aspects of the construction project—from costs and schedule to scope and safety. It features a comprehensive set of tools designed to simplify work processes for construction teams. By doing so, teams can achieve their business and project goals.

Construction teams can enjoy the following advantages when they use this software:

  • Stay on track with goals and deadlines. Having an organized visual of the project timeline makes it easier to monitor progress and keep everyone on the same page. It also helps identify lapses and delays and find strategies to mitigate them.
  • Save time from manual tasks. By automating administrative tasks such as report generation, teams can focus on tasks that matter most in the field.
  • Keep costs within budget. Accounting and financial software helps estimate potential costs, monitor budget spending, and track financial information relevant to the project.
  • Coordinate tasks among team members. This software connects teams in one centralized hub. Team members can view their tasks in an organized dashboard and meet deadlines using automated notifications.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders. By having a single communication platform, information gets relayed more efficiently for both on-site and remote workers.
  • Ensure a safe working environment. Some platforms offer construction safety reporting tools to notify managers of any mishaps or safety concerns in the field.

Key Features

A construction management software offers multiple tools that contractors, owners, designers, and managers can use to optimize their work processes. Property owners and builders alike can choose from an array of features that fits their goals best. This section outlines six essential tools for construction quality management software.

Project Management

Project management tools assist in streamlining the overall process of construction projects in line with their goals. Features such as project tracking tools, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and more help you:

  • Develop and view project timelines
  • Ensure that projects are delivered on time
  • Observe key milestones
  • Monitor and update the status of the project
  • Foster collaboration among team members

Checklists and Inspections

Instead of relying on clipboard forms, you can switch to digital checklists for a more efficient inspection. These online tools speed up the inspection process and reduce clutter in the field.

Platforms such as SafetyCulture offer thousands of customizable templates that you can use for your field operations. You can choose from and edit safety and quality inspections, inventory management, equipment maintenance, compliance with regulations, and more.

Financial Management

Construction teams can benefit from accounting and financial management tools for project costs and expenditures. These tools can accurately track where the money goes during the project and anticipate budgetary problems.

Companies can also use these features to automate their payroll, invoice, work orders, and other financial documents.

Document Management

Construction projects require a lot of paperwork, from financial documents to contracts and submittals. After all, documentation is crucial for complying with safety, quality, and other building standards.

Teams can consider using a centralized document hub to store and safeguard these vital documents. A cloud-based document management system keeps all critical paperwork in a safe, secure place so that teams can easily access them as needed.

Communication Tools

Coordinating teams is crucial for the success of any construction project. Digital communication tools can simplify this process by connecting on-site and remote teams whenever and wherever.

You can use these functionalities to communicate changes, share updates in real-time, and address client concerns immediately. Having these tools at your disposal makes work processes more efficient on the ground.

Analytics Reporting

They say numbers never lie. The same principle applies to construction projects. You can use the power of data to see how far your project has gone since its start date.

Instead of manually inputting information, you can automate these tasks with the data and analytics feature. It provides you with an accurate picture of the project status to help them find points for improvement. You can easily customize these reports according to the information you need.

Choosing the Right Software

Teams can select the best project management software for construction with the right criteria to meet their needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right platform for your projects:

  1. Business type and size. Some platforms are designed for small enterprises, while others are for large businesses. Find software with tools and workflows that fit your business type.
  2. Features. Apart from the standard features, find the unique proposition of the software. Check what project types, industries, and use cases their software caters to and see if it fits your construction project.
  3. User interface. Request a live demo or free trial to see how the platform works. This will let you know if the software suits your project needs.
  4. Pricing. Check if the pricing model matches your budget. Doing this will help you calculate the costs accurately before making a purchase.
  5. Customer reviews. They provide you with a good reference of how other users rate their experience with the product.

Customer Success

Discover how the NA Group Civil and Road Construction, an Australian-based civil construction company, uses SafetyCulture to promote efficiency in their work. Witness how SafetyCulture monitors the progress of infrastructure projects, optimizes field processes, and ensures safety in the workplace.

“SafetyCulture has saved us about 1,500 man hours per year. That’s a huge efficiency gain.”
– Nick Argyropoulous, NA Managing Director

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