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COVID-19 Construction Workforce Checklist
Facing the new normal, this COVID-19 construction checklist aims to maintain health and safety of construction workers. Use this checklist to conduct daily screening checks to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and promote workplace safety. This checklist goes through COVID-19 protocols regarding: PPE Employee awareness to protocols Training Personal hygiene Cleaning and disinfection
Construction Daily Report Checklist
Use this construction daily report checklist to record activities done and/or completed for the day. This checklist documents details about: Job/work Weather Workforce Instructions given Delays Machinery Materials Safety
Construction Method Statement Template Checklist
A construction method statement is an essential requirement for HSE regulations. Download and use this checklist to manage work and ensure that necessary precautions are set and communicated to workers involved. Utilize this checklist by following these steps: Take or attach photo of site Details of job title and work scope Take note of task supervisions, employees involved, methodology, and emergency procedures
Site Safety Inspection Checklist
Use this construction checklist for site checks and inspections. A construction site safety inspection checklist assists in maintaining health and safety of construction workers and site visitors. This checklist includes checking: Site controls Site facilities General site tidiness & access ways Personal safety equipment First aid/fire prevention Cranes/hoist/lifting equipment Compressed air equipment Excavations Welding/gas cutting Electrical equipment Machine guarding Chemicals Tools Scaffolding and ladders Fall hazards/working at heights
Project Site Safety & Environmental Inspection Checklist
This checklist is a variation of the site safety inspection checklist but with additional items to cater environmental factors. To ensure safety in the project site, this checklist goes through: General areas (roads, materials, drainage, etc.) Access ways & equipment Traffic management Mobile plant condition Tools & equipment Welding & cutting Compressed air Slings, ropes, chains, etc. Electrical Personal protective equipment First aid Administration policies Environmental hazards
Safe Work Procedure - Working at Heights
Working at height is considered as the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. To prevent such risks like falling, slipping or tripping that may lead into injury and fatality, use of a safe work procedure template like this is beneficial. This template aims to guide respective safety officers to perform a quick check on safety protocols placed for safe working at height. This safe work procedure checklist covers: Personal protective equipment Safety notes Risk Planning Pre Start checks
Construction Toolbox Talks Checklist
Use this construction toolbox talk template to walk-through some of the most common fatal four in construction safety. This construction toolbox talk checklist covers causes and prevention tips of common construction hazards such as: Falls; Electrocution; Struck by objects; and Caught between objects;
Punch List Template
This punch list template is used by contractors for sending finalized punch lists to architects as PDF reports or sharing web links of digital versions of reports. Contractors can use this checklist to add and describe punch list items in full detail. For each punch list item added, contractors can do the following: Specify its location, trade, and type; Capture and attach photos; Set its priority level and due date; Assign an action to the person responsible; and Update its status as the item is completed.
Construction Change Order Template Checklist
A construction change order template is used by contractors or engineers as formal agreement to either add or subtract work, make alterations or revisiotions to deviate from what was stated originally. Download and use this template to: Specify planned works in detail and indicate the reason for change with photo evidence of the item or area concerned Provide estimated costings, and new project schedule (if any) Gather digital signatures from parties involved and take photos of work done as evidence of work completion.