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Construction daily reports record the progress of construction projects and help ensure that work is on schedule and within budget. They often contain information about the crew, weather, hours worked, project phase, and any incidents or disruptions that may delay the project. These reports provide transparency to stakeholders and subcontractors regarding the current status of projects. Construction daily report templates are typically paper-based and are often misplaced or require additional effort to scan and send to stakeholders.

With iAuditor, the construction foreman or site manager can easily create construction daily logs and instantly send out reports using handheld devices, saving time and eliminating the burden of manually transcribing from logbooks. Use iAuditor to accurately record information, eliminate delays in reporting, and prevent documentation issues caused by incomplete notes or missing paperwork.

We have prepared 5 example construction daily report templates which you can download for free and use with the iAuditor mobile app.

5 Featured Digital Construction Daily Report Templates

1. Construction Daily Report Checklist

You can use this comprehensive construction daily report to record the project’s activities for the day and the project’s current phase. Provide details about the job, weather and precipitation, workforce, instructions given, delays, and materials. Document any risks observed or incidents that occurred and include photos. Indicate inspections that happened and record visitors on-site. Complete the report by including a digital signature of the foreman or site supervisor.

2. General Construction Daily Report

Use this general construction daily report template to record the project’s progress with a mobile device. Begin your report by selecting the weather and entering the temperature. Identify all the site’s crew for the day and the individual hours worked. Describe all the equipment and hours in operation. Name the subcontractors and time on-site. Enumerate all the materials and quantity. Complete the report by describing the job’s progress and affixing your signature to confirm the report.

3. Delays - Construction Daily Report Template

This construction daily report template focuses on identifying the causes of delay. Confirm if a delay is caused by contractors or other reasons and name who you have spoken with to address the delay. Identify accidents or pilferage on-site. Enter the project’s phase and other observations. Feel free to edit any part of iAuditor’s templates to suit your project’s needs.

4. Daily Construction Log

Use this construction daily log template to identify the day’s weather and enter lost time due to precipitation. Name the materials and the quantity received and spent. Enter the number of crew present and name those who may have reported sick for the day and hours worked if they still reported. You can use iAuditor to schedule daily reminders and be notified of daily logs to be conducted.

5. Construction Incident Full Investigation & Report

You can use this template for your incident investigations. Collect your evidence, find the root cause, and record your investigation of incidents and injuries. Document your corrective actions and root cause analysis. Complete your report with your electronic signature. With iAuditor you can always go back to the documentation you started to fill out blank spaces or update items.

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