The Top 7 Janitorial Inspection Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Rated as one of the best mobile-first inspection solutions today, SafetyCulture streamlines and automates the process of pre-work assessment and results evaluation of service providers in the cleaning and housekeeping industry. With this software, in-house custodians and mobile cleaners can conduct thorough assessments by accessing housekeeping checklists on their mobile phones and taking photos or videos of the site before they start work, allowing them to strategize their cleaning procedures and complete the task as the client requested.


  • Use downloadable relevant checklists and templates from the Public Library for pre-work inspections and post-work custodial assessments.
  • Schedule the tasks and delegate specific work to staff by sending notifications via Heads Up.
  • Raise issues to supervisors so corrective actions can be assigned immediately.
  • Report the whole cleaning process using standardized templates, adding photo or video attachments of the site and pertinent annotations.
  • Track the performance of staff and their need for additional training using analytics integrated into the system.

Why use SmartInspect?

Established in 2002, this inspection application for cleaning and janitorial services improves overall workflows and subsequent results through digitization and automation, ensuring customer satisfaction. They have served numerous organizations, including schools, hospitals and clinics, retail shops, and many more.


  • Inspection management with photo and notes attachments
  • Smart tickets for work orders
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards

Why use Pruvan?

This is one of the most versatile order management solutions with numerous features that can be integrated into any company’s systems, from finance and insurance to home services like cleaning and janitorial tasks. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to a Pruvan feature that allows workers to send photos of the completed job straight to their clients.


  • Workflow builder
  • Online portal for result sharing
  • Mobile accessibility

Why use InspectAll?

This web-based management software for compliance aids companies in gathering data using mobile devices, conducting extensive inspections with digital checklists, and tracking performance from a single dashboard. Businesses in the food and beverage industry, construction and engineering, and housekeeping sectors use this software to improve their workflows.


  • Configurable forms
  • Productivity tracking
  • Real-time visibility

Why use Aspire?

This is a full-featured environmental management solution that offers a janitorial business software solution. The digital tools included in the platform help companies manage their workforce efficiently, estimate work and corresponding costs through inspections, and streamline the cleaning process from start to finish.


  • Intuitive dispatching and scheduling
  • Automated checklists
  • In-depth reporting

Why use Inspect & Cloud?

Designed as a residential inspection solution for property managers, this can also be used for janitorial inspections thanks to its numerous features that allow workers to assess their work sites using their mobile phones, incorporate videos and photos, add voice-to-text comments, and many more.


  • Unlimited inspections with inspection score feature
  • Template library
  • 360-degree photos

Why use Janitorial Manager?

Created by DoubleA Solutions, Janitorial Manager is one of the most comprehensive digital solutions for cleaning and janitorial companies. This helps manage the operations, assisting on-site workers with their day-to-day activities, and ensuring that clients get the results that they have asked for.


  • Custom inspections
  • Scan4Clean™ (QR code for tracking services)
  • Employee and inventory management

What is Janitorial Inspection Software?

Janitorial inspection software is a digital tool that helps cleaning companies and in-house custodian services by streamlining and enhancing their operations, particularly during the pre and post-work inspection. This also ensures that they satisfy the requests of their clients and meet the standards set by the industry and regulatory offices. More comprehensive applications include features that aid in scheduling, routing, quoting, invoicing, and billing, which makes it easier for potential customers to communicate their needs better.


Quality control is one of the most crucial aspects of a cleaning service. The only way service providers can deliver top-notch results is to inspect the site before work commences and after they do the job. Custodial inspection apps ensure this through the following:

  • Enhances collaboration through real-time communication The software allows janitors, supervisors, and their clients to communicate seamlessly, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Many digital solutions of this kind feature mobile accessibility, making reporting deficiencies or issues easier and enabling prompt action and resolution. It also improves coordination, reduces response times, and enhances overall client satisfaction.
  • Improves work efficiency Thanks to digital checklists, manual paperwork is eliminated. Inspectors can conduct pre-work assessments through their mobile devices, taking pictures or videos of the site and adding notations. The software saves time, increases efficiency, hastens report generation, organizes task assignments, and ensures staff safety while cleaning.
  • Increases accountability The system ensures transparency through real-time data documentation, fully-communicated corrective actions, and accurate performance metrics. It holds the cleaning company and the janitorial staff accountable for meeting established standards, ensuring consistent service delivery.
  • Reinforces data-driven decisions Because the process is captured and analyzed with the software’s built-in features, companies get valuable insights that help them make better decisions. Trends, recurring issues, and areas for improvement are identified, which aids managers in implementing targeted strategies that optimize workflows and reduce costs.
  • Enhances quality control The software also allows companies to build task-specific procedures and inspection templates that ensure consistent and thorough assessments of cleanliness and maintenance. Deficiencies are promptly identified, immediate corrective actions are started, and overall janitorial operations quality is ensured.

Key Features

Janitorial inspection software is a considerably task-specific digital solution, incorporating functionalities hardly found in even the most comprehensive project management or general inspection software. While shopping for one, look for the following features:

Selecting the Right Janitorial Inspection Software

The digital solutions detailed above can enhance your company’s cleaning operations by improving efficiency, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring consistent quality. Before you make your final decision, browse through the summary provided below:

Janitorial Inspection Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
SmartInspect No Contact for pricing Yes
Pruvan No $35/month Yes
InspectAll No $49/month Yes
Aspire No Contact for pricing Yes
Inspect & Cloud No $44/month* Yes
Janitorial Manager No Custom quote Yes

*billed annually

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