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What is SOP in Housekeeping?

A housekeeping SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a documented, step-by-step process on how to effectively perform housekeeping procedures, such as daily cleaning and maintenance tasks. SOP in housekeeping is primarily used by hotel housekeeping supervisors to help maids and commercial cleaners observe housekeeping standards, deliver consistent quality service, and support positive reviews.

This article will briefly discuss: 1) the importance of Housekeeping SOPs; 2) Best Housekeeping SOP’s for hotels; 3) Housekeeping SOP’s in other industry; 4) technology you can use to ensure compliance with Housekeeping SOPs; 5) Housekeeping SOP checklists you can download, use, and customize.

Importance of Housekeeping SOPs

Housekeeping SOPs are critical because they uphold the standards of an organization’s housekeeping procedures. The benefits of having cleaning standard operating procedures include:

  • Continuous Education – It can be used as a teaching tool to educate workers on the correct housekeeping procedures and keep them updated regarding any process changes.
  • Accountability – SOPs in housekeeping encourage compliance with organizational standards through accountability. They provide intuitive, easy-to-follow steps to avoid any discrepancy or misunderstanding.
  • Branding – Maintaining high standards of housekeeping procedures is the first step toward maintaining credibility with customers by providing a consistent customer experience.
  • Improved compliance rates – Clear and defined housekeeping SOPs help ensure that an organization’s processes comply with health and safety laws.

Best Housekeeping SOPs for Hotels

Housekeeping procedures (SOPs) are particularly important in the hospitality industry as cleanliness is a basic expectation of any hotel guest. A hotel housekeeping standard for cleaning rooms upon check out, for example, helps ensure that the housekeeper always changes the bedsheets and empties the trash bins before allowing the next guest to check in.

Well-implemented hotel housekeeping SOPs can help establish a welcoming atmosphere for the guests and ensure reliable and courteous service from staff. Here are some of the best hotel SOPs for three of the most common housekeeping room status:

  1. Room for Check-In
    These are standard housekeeping procedures for hotel staff when preparing rooms for new set of guests:

    • Make bed with fresh linen and pillow cases.
    • Check power switches and other electronic appliances for any damages.
    • Clean up ashtrays and trash bins.
    • Restock desk stationery and vanity supplies
    • Clean the bathroom: floor, walls, toilet, shower area, and tub.
  2. Occupied
    Perform the following sample proper housekeeping procedures for an occupied room and use the housekeeping SOP checklist to record task completion:

    • Clear the dustbins.
    • Collect and replace used bedroom and bathroom linen.
    • Make the bed.
    • Vacuum floor carpets and rugs.
    • Clean the bathroom and replenish bathroom supplies.
  3. Room for Check-out
    It can be used as a teaching tool to educate workers on the correct housekeeping procedures and keep them updated regarding any process changes.

    • Assemble bed, chairs, settees, and other furniture and placing it appropriately.
    • Wipe guest room floor with a wet mop.
    • Cleaning the writing tables, assembling and placing stationery appropriately.
    • Check for any articles the guest left behind.
    • Clean bathroom equipment and ensure adequate supply of toiletries according to SOPs for bathroom cleaning.
    • Clean all electric appliances such as microwave, fan, refrigerator, and others.

Housekeeping SOP in Other Industry

Housekeeping SOP is not limited to hotels, it also applies across other industries such as manufacturing, medical, education, construction, and others. It helps maintain a safe and secure environment not just for customers but for employees as well. Here’s how housekeeping SOP helps the following businesses:

Housekeeping SOP for Hospitals

A hospital housekeeping SOP aims to maintain a sterile environment in all areas of the hospital. It guides cleaning personnel in prioritizing the task to maintain high standards of cleanliness especially in the crucial areas including high-touch surfaces and high-risk areas.

Housekeeping SOP for Restaurants

A restaurant housekeeping SOP ensures high standard cleaning operations to avoid food contamination and foodborne illnesses. It helps restaurants build exceptional ambiance and cleanliness to impress their clients.

Housekeeping SOP for Warehouses

A warehouse housekeeping SOP helps maintain a clean workplace that is free of debris and clutter to keep a safe environment. It helps prevent workplace hazards including incidents, near misses and injuries.

Housekeeping SOP for Public Areas

A public area housekeeping SOP helps maintain a safe and hygienic community. It ensures proper waste management is in place to eliminate environmental pollution and pathogenic diseases.

Technology to Streamline Housekeeping SOP Compliance

With dozens of rooms to service and multiple housekeeping duties to perform for each one, there is a chance that housekeepers may miss critical SOP points. With iAuditor by SafetyCulture, a web and mobile inspection app, housekeeping supervisors can strengthen compliance with housekeeping standards and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Use this checklist technology for hotels to develop paperless housekeeping SOP checklists for a variety of tasks
  • Confirm compliance with housekeeping procedures on handheld devices
  • Capture photo evidence of compliance and non-compliance for reporting
  • Update housekeeping SOP templates without the hassle of paper printing
  • Capture electronic signatures for sign off
  • Enable cleaners to save time and send auto-generated reports on accomplished housekeeping SOP (PDF, Word, CSV, or JSON)
  • Submit housekeeping SOP reports to your supervisor anytime, anywhere
  • Secure all SOPs and reports via unlimited cloud storage

To help get you started, we have created 6 of the best housekeeping SOP checklists you can download, use, and customize for your purpose.


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