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What is a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist?

A bathroom cleaning checklist is a tool used as a guide by cleaning personnel to maintain bathroom cleanliness according to industry-specific standards. It also helps managers assess the overall condition of bathrooms and evaluate the performance of cleaning personnel by checking their work against the checklist.

In addition to ensuring the productivity of cleaning staff and compliance with standard cleaning practices, a bathroom cleaning checklist template can also be used to record the condition of the facilities, fixtures (including damage reports and repair requests), and inventory of sanitary supplies

A bathroom cleaner guide such as a bathroom cleaning checklist is essential not only for aesthetics but also for hygienic purposes because certain strains of bacteria common to unhygienic bathrooms can cause sickness.

The 5 Steps to Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaners can follow these quick and easy steps on how professionals clean the bathroom.

  1. Remove or replace
    Check if the bath mats or rugs need to be replaced with clean ones. Remove anything on the countertops, empty the wastebasket, and make sure that any dirty laundry is removed.
  2. Spray and scrub
    The following surfaces should be sprayed and scrubbed:
    • Basin
    • Bathtub
    • Shower
    • Toilet
    • Shower walls
    • Shower door glass
  3. Wipe off
    Keep the light fixtures, vent fans, curtain rods, shower fixtures, sink faucets, and vanity countertops clean and spotless by wiping them.
  4. Vacuum and/or mop
    Mop the floor and vacuum the bathmats
  5. Shine
    Items in the bathroom that should be shined are faucets and fixtures, drain caps, handles, and knobs. Make sure that the mirrors have no marks.

Cleaners and their managers can use a downloadable bathroom cleaning checklist as a guide to accomplish the 5 steps on cleaning bathrooms.

Top 3 Tips for Complete Bathroom Cleanliness

Bathroom cleaning does not end with just removing visible stains and dirt. There are other, subtle ways facility management teams can ensure that bathrooms are both clean and rid of disease-causing bacteria. Train and learn more about cleaning up a job site with this free online course.

  1. Use the exhaust fan
    Bathrooms are a common high-moisture area which makes them prime environments for mold, fungi, mildew, and dust mite growth. People who are allergic to molds and spores can experience asthma, headaches, and gastroenteritis if exposed, among other symptoms. It’s important to utilize the bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of excess moisture and prevent the development of molds and spores. Clean the exhaust fan regularly to keep it free from dirt and debris.
  2. Clean both the inside and the outside of the toilet bowl
    About 34,000 units of bacteria can be found on an average toilet bowl, most of them in the inner bowl under the rim. Begin by flushing the toilet bowl with the lid down, then add a cleaning solution as close to the rim as possible. After cleaning the outside of the toilet and the seat, make sure that the inner rim is thoroughly scrubbed before closing the lid and flushing it again to wash down any excess cleaning solution.
  3. Prevent breakdowns
    The preventive maintenance of furnaces helps ensure that they are safe to operate and do not breakdown and cause disruption to the day-to-day operation of commercial establishments and negatively impact living conditions in residential properties.

5 Bathroom Issues that Need to be Addressed Immediately

Bathroom checks at standard intervals are necessary to ensure a hygienic environment not just in the hospitality industry but in any workplace as well. However, most facilities use a piece of paper to track signed-off cleaners that are usually placed on the back of the bathroom door which often lacks details, proper monitoring, and accountability. With SafetyCulture (iAuditor) inspections, you can easily address the following bathroom issues that need immediate action.

  1. Clogged Toilet – a toilet that is not flushing all the way is one of the most common issues in any public bathroom. Unable to fix this issue immediately can cause delays and long toilet queues that can lead to employee loss time and productivity impact.
  2. Wet Floor – It is commonly overlooked, but wet floors are the usual cause of workplace slip and fall accidents. It is important to keep bathroom floors clean and dry at all times. Use a caution sign to avoid potential hazards.
  3. Leaky faucet – Disregarding to repair this issue could result in costly water bills and a greater likelihood of structural damage over time.
  4. Uncollected rubbish – Bathroom waste should be collected promptly to avoid awful smells that can cause public health issues.
  5. Inadequate bathroom supply – toilet papers are the most common item that is used in any public bathroom. Ensure there is an adequate supply of crucial bathroom supplies to avoid escalation to higher management.

Mobile App to Ensure Bathroom Cleanliness

SafetyCulture is a mobile inspection app that offers the convenience of performing bathroom cleaning inspections using a handheld device. All reports are saved automatically to the cloud and can be easily accessed via an online dashboard allowing you to benchmark overall employee performance and cleaning standards. Get started with our pre-made bathroom cleaning checklists by downloading SafetyCulture today.

Bathroom Cleaning Log Template | SafetyCulture (iAuditor)

Click this link to learn more about how SafetyCulture can help improve your bathroom cleaning workflows.

  1. Easy inspections and data collection anytime, anywhere
    • Perform bathroom inspections with photos on your phone or tablet, even while offline
    • Identify opportunities for repair and maintenance work
    • Save and secure your bathroom audit information with unlimited cloud storage
  2. Instantly generate and share bathroom cleaning reports and templates
    • After the inspection, you can easily generate an inspection report to share with clients
    • Share templates across the organization for easy standardization of process
    • Export reports in a variety of formats including PDF, DOC, and CSV
  3. Manage teams better
    • Assign and track corrective actions to personnel in real-time for faster issue resolution
    • Share template access to appropriate personnel so updates are rolled out automatically
    • World-class 24/5 customer support to assist you with your SafetyCulture queries
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