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Bathroom cleaning checklists are handy tools used by cleaning managers or supervisors to help maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of bathrooms within the workplace. It also helps managers evaluate employees cleaning performance, keep track of cleaning standards, maintain the star rating of businesses and promote overall customer satisfaction.

A bathroom cleaning checklist can be used to record employee productivity and ensure compliance with cleaning practices. It also records the condition of facilities, fixtures and adequacy of sanitary supplies. In addition, a bathroom cleaning checklist can be used to submit damage reports and repair requests.

iAuditor is a mobile inspection app that offers the convenience of performing bathroom cleaning inspections using a handheld device while taking photo evidence of work performed and items damaged. All reports are saved automatically to the cloud and can be easily accessed via an online dashboard allowing you to benchmark overall employee performance and cleaning standards. We have created 4 best practice bathroom cleaning checklists you can get started with by downloading for free and using with iAuditor.

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Featured Digital Bathroom Cleaning Checklists

1. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

You can use this Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to guide you on proper bathroom cleaning procedures and quality check if these procedures were being followed by your staff. This checklist covers things to remove, items to spray and scrub, fixtures to wipe, and items to shine. Use iAuditor to conduct digital inspections and generate reports even if you’re offline.

2. Toilet Cleaning Checklist

This comprehensive toilet cleaning checklist converted using iAuditor can be used to quality check the cleanliness of facilities and completeness of bathroom essentials. Perform an assessment to evaluate the employees’ bathroom cleaning performance and identify the areas for improvement to maintain the high quality of bathroom facilities. This template is 100% customizable to suit your business needs.

3. Restroom Cleaning Log

This Restroom Cleaning Log is used to maintain restroom cleanliness within the day. It can be used by cleaning supervisors to monitor if public restrooms are cleaned and sanitized in a timely manner and ensure that the cleaning staff is performing their job. Use iAuditor to capture digital signatures as confirmation of tasks completed.

4. Restroom Cleaning Checklist

This Restroom Cleaning Checklist is used to evaluate if all employees practice good personal hygiene and maintain clean, sanitized, and presentable public restrooms. Use iAuditor’s scoring to determine the overall rating (Pass or Fail).

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