Vehicle Inspection Checklist

The objective of a vehicle inspection is to ensure your vehicles are free from mechanical issues and conform to the relevant standards. It is typically performed by authorized automotive service professionals to identify defects and required repairs. Identify problems early so repairs or replacements can be made.

Use iAuditor to conduct your vehicle inspections on your mobile device, capture vehicle defects, license plate information and generate reports on the spot. iAuditor is the world’s most powerful inspection app and is used by businesses and teams to streamline their reporting workflows. Get started by downloading these free sample templates.

Improving road safety through vehicle inspections

A vehicle inspection is very important for any vehicle that is out on the road. A thorough inspection is performed by an authorized technician and typically evaluates the following:

  1. Exterior Parts - tires, wheels, windshield, lighting
  2. Engine System - steering mechanism, fuel system, engine operation, exhaust system, coupling devices
  3. Safety System - brakes, suspension, tires
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Vehicle Inspection Template

This generic vehicle inspection template can be used by an authorized inspector to identify defects and mechanical issues for most vehicles. Begin by capturing general information of the vehicle including VIN, license plate and mileage and take a photo of the general condition of the vehicle. The template then prompts the inspector to check the brake system, coupling devices, engine operation, exhaust system and other critical safety components. Finalize the report by providing a list of recommendations and rate the overall roadworthiness of the vehicle.

With the use of iAuditor, you can take photo evidence of the defects identified and provide best recommendations for remedial actions. This will save you time and effort to create efficient reports. Preview a sample completed report below.

Vehicle Accident Report

Vehicular accidents inevitably occur anytime and anywhere. Use this vehicle accident report to generate summary of a vehicle accident. This can be used to identify the root cause of the accident, document physical damages of vehicle, and record witness statements. Capture photo evidence of the injury and environment and track the exact location of the accident being reported.