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Top 6 Vehicle Inspection Checklist Forms

A vehicle inspection checklist is used to evaluate a vehicle’s working condition. It aims to identify mechanical issues or defects that may cause accidents and operational downtime. Vehicle checklists are used by drivers, mechanics, and safety officers during pre-start checks and regular inspections. This page includes a collection of vehicle checklists you can download and customize for your business.

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1. Vehicle Checklist Template

A vehicle checklist template can be used by an authorized inspector to identify defects and mechanical issues for most vehicles. Begin by capturing general information of the vehicle including VIN, license plate and mileage and take a photo of the general condition of the vehicle. The template then prompts the inspector to check the brake system, coupling devices, engine operation, exhaust system and other critical safety components. Finalize the report by providing a list of recommendations and rate the overall roadworthiness of the vehicle.

2. Heavy Vehicle Inspection Sheet

A heavy vehicle inspection checklist can be used to inspect commercial vehicles for roadworthiness prior to long haul commercial trips. Regular heavy vehicle inspections can prepare your business for regulatory inspections. Conduct a walk-around of the truck making sure to inspect the general condition of the vehicle, exterior, in-cab and engine compartment. Conclude by rating the overall condition and roadworthiness of the vehicle.

3. Company Vehicle Inspection Checklist

A company vehicle pre commissioning checklist can be used before purchasing a vehicle for work. Capture registration and photos of the vehicle intended to be purchased. Ensure the vehicle is fit for purpose and all registration, permits and licences have been sought. Check that relevant safety and training practices are in progress. You can modify this template for your workplace and pre-approval requirements.

4. Vehicle Accident Report

Vehicular accidents inevitably occur anytime and anywhere. Use this vehicle accident report to generate a summary of a vehicle accident. This can be used to identify the root cause of the accident, document physical damages of vehicle, and record witness statements. Capture photo evidence of the injury and environment and track the exact location of the accident being reported.

5. Driver Training Checklist

Driver assessment training template used to assess the performance and safety of commercial drivers. Capture photo of drivers license and driver details. Check if the driver follows standard start-up procedures. While driving assess the drivers engine management, driving skills and speed management. At the end of the trip check shut down procedures and rate the overall professionalism of the driver. Speak to the driver and record any past incidents that have occurred. Conclude the assessment by discussing and recording what additional actions or training is required. Use iAuditor to complete these assessments on your mobile while riding with the driver and generate reports on the spot.

6. Forklift Operator Daily Checklist

Use this checklist before use of forklift trucks to ensure that the equipment is safe to use. Conduct general pre-start checks to inspect the physical condition of the truck (including tyres, plates, guards) as well as fluid levels and battery condition. After starting the vehicle, check to ensure all controls, signals, steering and brakes are in proper working condition. Document any hazards or items that need to be repaired and generate a report on the spot. You can modify this checklist for your specific forklift vehicle (e.g. propane, electric, yard trucks).

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