The 6 Best Road Safety Apps of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a great choice for companies in need of a top-tier road safety app. The app comes with various checklists to use when inspecting vehicles before use, a reporting feature so all incidents are reported right away, and even a training app to ensure that all your drivers understand the best safety practices. SafetyCulture makes it much easier to ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles when in use, making it one of the best options available today.


  • Generate instant incident reports so that all accidents and issues are reported as soon as possible
  • Use mobile-ready checklists to inspect vehicles before use and road safety audit checklists for safety inspections
  • Send weather and safety announcements to the entire team through the use of Heads Up
  • Train your employees and drivers in the best safety practices when driving or working around vehicles
  • Gather data and analytics to help you find improvement areas in your road operations

Why use Waze?

If you have drivers constantly heading out on the road, Waze is a great app. This navigation app can detect road hazards, traffic, road conditions, and other alerts. With this mobile app, your drivers will always stay on track and get alerts about any safety hazards on the road.


  • Navigation
  • Traffic and road condition alerts
  • Incident reporting

Why use Google Maps?

Another great navigation app to point your drivers in the right direction is Google Maps. This app sends you real-time traffic and road updates and delivers notifications about accidents and road hazards you may face. That way, your drivers always know the best possible route.


  • Accident reporting
  • Navigation and safe routing
  • Real-time traffic updates

Why use Drivemode?

Drivemode is made for smarter, more efficient, and faster routes. With the app, your drivers can easily track their journey, allowing them to turn any vehicle into a smart car. That way, all their trips are much safer, faster, and more efficient.


  • Navigation
  • Hands-free control
  • Music and media control

Why use Life360?

Life360 is a tracking app perfect for families and small businesses. With the tool, you can constantly check where all your drivers are at any given time. That way, you can check the progress of their trip and ensure their safety on the road. The entire app is designed to promote road safety, which is why it could be the perfect option for your organization.


  • Location tracking
  • Location history
  • Road safety features

Why use Sygic GPS Navigation?

Sygic is an offline navigation and road safety app. So, even if your drivers don’t have an internet connection, they can use the platform to find the best route. The app connects directly to the car’s console while giving you augmented reality features, making it a great choice for long and complex drives.


  • Offline navigation
  • Augmented reality
  • Connect to car display

What is a Road Safety App?

Road safety apps are digital tools you can use to enhance road safety. For example, some apps feature route planning and tracking features. That way, you can always check where your drivers are in their journey and whether they got into accidents or issues. On top of that, many of these apps allow you to report road hazards and accidents to notify other drivers to help them stay safe. In fact, some apps will automatically guide you away from accidents and hazards to ensure the safest possible route for your drivers.

Different apps come with unique features. For example, some apps allow you to control your media, make announcements to the team, and do a whole lot more. So, it’s very important to choose a road safety app that comes with features applicable to your organization.


If your organization regularly dispatches drivers for deliveries and other processes, it’s important to have a road safety app to keep them safe. Road safety is a really tough task, and without a proper system, there’s a chance that your employees won’t follow the best safety practices. But if you have a road safety app by your side, it’s much easier to ensure your driver’s safety while tracking their trip’s progress.

Key Features

You have to choose a road safety app that comes with features applicable to your team and organization. So, the best road safety app for you may be different from the best road safety app for another team. That said, there are still some essential features you need in any road safety app, which include:

  • Location tracking
  • Hazard tracking
  • Reporting
  • Communication and announcements
  • Location history

Choosing the Right Software

You will easily find a use for every app we featured above. But again, you need to take the time to compare these options to find the best app for your team. To make that easier for you, here’s a quick comparison table of all the apps featured above:

Road Safety App Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Waze Yes No paid plan Yes
Google Maps Yes No paid plan Yes
Drivemode Yes $2.99/month Yes
Life360 Yes $4.99/month Yes
Sygic GPS Navigation Yes $18.99 for 12 months Yes

* billed annually

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