Top 7 Driver Safety Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an outstanding digital solutions provider, especially in guaranteeing health and safety in the workplace. Their driver safety software automates various processes, such as pre-travel vehicle inspection and the inclusion of geo-tagging features, to eliminate identified hazards and reduce possible risks and ensure that drivers get to their destinations safely.


  • Customize your own checklists for scheduled fleet inspections or download any of the pre-built templates from the Public Library.
  • Track the travel in real-time with the GPS location function to ensure that drivers get from point A to B safely and without delays.
  • Raise issues observed on the road immediately and get instant support and recommendation from fleet managers via Heads Up.
  • Document the whole trip with photos and videos for accurate reporting.
  • Assess drivers’ knowledge and skills and train them regarding basic driver safety and etiquette and more specific road regulations in the areas they pass through.

Why use Motive?

Formerly KeepTruckin, Motive is a fleet management platform that offers a simpler and more efficient way to oversee the various processes in trucking and logistics, such as maintenance, dispatch, compliance monitoring, and even spending.


  • AI dashcam with driver coaching
  • Tracking and telematics
  • Fleet cards

Why use Lytx?

This is a flexible fleet management solution that makes use of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and sensor fusion to enhance driver safety and improve the overall operations of companies that run commercial fleets.


  • Fleet tracking
  • Electronic DVIR
  • ELD with automated compliance solutions

Why use Omnitracs?

Created by Solera Fleet Solutions, Omnitracs helps companies foster a culture of safety by combining their decades of experience in the logistics industry and state-of-the-art data digitization and process automation.


  • Driver workflow
  • Reporting and dispatching
  • Transportation management system

Why use Verizon Connect?

Borne out of a merger among three respected fleet management services, Verizon Connect offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for fleet management, from minimizing vehicular wear and tear to educating drivers about road safety. Its best feature is its customizability, allowing companies to tailor-fit it to their needs.


  • Asset tracking
  • Integrated video and fleet dashcams
  • Compliance and ELD

Why use Fleetio?

This is considered by many as the best fleet management software today as it effectively converts spreadsheets into digital forms and automates numerous processes—from tracking fleets to strengthening communications among all stakeholders.


  • Real-time communications
  • Automated vehicle maintenance (even with third-party suppliers)
  • Report generation with operation KPIs

Why use SHEQSY?

This lone worker safety platform works perfectly as a driver safety software as it effectively safeguards your drivers as they traverse the roads for days or weeks alone. Since this is employee-enabled, drivers can simply activate this using their mobile phones to inform their managers about their location and tasks and start work.


  • Automated check-ins
  • Duress alarm activation
  • Compliance management

What is Driver Safety Software?

Driver safety software is a digital tool that ensures the safety of drivers and their vehicle while on the road with the help of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), vehicular telematics, and mobile communications. These integrations connect the driver with their fleet managers for prompt assistance in case of emergencies. It could be a stand-alone solution or part of a more comprehensive fleet management software.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) confirms the leading cause of work-related deaths is motor vehicle accidents. In a span of 10 years, more than 17,000 have died due to this, and in 2019 alone, fatal and non-fatal accidents cost companies $39 billion. Preventing these incidents and keeping your drivers and pedestrians safe is possible. Digital solutions like driver safety software can pave the way toward that goal.

  • Ensures driver safetyWorking long hours alone is the reason this job is incredibly risky. Worse, fleet managers often discover problems only after the incident. With this software, companies can track their workers, monitor their actions, provide proactive support, and send dispatch teams for assistance.
  • Enhances fleet efficiencyThe best drivers would still fail if their main machinery – the vehicle – malfunctions. Numerous features in fleet management solutions simplify and improve routine processes like pre-travel inspection, route optimization (involving traffic and weather conditions), preventive maintenance, and many more.
  • Digitizes documentation – One misconception about drivers is that they merely bring their cargo from point A to B. They actually have more responsibilities, depending on the industry they belong to. The most common task is submitting a full report about the trip that managers can evaluate for operational changes or improvements. Because the platform records practically everything from temperature to telematics, drivers can document the trip and convert it into a report.
  • Improves driver behavior and ensures accountability – According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), unsafe driving actions like going over the speed limit are major factors in many fatal truck accidents. With telematics integrated into the software, companies can accurately assess their drivers’ behavior and skill level and design training programs that help them operate better on the road.
  • Ensures compliance – Companies operating in logistics are mandated by law to be registered in various regulatory offices (e.g., Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, etc.) and to comply with their rules. With complete documentation, perfectly-working vehicles, and flawless driver history, the company does not have to worry about violations and consequent penalties.

Key Features

It’s perfectly alright if you decide to use driver safety software instead of the more comprehensive fleet management platform. You do have to make sure it has the following essentials:

Choosing the Right Driver Safety Software

All aforementioned software options are highly rated by various credible review sites and will be a benefit to your business and, most especially, your drivers. Take another look at all of them before you make your final pick.

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) No $25/month Yes
Lytx No Available upon request Yes
Omnitracs No Available upon request Yes
Verizon Connect No Custom quote Yes
Fleetio No $3/vehicle/month* Yes
SHEQSY Yes $10/user/month* Yes

*billed annually

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