Training Evaluation Forms

Training Evaluation Forms are powerful tools used to gather data and determine if training programs and initiatives are effective, efficient, and economical for the organization. Training evaluation forms can be used by training managers and human resource professionals to collect feedback from trainers and trainees in order to improve the training program and the overall training experience. (More info on Training Evaluation)

We feature 5 free training evaluation templates that are easy to use and converted for your convenience using iAuditor. Use iAuditor to perform digital training evaluations using a tablet, mobile, or desktop to assess employees’ learning gaps and identify the training program’s areas for improvement. Get started by browsing these templates and feel free to edit them according to your workplace needs.

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1.Training Feedback Form

This Training Feedback Form can be used after training session(s) to gather participant’s feedback on the training program, facilitator, and training facilities used. This training feedback checklist can help evaluate if the objectives of the program are clearly defined and if training contents are relevant to the employee’s current role. Determine if the facilitator demonstrated a good understanding of the training topic and if the training program was delivered effectively. Check the training facilities if conducive to learning. Use iAuditor to conveniently gather data and use Analytics to determine the training program's areas for improvement.

2. Training Assessment Form

Trainers and Operations Supervisors can use this Training Assessment Form to record training programs needed to be taken by each employee. Use iAuditor to provide an explanation on why training program/s is/are recommended for the employee assessed. Use iAuditor to generate assessment reports while on-site.

3. Training Feedback Form for Trainees

This Training Feedback Form for Trainees is a useful tool to assess the employees’ perception of the training program. With responses ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, this template can help evaluate presenter’s preparedness, the training program's content, and materials used during the training. With iAuditor you can customize response sets and set the scoring for each response to gain insights into how trainers and training programs are performing over time.

4. Training Effectiveness Evaluation Form

This Training Effectiveness Evaluation Form can be used to evaluate the training program's content and trainer effectiveness. This can help the organization determine if the training was deemed helpful by the employees. Use iAuditor to check frequent failed responses to identify and prioritize the training program’s areas for improvement.

5. Training Evaluation Form - New Hire

This template can be used by trainers to record observations on newly hired employees during their training and evaluate how well employees performed according to a given metric or key performance indicator. Use iAuditor to record observations and recommendations. Use Analytics to observe the progress of employees' performance.

Analytics provides insightful dashboards and detailed reports on your business operations so that you can make data-driven decisions.

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