The 10 Best Delivery Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Considered the top inspection platform today, SafetyCulture is one of the best delivery management software, thanks to the multiple features that enable firms to successfully coordinate tasks, like resource planning, asset and personnel scheduling, route planning, and order tracking. Companies may use this software to enhance their everyday delivery or shipping operations – whichever mode is utilized – while saving money and, most importantly, ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • Use the numerous checklists from the Public Library to prepare orders with specific instructions to dispatchers and other delivery personnel and take advantage of the QR codes for quick access and continuous tracking.Carefully create delivery schedules and monitor the activities with the help of geo-tagging and various sensors to provide management with the complete visibility they need.
  • Track issues and the assigned actions for resolutions and generate reports complete with media documentation about these events.
  • Ensure full collaboration with stakeholders and open communication with clients via Heads Up.
  • Review operational and personnel performance using robust analytics for future improvements.

Why use Onfleet?

Used by over a thousand retail, e-commerce, and food and beverage companies in nearly a hundred countries, Onfleet is one of the top alternatives when it comes to last-mile delivery solutions, as it simplifies and enhances operations and ensures the best experience for customers.


  • Route optimization
  • Automated task assignment
  • Proof of delivery

Why use Bringg?

Customers expect convenient, fast, and complete order delivery, and that is precisely what Bringg offers. This goods and package delivery management software ensures efficiency through performance and innovations so logistics, retail, and F&B companies can meet their customers’ expectations every single time.


  • On-demand / same-day scheduling
  • Real-time notifications
  • Delivery tracking with feedback

Why use dlivrd?

This third-party delivery management software matches skilled independent contractors to delivery tasks, giving customers numerous options. Although most dlivrd users are from the food and beverage industry, this would also work well for logistics companies that transport other products.


  • Live tracking
  • Driver matching
  • Integrations with POS and DMS

Why use Circuit for Teams?

Used by over a hundred thousand drivers every year because of the cost savings it brings, Circuit for Teams is a simple-to-use delivery application that helps users find the best way around a locality so that they can transport products to the designated destination safely and without delay.


  • Route optimization
  • GPS navigation with priority setting
  • Automatic data importation

Why use Shipox?

This package and food delivery management software is specifically designed for any company that requires pick-up and delivery services, including supermarkets, restaurants, and e-commerce sites. With over four million orders transported, Shipox is a top choice not just because of its effectiveness but also ease of use.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Driver application
  • Analytics dashboard

Why use Routific?

One of the most highly-rated delivery management systems, Routific streamlines the whole process by ensuring that drivers get optimized routes despite last-minute changes so they can bring packages to their clients quickly. Customer satisfaction is also ensured, as they receive delivery notifications complete with photo capture.


  • Route adjustment
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Proof of delivery

Why use LogiNext?

A top-rated vehicle routing and scheduling application for last-mile deliveries, LogiNext helps companies by providing them with various products like Haul, On-Demand, and Reverse so they can accomplish their daily assignments and provide top-notch service to their customers.


Real-time fleet tracking

Order scheduling and slot booking

Notifications and alerts

Why use Tookan?

This delivery management software helps food, grocery, and courier businesses manage their operations from a single platform by giving them complete visibility and data-driven insight, increasing productivity, and creating an amazing client experience.


  • Delivery management
  • Route optimization
  • Booking forms

Why use SHEQSY?

Considered the most outstanding platform for ensuring lone worker safety, Sheqsy may be used for managing last-mile deliveries as it allows the management the ability to monitor their workers’ activities and openly communicate with them through mobile phones.


  • Real-time location tracking
  • Data collection
  • Integration with scheduling appointments

What is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software is a digital tool that streamlines and optimizes the entire delivery process, owing to the automation of various coordination workflows like resource optimization, scheduling, route planning, and order tracking. With this software, companies can correct scheduling errors, minimize miscommunication with partners and clients, and reduce delays. This system would be an asset to logistics providers, courier and delivery services, and food and beverage businesses.


On a regular basis, logistics suppliers confront issues such as inefficient route planning, a lack of visibility into operations, and scheduling difficulties. But with the best delivery management software, all these issues can be resolved. Read on to learn about its foremost benefits:

  • Real-time tracking – Features like GPS integration, route optimization, and predictable ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) provide companies visibility into their daily operations and enable customers to monitor their orders’ progress.
  • Resource optimization – Unnecessary expenses tend to pile up in logistics because of scheduling mistakes which may lead to delivery delays. With the software’s capabilities in capacity planning, companies can forecast demand and utilize their resources (e.g., assets, manpower, and products) carefully.
  • Better analytics – On-the-spot reporting (e.g., driver performance, delivery times, and customer feedback) with robust analytics provide managers with the salient information to change ineffective processes or improve their current systems.

Enhanced operational efficiency does not just benefit the company by reducing costs caused by unproductive workflows. More importantly, customers are more likely to enjoy the products and services they require when it promptly arrives and without fault.

Key Features

Package or food delivery management software may be a stand-alone application or part of a more comprehensive platform like end-to-end logistics software, supply chain management, or transport management system. Whichever you choose, make sure it has these essentials:

Selecting the Right Delivery Management Software

Any of the food or package delivery management software detailed above will help solve the usual logistics problems of scheduling inaccuracies, poor visibility, and unfortunate delays. Before you make your final choice, take another look at your top options below:

Delivery Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Onfleet No $500/month Yes
Bringg No Contact for pricing Yes
dlivrd No Contact for pricing Yes
Circuit Yes $20/month * Yes
Shipox No $239/month * Yes
Routific No $39/vehicle/month * Yes
LogiNext No $0.1/order * Yes
Tookan No $99/month * Yes
SHEQSY Yes $10/month * Yes

*billed annually

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