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What is Transport and Logistics?

Transport and logistics are important aspects of supply chains. Logistics is a process of storing and transporting goods from the manufacturer to the customer. While transportation management ensures the planning and execution of the complex processes when moving the deliverables. Transport and logistics aim to have clear visibility of the operation and ensure the customer received the expected deliverables on time.

Transport and Logistics Checklists and its Importance

Transport and logistics checklists help businesses build a roadworthy and efficient fleet that empowers drivers and officers to identify problems and mechanical issues before commencing road. It helps in:

  • capturing vehicle defects or damages before its services;
  • early detection of issues to reduce repair costs; and
  • ensuring safe and quality deliverables.

How Technology Helps Mitigate Transportation and Logistical Risks

iAuditor transport and logistics app help ensure the safety of your operations, improve efficiency, mitigate risks, and prevent the loss of life and property with customizable checklists. With iAuditor you can:

  • conduct detailed transportation and warehouse inspections using a handheld device;
  • schedule and monitor fleet inspection and maintenance through in-app;
  • capture and annotate photo evidence of notable issues to communicate repair and maintenance needs;
  • escalate damages identified and assign corrective tasks to team members during the inspection with collaborative actions. Set the priority levels and due date to easily triage concerns;
  • generate comprehensive reports with a click of a button and share with any member of the organization; and
  • keep your transport and warehouse inspection reports secure in one place. Inspection reports are saved and secured via unlimited cloud storage.

Get started with these carefully collected transport and logistics checklists that help manage fleet or logistics companies. Browse these free checklists that can be used for conducting daily pre-trip vehicle inspections, creating incident reports, driver assessments, preparing for DOT inspections, and for checking the safety of warehouses, etc.