Transport and Logistics Checklists

We have carefully collected these 10 transport and logistics checklists that can help you manage your fleet or logistics company. Browse these free checklists that you can use for conducting your daily pre trip vehicle inspections, creating incident reports, doing driver assessments, preparing for DOT inspections, and for checking the safety of your warehouses, etc.

Use iAuditor the world’s #1 cloud-based inspection app to help ensure the safety of your operations, improve efficiency, help mitigate risks, and prevent the loss of life and property with these customizable checklists.

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1. Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

This Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist can be used to identify problems and mechanical issues of trucks, buses, trailers, tractors, and other types of heavy vehicles. You can also use this inspection checklist to prepare for DOT inspections. Begin by selecting the type of heavy vehicle, enter the mileage, and take a photo of the heavy vehicle. Confirm the vehicle’s administrative conformance then proceed with the inspection of the heavy vehicle and its components. Rate each item if “Ok, Needs Repair, Not Applicable, or Repaired.” Provide any other observations and rate the overall condition of the vehicle. iAuditor reports can include photos and can be sent electronically via mobile device with the touch of a button.

2. Vehicle Inspection Checklist

You can use this customizable vehicle inspection template for pre trip inspections or for identifying vehicle defects and mechanical issues. Inspect the brake system, coupling devices, engine operation, exhaust system, and other critical vehicle components. Provide your observations and recommendations and rate the vehicle’s overall condition with “Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, or High Risk.” With iAuditor, you can assign tasks for immediate action and take photo evidences of any issues found.

3. Vehicle Accident Report Checklist

Use this Vehicle Accident Report to gather all important information surrounding a vehicular accident. Take photos and enter other details including date of the accident, date and time of investigation, and geo tag the exact location of the accident. Enter details about the people involved or injured in the accident and record witness statements. Draw diagrams in case of collisions for added detail. Capture photo evidence of injuries and record the exact location of the accident being reported. Monitor trends with Analytics and analyze data collected to mitigate risks of accidents.

4. Driver Assessment Form

Conduct your driver assessments with this template to help recognize best practice behaviors and identify bad driving practices. Enter basic information about the driver and observe if pre-start checks are done correctly. Rate the driver’s engine management, driving technique, and professionalism. Complete the assessment with your final rating of the driver. iAuditor can work offline and generate reports anytime anywhere using a tablet, iPad, or mobile device.

5. Drug and Alcohol Test Consent Form Checklist

You can use this template when conducting drug and alcohol testing for your drivers. Record the driver’s consent via electronic signature, select which drug/drug class is going to be tested, and document the alcohol and drug testing results. Set the permission settings of iAuditor to limit users who can generate and submit reports. Take advantage of unlimited cloud storage when you upgrade to Premium subscription.

6. Warehouse Safety Checklist

This Warehouse Safety Checklist can help identify possible risks present during warehouse operations. Evaluate the warehouse’s location, exterior and interior dock areas, equipment, and sanitation. This template also covers training programs and the implementation of emergency and safety procedures. Inspectors can provide recommendations and assign actions to mitigate risks in the warehouse premises.

7. FL Flight Paperwork Checklist

You can use this Flight Paperwork Checklist to check for: Flight paperwork cover sheet, Ramp Load Manifest, Signed Dispatch Release, Flight Close sheet, and Weatherman. Feel free to edit this form to fit the needs of your work. Generate reports on the spot anytime with iAuditor on your mobile, tablet, or iPad.

8. Aircraft Ground Handling Checklist

You can use this Aircraft Ground Handling Checklists to help with assessing the operations and control systems of ground handling services. iAuditor templates can be used on mobile devices and are customizable according to your needs.

9. Fleet Vehicle Condition Inspection Checklist

You can use this checklist to inspect the condition of each vehicle in your fleet or company vehicles. Enter the vehicle’s and driver’s details and record observations on the exterior, engine compartment, and interior area of the vehicle. You can take photos with this template and generate your reports anytime anywhere.

10. Injury, Accident, Incident Report Checklist

You can use this template to report injuries, accidents, or incidents. Take photos as evidences and include all important details surrounding the event. Include your analysis of the incident and cite possible contributing factors that may have led to the incident. Lastly, rate the possibility of recurrence. Monitor trends with Analytics and help mitigate recurrence of accidents.

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