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A manufacturing standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of documented instructions created to help workers perform routine manufacturing tasks. It can be used for manual and automated tasks, and also functions as a guide for safe work practices. Compliance with manufacturing SOPs helps promote work consistency, prevent loss of quality, and retain brand reputation.

This article features: 1) consequences of noncompliance with manufacturing SOPs; 2) mobile app to help perform manufacturing SOP inspections; 3) manufacturing SOP Templates you can download, use, and customize

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A good manufacturing SOP is designed to streamline the production process while minimizing the risk of errors. Noncompliance with manufacturing SOPs could result in the following consequences:

1. Lack of quality control

Manufacturing SOPs help produce high-quality products consistently. Failure to comply with manufacturing SOPs may result in inconsistent quality outcomes and unsatisfied clients.

2. Low productivity

Manufacturing SOPs are designed to improve efficiency. Noncompliance makes it difficult to achieve maximum productivity since operational time frames will vary for each worker.

3. Subjective performance evaluations

SOPs clearly define worker tasks and responsibilities. Objective performance evaluations are done by measuring actual performance against the standard set by manufacturing SOPs. If management and workers don’t follow the same standard, expectations become unclear and evaluations may be influenced by personal biases.

4. Communication breakdown

SOPs communicate process updates to workers. If workers fail to comply with SOPs, they risk making errors that could compromise the quality and efficiency of their work.

5. Increased risk of accidents

Safe work practices are often integrated into manufacturing SOPs. Noncompliance may put workers at a higher risk of work-related accidents or injuries.

Perform hassle-free SOP compliance checks using a digital checklist. Use iAuditor on your phone or tablet and do walkthrough site inspections to ensure that workers are complying with manufacturing SOPs. Take notes and assign necessary actions to address noncompliance. With iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app, you can also:

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5 whys app
5 whys app

Featured Manufacturing SOP Templates

1. Manufacturing SOP Compliance Template

A manufacturing SOP Compliance Template is used to ensure that workers follow the prescribed SOPs for operations. It can be used by plant operations managers when performing walkthrough inspections to verify worker compliance and note noncompliance.

  1. Ensure that pre-production steps are taken before operation such as wearing PPE and sanitary clothing
  2. Take photo evidence of areas, processes, and items that do not comply with manufacturing SOP
  3. Add notes and comments about compliance observation
  4. Assign and prioritize actions for personnel
  5. Sign-off with a digital signature

2. Standard Operating Procedure Template (food manufacturing)

A standard operating procedure template for food manufacturing is used to evaluate if workers adhere to food manufacturing protocols such as handwashing, cleaning, and sanitizing food contact surfaces prior to production. Workers can use this as a guide to prevent missteps and ensure product quality.

3. Tablet Compression SOP Template (pharmaceutical manufacturing SOP)

A tablet compression SOP template is used to ensure that the correct steps are taken by lab personnel when using the tablet press. This can be used by lab supervisors when doing walkthrough inspections and SOP compliance observations.