Truck Inspection Checklists

Heavy vehicle inspection checklists should be used to check that all parts of your truck fleet are roadworthy and equipped to pass annual regulatory and DOT inspections. We have collated these free truck inspection checklist templates you can use for your business. These checklists cover general heavy vehicle inspections, daily truck maintenance checklists, driver training templates, driver drug and alcohol consent forms and accident report forms.

A good vehicle inspection checklist should be easy to use, able to capture photo defects, accessible offline and on the road and record defects and corrective actions. iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app does all this and will transform your truck inspection process.

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Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

This vehicle inspection checklist can be used by a certified technician to identify problems and mechanical issues of heavy vehicles. Moreover, this can be used to prepare for the DOT annual vehicle inspection. Begin by recording the type, identification and mileage of the vehicle and take a photo of its general condition. The template then prompts the inspector to check the administrative conformance, brake system, fuel system, trailer conditions and other components. Complete the report by providing safe vehicle operation tips and rate the overall condition of the vehicle.

Daily Truck Maintenance Checklist

Use this checklist before commencing long commercial trips to ensure your truck or heavy vehicle is roadworthy. Conduct a walk-around of the vehicle making sure to inspect the general condition of the vehicle, exterior, in-cab and engine compartment. Conclude by rating the overall condition and roadworthiness of the vehicle.

Driver Assessment Training Template

Use this template when conducting regular driver training assessments for commercial vehicle drivers. Regular training and ride-alongs can help recognize best practice behaviours and identify and remedy bad driving practices. This mobile checklist can be used by an assessor while as a passenger and be used offline. Begin by capturing basic information of the driver and ensure pre-start checks are done correctly. During the drive, monitor engine management, driving technique and professionalism. Complete the report by assessing shut-down procedures, grade the overall outcome and get the driver to sign off. Prepare a final PDF copy of the report without even leaving the vehicle.

Heavy Vehicle Accident Report

Use this vehicle accident report to generate and maintain accurate register logs of accidents. Keeping up to date accident records can help improve safety performance of the vehicle during operation. Start by detailing the root cause of the accident, documenting physical damage of the vehicle vehicle and record witness statements. The inspector can also capture photo evidence of the injuries and environment and track the exact location of the accident being reported.

Drug and Alcohol Consent Form

All commercial vehicle drivers are required to pass regular drug and alcohol tests to prevent road problems, ensure quality work operations and improve safety. Use this template when conducting drug and alcohol testing for your drivers. Record the driver’s consent via signature and document the alcohol and drug testing results. Generate a completed report for future reference and record keeping for future audits.

Getting ready for DOT vehicle inspections

Most commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) weighing over 10,000 pounds have to undergo an annual DOT inspection. These inspections are carried out by qualified DOT inspectors who check all CMVs on the road are safe and in good working condition and that the business has proper record keeping processes in place. An inspection can cover the following items:

  1. Vehicle inspection walk-around or complete vehicle check
  2. Documentation of coverage in place for the type of carrier and cargo
  3. Driver licenses, qualifications, drug and alcohol testing
  4. Evaluation of driver logs and inspection records
  5. Maintained accident record register

Getting started with these free iAuditor truck inspection checklists can help prepare you for your next DOT annual inspection. You can download and modify these templates to suit your business and commercial fleet.

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