The 10 Best Vehicle Inspection App Picks for 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a vehicle inspection app aimed to empower fleet managers, vehicle inspectors, and drivers to be proactive in their fleet operations. With SafetyCulture’s comprehensive features, scalability, and flexible solutions, business leaders can rest easy knowing that compliance, risk management, and worker safety are of utmost importance and priority.


Why use FleetGO?

Designed to help fleet managers maintain compliance with regulations and enable drivers to use a smart mobile app, FleetGo offers a wide variety of features and functionalities to make vehicle inspections standardized, compliant with legal requirements, and proactive.


  • Realtime GPS localization for fleet tracking
  • Vehicle walkaround check
  • Trip reporting
  • Tachograph analysis
  • Reports and dashboards

Why use Heavy Vehicle Inspection?

Helping businesses unify cost, efficiency, productivity and safety using one connected platform, Heavy Vehicle Inspection app is a free mobile solution for inspections, inventory, work order and schedule in the workplace.

Heavy Vehicle Inspection features:

  • Alerts notifications
  • Connected and preventive maintenance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Offline mobile access
  • GPS location of inspector and vehicle

Why use Driveroo?

Driveroo makes faster and easier vehicle inspections possible with the app’s easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Using this custom and digital car inspection software, fleet managers and inspectors can efficiently visualize their way to streamlined digital workflows.


  • Mobile reporting for vehicle condition documentation
  • Feature-rich interface
  • 24/7 access to a cloud-based archive of service history
  • Repair estimates generation
  • Instant repair approvals

Why use Fleetio?

Fleetio enables fleet teams to manage, access, and update data, assets, and operational processes while on the go. This mobile app helps maintain airtight compliance with electronic vehicle inspections.


  • GPS tracking for every inspection item
  • Instant alerts
  • Actionable fleet reports
  • Work order due date management
  • Offline access and submission of inspection forms

Best for: Fleets looking to standardize day-to-day operations
Free Version: None
Free Trial: A 14-day free trial is available
Platforms supported:

Why use eMaint CMMS?

eMaint CMMS is a vehicle and car inspection app that allows maintenance professionals to streamline workflows, work order management, and project automation. Using the eMaint dashboard, be able to efficiently plan, schedule, and assign maintenance tasks and have a greater control over your overall processes.


  • Capturing, tracking, and analysis of your fleet’s critical data on repair order completion, daily or hourly use of vehicles, inspection requirements, and associated costs
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for overseeing vehicle inspections and fleet operations
  • Work order assignment
  • Flexible and configurable interface
  • Powerful asset reliability platform

Why use Ultimo?

Mainly used as a fleet management software, Ultimo also has the capabilities and features to address vehicle inspection tasks. This platform also simplifies how businesses demonstrate compliance with legislation and quality standards.


  • Asset management and long-term asset planning
  • Up-to-date mobile reports
  • Periodical maintenance and inspections
  • Contract management and evaluation
  • Ultimo Configuration Tool for your unique business processes

Why use Fleet Complete?

Fleet Complete helps businesses improve their fleet operations which include dispatching, regulatory compliance, and field service management. This way, optimal visibility and productivity on assets and resources can be achieved toward a holistic approach to an organization’s vehicle inspections.


  • Web-based maps and GPS tracking
  • Crash detection
  • Fleet performance analysis
  • Mobile capability for direct sign-offs and faster inspection protocols
  • Mechanic portal for easier fleet management

Why use Vehicle Mobile Inspection (VMI)?

As an innovative mobile-based vehicle damage inspection app, VMI helps fleet owners have more control on their fleet movements and vehicle damages. This digital inspection solution is easy to use and automatically identifies vehicles through QR codes.


  • Dashboard
  • App customizations
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Vehicle damage recording
  • Vehicle maintenance checklists

Why use SHEQSY?

SHEQSY by SafetyCulture is a safety-focused, free vehicle inspection app built to allow organizations to protect employees in the workplace, most especially those that work alone out on the field. Using this app, you’ll be able to maintain compliance with lone work legislation, achieve peace of mind, and make it easy for everyone to monitor, record, and receive safety alerts when doing vehicle inspections and more.


  • Location tracking
  • Management dashboard for reports, historical information, and escalation processes
  • Calendars and scheduling platforms integration
  • 24/7, A1-graded monitoring center
  • Ease of use across smartphones

What is Vehicle Inspection App?

A vehicle inspection app is a convenient digital tool that fleet managers, business owners, and drivers can use to help maintain their vehicles’ roadworthiness through regular inspections, promote the safety of their drivers and customers by clearly identifying vehicle issues and taking immediate action, and remind all of their inspectors to complete vehicle checks with the aid of scheduled notifications.

Why Use One

Keeping vehicles roadworthy and reducing downtime are critical in the efficient operation of transport and fleet management companies. Fleet managers need constant visibility on vehicle repair work being performed as well as effective inspection and reporting tools.

Finding the right vehicle inspection software requires a tool that can both capture and present the right inspection data and be simple enough for a field team to learn and adopt. To sum it up, here are the top benefits of maximizing a vehicle inspection app’s features:

Perform inspections with a vehicle inspection mobile app

Get rid of paper forms and checklists using digital inspection templates. Conveniently perform vehicle inspections using your phone or tablet even if you’re offline. Double entries and physical storage is no longer a problem. This powerful mobile solution automatically generates reports and saves your data via a secure cloud storage for easy access.

Have real-time fleet visibility

Get real-time updates when vehicle inspections are completed. A powerful analytics dashboard on a vehicle inspection platform visualizes inspection data which helps you spot trends so you can resolve issues before they get out of hand.

Generate comprehensive reports using a vehicle inspection software

No more manual data entries to complete reports. After you finish your vehicle inspection, you can immediately generate a detailed report in multiple formats. Set automatic sharing on so appropriate personnel will immediately receive reports upon inspection completion and nothing is missed.


In choosing the kind of vehicle inspection app you must use in your organization, make sure to look out for these top features and functionalities:

Go completely paperless

Conduct all vehicle inspections using a vehicle inspection app on your mobile device and access all checklists and inspection templates you need. No more paper checklists that can get lost or damaged. Instantly capture the information you require and generate reports that you can easily share. You can upload a CSV file of your VIN and license numbers and these can be used as easy reference during inspections.

Take pictures and annotate them to easily identify issues

Want to take a picture of a flat tire? Need to explain a battery problem? Found scratches on a vehicle? With a vehicle check app, you can take pictures during inspections. Annotate on images to describe a battery issue, use arrows to show where the scratches are, or encircle tires that need to be replaced ASAP.

Easy access to multiple forms

Use pre-made templates or create your own forms for heavy vehicle inspections, scheduling daily vehicle checks, facilitating driver training assessments, and vehicle accident reports so you can cover all aspects of your fleet operations without the hassle.

Never miss another inspection

An app for vehicle inspection has a scheduling feature that you can use to remind you and your team members of inspections to be conducted. Schedule one-time or recurring audits and receive notifications for those inspections. You’ll be able to see the date and time of future inspections and check which scheduled inspections may have been missed.

Access more than one device

With a vehicle inspection report app, you can use up to three devices using just one login and it supports iOS and Android devices so you can conduct inspections on the go using your phone or tablet.

Conduct inspections even while offline

Conduct and complete inspections even if your device is offline. Once your device is back online, you can sync all of your inspections and share your reports electronically.

Choosing the Best Vehicle Inspection App

For a quick overview of which vehicle inspection app or software is best suited for your needs, here’s a roundup of our best 10:

  • Best Overall: SafetyCulture
  • Best for SMBs: FleetGO
  • Best for Companies Operating Heavy Equipment and Vehicles: Heavy Vehicle Inspection
  • Best for Organizations in the Transportation and Logistics Industry: Driveroo
  • Best for Fleets Looking to Standardize Day-to-Day Operations: Fleetio
  • Best for Multi-site Maintenance Operations: eMaint CMMS
  • Best for SMBs and Enterprises: Ultimo
  • Best for Industries with Mobile Assets in the Field: Fleet Complete
  • Best for Businesses in the Car Rental Industry: Vehicle Mobile Inspection (VMI)
  • Best for Lone Worker Safety: SHEQSY by SafetyCulture

You may also use this table for the comparison of free version availability, pricing of paid plan, and web-based software capability:

Vehicle Inspection App Free Version Paid Plan Web-based Software
SafetyCulture Yes $19/month/10 users Yes
FleetGO None Quote upon request Yes
Heavy Vehicle Inspection Yes $2.99/vehicle/month* Yes
Driveroo None $5/asset/month Yes
Fleetio None $5/vehicle/month** Yes
eMaint CMMS None Starts at $69/user/month*** Yes
Ultimo None €29 ($31 USD)/month/full user Yes
Fleet Complete None Details upon request Yes
Vehicle Mobile Inspection (VMI) None Quote upon request Yes
SHEQSY by SafetyCulture Yes $6.95/month/unli users Yes

* on an annual billing
** on an annual billing
*** for a 3-user package

Customer Success

Learn how VROON, an international shipping company, uses SafetyCulture in conducting efficient inspections on their 170 vessels, identifying common issues across their fleet, and making informed decisions with the available hard facts and data generated from SafetyCulture’s smart platform:

“Without SafetyCulture it would have been difficult to identify this systematic error.” – Maren Schroeder, Head of Technical

Likewise, discover how Reyes Holdings Transportation, a leading transportation and logistics company, inspects their entire fleet and mechanics shops with SafetyCulture:

“When we acquire new vehicles, it’s over 100 pieces of new equipment. That’s much easier to do digitally versus on a paper checklist. It saves us tons of time to do it on a mobile device.” – Thomas Alexander, Fleet Manager

Check out SafetyCulture’s ready-to-use vehicle inspection checklists below:

Browse more templates

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