Reyes Fleet Management

The leading transport company inspects their entire fleet and mechanics shops with SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor).

Saves over 400 pieces of paper per month

Full fleet inspections 2x a month

We use SafetyCulture for

Reyes Holdings is one of the largest transportation companies in the North America, Reyes Holdings is constantly acquiring new assets in the form of vehicles, MHE or sometimes even warehouses. This is where SafetyCulture comes in. Thomas Alexander, creates an inspection template for each asset in the acquisition to ensure all vehicles and machines are up to safety and quality standards. For such a large company like Reyes Holdings, it didn’t make sense to maintain all these checks in paper forms.

Reyes Holdings also uses SafetyCulture to track vehicles and ensure they’re compliant with the Department of Transportation guidelines. This is a quarterly safety lane audit that the company can also easily refer back to in case of an auditor visit.

“When we acquire new vehicles, it’s over 100 pieces of new equipment. That’s much easier to do digitally versus on a paper checklist. It saves us tons of time to do it on a mobile device.”

Thomas Alexander
Fleet Manager at Reyes Holdings

Efficiency and organization in the shops is what keeps the vehicle fleets running smoothly, so SafetyCulture inspections allow the team to manage everything from preventative maintenance to scheduled vehicle inspections.

Thomas needed a tool that was easy for his technicians to use, but also easy to roll out to the entire team. SafetyCulture platform allows him to create the templates in the office, customize reports, roll out any changes quickly, and have auditors conducting inspections almost immediately. The Reyes Holdings team uses SafetyCulture app in each shop, syncs each iPad to the online platform, and ensures each shop is using a uniform system across the country.

“The main benefit with SafetyCulture platform is definitely the ease of use. I can make the report however I need it. Then my team can conduct audits and share those reports back in real-time.”

Thomas Alexander
Fleet Manager at Reyes Holdings

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