Increase Business Visibility with Remote Temperature Monitoring

Automate real-time temperature readings, receive critical alerts of set triggers, and empower your team to resolve issues quickly with a mobile-first solution.

Enhance operational efficiency with Remote Temperature Monitoring Sensors

Simplify your monitoring process with SafetyCulture Sensors. Our intuitive remote temperature monitoring system tracks critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions—providing you with real-time and actionable insights that you can use to catch issues before any damage occurs. Rest easy knowing that you can take action when necessary.

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Monitor temperature conditions, receive instant notifications, and automate data records with a remote solution

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Protect your valuable assets, whenever and wherever

A wide variety of businesses operating in different industries rely on temperature monitors to protect the quality of their products, equipment, sites, and other assets. For these businesses, it is an invaluable feature to receive automatic alerts directly on mobile devices when issues are found. Never miss incidents again with a remote temperature monitoring system.

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Detect temperature deviations proactively

One of the main capabilities of a remote temperature sensor is to track temperature levels around the clock and provide instant alerts if there are any fluctuations from the desired range. This early detection helps prevent equipment failures, product spoilage, or potential hazards, allowing for timely interventions and minimizing costly damages.

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Buy and deploy remote temperature sensors through us

Explore our range of devices and wireless temperature sensors to suit your environmental needs. Whether you are looking to oversee environmental conditions for efficient warehouse management, optimize production to ensure food safety, or monitor equipment and machinery for improved manufacturing operations, among many other industry use cases, we got you covered. Purchase through us and we’ll help you set up and get connected in minutes!

Connect existing temperature sensors

Connect your existing sensor solutions

Already tracking environmental conditions? Let’s make it meaningful. Whether you’re capturing temperature, humidity, or air pressure, among other conditions, you can use SafetyCulture to record, alert, and action your data. Our monitoring devices let you connect multiple sensors to one account, enabling you to oversee your team’s performance no matter where you are, and how many sites you operate.

Why our customers choose SafetyCulture Sensors

easy to get started

Easy to get started

Our self-installation guide makes it easy for you to install the hardware and setup simple reporting and alerting via mobile – without having to pay for professional services.


Cost effective

A small monthly fee covers the cost of connecting sensors to the SafetyCulture platform, making them a cost-effective solution compared to manual checks.



Our sensors are durable, have strong signals over long distances, and can penetrate concrete floors, cool room walls, and most other obstacles.

See how others are getting value from SafetyCulture’s Remote Temperature Monitoring System

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Food Safety

See how the meal kit distributor protects $200,000 to $300,000 worth of food daily and uses data insights to reduce the risk for both their customers and the company.

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“We have visibility into everything because of the data we capture in SafetyCulture platform. If there’s a threshold exception or process that needs improving, all we have to do is drill down and we’ll find it.”

– Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

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See how we’ve helped The Dinner Ladies to improve their operations, get real-time alerts and reduce the risk of waste in their state-of-the-art cool rooms.

The Dinner Ladies

“[Working with SafetyCulture] means we can up production and make the quality of our food better so we don’t have to spend so much time chasing paper.”

– Katherine Westwood, Co-Owner

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With the SafetyCulture sensors and SafetyCulture solution, SpaMedica was able to monitor outages and temperature changes, across all their hospitals, eliminating the risk of losing more than £50,000 worth of medication.


“The reliability is definitely a factor. Plus, there is no I.T. support required for this… it really helps take the weight off the shoulders of all our teams. It’s also great for auditing purposes when we get inspected by official governing bodies.”

– Austin Hankinson, Fleet and Facilities Assistant

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FAQs about Remote Temperature Monitoring

A remote temperature monitoring system refers to a combination of hardware and software designed to perform automatic temperature auditing and data logging remotely. It is an essential asset for businesses that need to keep products, equipment, and sites in fixed temperature levels for safety, quality, and compliance purposes.

A remote temperature sensor is best placed in areas without excessive air movements, or away from windows and ventilation units. Although there are no specific rules for this, it is always best to consult the recommendations of the manufacturer and consider aspects such as avoidance of external interference, accessibility, security, and connectivity.

The main difference between the two is that local temperature sensors typically use wires or cables to transmit data to a local monitoring system while being in close proximity to the target location. Remote temperature sensors, on the other hand, collect data using wireless transmissions and send these data to a cloud-based platform for analysis and monitoring.

High-quality sensors that are properly calibrated and maintained tend to provide accurate and reliable measurements. However, it is important to note that no sensor is entirely free from potential errors or limitations. To ensure accuracy and reliability, it is recommended to select reputable sensor manufacturers, follow proper installation procedures, perform regular calibrations, and conduct routine maintenance checks.

Some of the things to consider when deciding which remote temperature monitoring system to choose include temperature range, sensor quality, data logging and analysis capability, connectivity options, accuracy, and the sensor’s compatibility with the software or system that you’re gonna pair it with.

Yes, with secure installation and correct set-up, remote temperature monitoring can be suitable for outdoor environments. Some of the factors to ensure successful remote temperature monitoring in outdoors are—weatherproofing to withstand humidity and other extreme temperature conditions; mounting and placement for easy access and visibility; and the monitoring system’s overall resilience to withstand outdoor conditions.

The SafetyCulture Remote Temperature Monitoring System saves you and your team time and trouble provides actionable insights from historical temperature data and helps with internal and external safety, quality, and legal compliance. Once you receive your SafetyCulture Wireless Sensors and Gateway, set up is a quick and easy one-man job. Companies from all over the world operating in different industries rely on SafetyCulture for automatic temperature readings, data logging, real-time alerts, and data security. Maximize efficiency and safety with the SafetyCulture Remote Temperature Monitoring System today.

Once you’ve connected your sensors to SafetyCulture, you can continuously monitor and maintain your conditions without lifting a finger. Tell us what range conditions need to stay in, and we’ll alert you any time that they go outside this range. From there, you can quickly set up a corrective action within SafetyCulture, assign it to the right person, and keep track of it until it’s closed out. You’ll also have a complete historical log of data, in case you ever need to check that conditions were met during a certain period, or want to track trends in your conditions.

Nope, you can bring your data into SafetyCulture without any additional charges to your SafetyCulture subscription. This means that your whole team can see the data that’s coming in, access historical data, receive alerts, and create and close out actions if conditions go out of your set range.

Only if you want them to. As the admin, you can control which sensors get added, what alerts are set up, and who else can make these changes.