Implement HACCP Principles Through Effective HACCP Monitoring

Maintain optimal temperatures in your food storage systems, receive alerts when conditions go beyond set thresholds, and resolve issues with decisive actions.

Optimize operations with advanced HACCP Monitoring System

Revolutionize your food supply chain with SafetyCulture Sensors. Our innovative HACCP monitoring sensors provide accurate temperature and humidity readings—helping you establish a comprehensive action plan for your food safety compliance needs. Experience unparalleled peace of mind knowing you can implement customized solutions to resolve issues, whenever and wherever.

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Determine control points, identify potential hazards, and track food safety compliance with a seamless solution

Adhere to the 7 principles of an effective HACCP Plan

Empower food safety officers to perform internal HACCP audits and set corrective actions by automating your HACCP monitoring. Increase visibility by tracking temperature updates from different assets and sites—all at the same time. Practice the 7 principles of an effective HACCP Plan with SafetyCulture’s HACCP Monitoring System.

Establish critical limits and receive instant notifications

Define the ideal thresholds for temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions you want to track and customize them to trigger alerts when circumstances deviate from the set parameters. This allows you and your team to address identified issues by taking immediate action and preventing any potential risks that threaten food safety.

Buy temperature monitoring devices through us

Explore our range of devices and wireless sensors to suit your environmental needs. These sensors will automatically link to the SafetyCulture platform, allowing you to monitor, record, and store temperature readings in one safe place. Purchase through us and we’ll help you set up and connect in minutes!

Connect your existing sensor solutions

Already tracking environmental conditions? Let’s make it meaningful. Whether you’re capturing temperature, humidity, pH levels, among others, you can use SafetyCulture to record, alert, and action your data. Register multiple sensors to your account so you can get readings from different sites and areas simultaneously!

Have your own sensors?

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Why our customers choose SafetyCulture Sensors

Easy to get started

Our self-installation guide makes it easy for you to install the hardware and setup simple reporting and alerting via mobile – without having to pay for professional services.

Cost effective

A small monthly fee covers the cost of connecting sensors to the SafetyCulture platform, making them a cost-effective solution compared to manual checks.


Our sensors are durable, have strong signals over long distances, and can penetrate concrete floors, cool room walls, and most other obstacles.

I received an SMS alert late one Saturday night saying that the temperature in our cold storage was rising. If we had only found out about it when we arrived on Monday, we would have had to throw out everything in the cold room. That one little message saved us tens of thousands of dollars.

Sophia Dias
Food Safety and Quality Manager at Marley Spoon
$200 - 300K

food protected during production days
3x faster

compared to paper-based audits
$20K saved

in paper audit related costs

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Food Industry

HACCP monitoring devices, paired with a comprehensive HACCP software, streamline the way you comply with food safety standards. Monitor the status of raw and processed materials in real-time, record temperature logs of commercial fridges automatically, and maintain the pre-set thresholds all the time to make sure that food-related operations are at par with proper procedures. Increase food quality, immediately resolve issues, and never miss another food safety incident again.


In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of pharmaceuticals, precision, quality, and a systematized approach are paramount. As one of the most temperature-sensitive industries, businesses in the pharmaceutical setting can leverage HACCP temperature monitoring systems by performing regular HACCP audits that are done according to the HACCP principles. Safeguard the quality of your products such as vaccines, medicines, and medical devices to protect the well-being of consumers.


By implementing HACCP principles and obtaining required HACCP certifications, hospitality businesses can identify and control potential hazards throughout the entire process of food preparation and food handling for guests. This reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses, ensures guest safety, and protects the reputation of the establishment.

FAQs about HACCP Monitoring System

A HACCP monitoring system is a software or program designed to protect food products from contaminants to ensure that they are safe for consumption. HACCP plans may vary between businesses in the food industry, but virtually all operations have them in one form or another.

When performed properly and efficiently, HACCP monitoring improves the overall process of eliminating non-conformance to food safety standards. Since HACCP monitoring systems immediately alert relevant people before critical limits are reached, it significantly reduces the risk of food contamination. With this, product quality is ensured, consumers are protected, and businesses maintain their hard-earned reputation.

The 7 principles of HACCP are the following:

  1. Conducting hazard analysis
  2. Determining critical control points (CCPs)
  3. Establishing CCPs
  4. Setting up a monitoring system
  5. Establishing corrective actions
  6. Verifying the HACCP Plan
  7. Indicating recordkeeping and documentation process

If you want to know more about this, see this ultimate guide for HACCP Plan.

Common monitoring procedures for HACCP include inspections, testing, auditing, and reviewing existing documentation. The specific procedure to be performed varies per business and is heavily dependent on factors such as the set critical limits, the capabilities of the chosen monitoring system, and its processing speed.

Some of the elements that can be monitored via HACCP systems include parameters such as temperature, time, pH level, water activity (AW), product weight, chemical parameters, and the presence of foreign matter in products.

Once you’ve connected your sensors or local weather data to SafetyCulture, you can continuously monitor and maintain temperature and humidity conditions from your mobile device. Tell us what range conditions need to stay in, and we’ll alert you whenever they go outside this range. From there, you can quickly set up a corrective action within SafetyCulture, assign it to the right person, and keep track of it until it’s closed. You’ll also have a complete historical HACCP temperature log, in case you ever need to check that conditions were met during a certain period, or want to track trends in your conditions.

Both devices have an operating range of -40C to +80C (-40F to +176F). If you are monitoring outside these temperatures, the standard fridge and freezer sensor has the option for an additional probe which will boost the operating range to -55C to +125C (-67F to +257F). Outside of these temperatures, we would not recommend deploying these devices, please contact us to discuss your use case in more detail.

Only if you want them to. As the admin, you can control which sensors get added, what alerts are set up, and who else can make these changes.

We’re working hard to support as many types of sensors as possible! We want to make the most of any data that is important to you. If you’ve already got an internet-connected sensor solution installed and want to bring the data into SafetyCulture, let’s chat. No promises, but we’ll do our best to make it happen.

It depends. If you’ve already got sensors and want the data to feed into SafetyCulture, then there’s no added cost! We only charge for any hardware you buy directly from us, and the ongoing costs associated with running them. See our SafetyCulture sensors page to learn more about the hardware solutions we offer.

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