The Top Free 8 HACCP Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is the award-winning product of SaaS company SafetyCulture that allows the streamlining of food safety inspections and audits as well as automation of real-time reports, analytics, and recordkeeping that are vital in the seamless implementation of HACCP plans.

As a cloud-based software used by industry leaders, SafetyCulture utilizes customizable templates available on web, iOS, and Android devices. You can implement changes across the board instantly with HACCP checklists that can be updated according to the needs of your HACCP plan, standardizing processes for food safety and making your organization more adaptable to risks and emerging food hazards.


  • Customize own HACCP checklists and access best practice food safety inspection templates from the Public Library
  • Instant feedback and automated reports with multi-media
  • Real-time data collection and analytics on easy-to-access online dashboards
  • Connect to sensors for automation of monitoring
  • Third-party application integration
  • Unhindered usage whether online or offline
  • Global customer support 24/5
  • Competitive price point for a HACCP software

Why Use Safefood 360°?

Safefood 360° is a web-based food safety management software that allows users to build their own HACCP plans and manage over suppliers, pest control, employee training, monitoring, etc.

As Safefood 360° automatically gets updated whenever changes occur concerning the food industry, the software saves users the trouble of having to manually update existing processes while actively keeping track of all changes to existing food safety standards and regulations.


  • Build your very own HACCP plan
  • Food safety management
  • Accessible reports
  • Stay up-to-date with food industry standards
  • Learning modules for the food industry
  • Support for Safefood 360° users

Why Use Effivity?

Effivity offers an employee-friendly solution for the automation of HACCP and food safety management at a competitive price point. Promising easy configuration that adapts to your business as you scale, Effivity helps businesses comply with HACCP and other recognized standards for food safety such as ISO 22000:2018 and BRC.


  • Customizable HACCP plan
  • Automation of business process management
  • Comprehensive compliance with multiple food safety standards
  • Paperless processes

Why Use Primority?

Primority is a food safety management tool used by businesses involved in food manufacturing, hospitality, and agriculture, some of which are users of the software for more than a decade.

As a software that already established its value to long time users, Primority helps businesses stay compliant with food safety standards through its HACCP management system that oversees monitoring of operations, suppliers, corrective action, cleaning, etc.


  • Cloud-based food safety management system on web
  • Raw material control
  • Supplier management
  • Workflow management
  • Customize product specifications
  • Scheduling

Why Use FoodLogiQ?

Created by a company that was formed after the implementation of the Canadian cattle traceability program, FoodLogiQ aims to ensure that processes involved in food production are transparent and can be traced end-to-end by their users.

As a food safety and traceability solution available on web, iOS, and Android, FoodLogiQ helps their customers manage their food production chain and have the capacity to swiftly identify and properly address food safety concerns.


  • Cloud-based and API capable
  • Supplier management
  • Document management
  • Product recall process
  • Analytics dashboard

Why Use Zip HACCP?

Zip HACCP is a food safety software that assists users ensure consistent food quality by tracking critical HACCP tasks. Zip HACCP allows its users to manage food safety and HACCP compliance using mobile or tablet devices. Zip HACCP makes it easy to track critical food safety tasks remotely. The software instantly syncs updates on all devices, letting users know when issues arise.


  • Create and customize food safety audit checklists
  • Monitor food temperatures remotely
  • Bluetooth temperature probe
  • Address food safety issues in real-time
  • Generate real time reports and logs

Why Use Food Ready?

Food Ready is a food safety software solution designed to help food businesses record and maintain daily/weekly production logs to stay compliant with various national and international certifications like HACCP, GFSI, SQP, and more.

As a software intelligence platform, it is able to save time and hassle in establishing food safety practices with the use of a mobile device. Food Ready also offers working with their certified food safety experts to assist in writing and reviewing documentations of food safety programs.


  • Track critical records
  • Centralize information
  • Monitor in real-time
  • Easily access records

Why Use JustFood?

JustFood is a software solution that provides businesses the insight, visibility and control when it comes to food safety. JustFood resides in the cloud, allowing companies to easily streamline operations.

JustFood is combined with features that aids food manufacturers and distributors in managing all aspects of the business from production to distribution. The software runs on the Microsoft Cloud platform which makes it easy to manage the business anytime, anywhere while ensuring security, integration, and mobility across any desktop or mobile browser.


  • Setup and customize mandatory quality audits and checks
  • Track, manage and record inventory
  • Manage production scheduling and planning
  • Generate reports integrated with tools like Microsoft tools and PowerBI
  • Access real-time data reports
  • Manage purchase orders and gauge vendor performance
  • Manage customers and sales team with detailed pricing
  • Billing, invoicing and budgeting functionality

What is a HACCP Software?

A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP system is essential to mitigate food safety risks and hazards in the workplace. HACCP software are tools used by industries involved in the manufacturing, handling, and distribution of food products. They are instrumental in helping companies implement preventive controls that protect food products from food safety hazards and in maintaining their organization’s HACCP compliance.

This article presents the top 8 HACCP software of 2024, how they can be beneficial for your business, and how HACCP plans can be implemented using HACCP software.

Simplify HACCP plan implementation by utilizing HACCP software

Implementing the details of HACCP plans may vary from one operation to another, but all HACCP plans must utilize a comprehensive, scientific approach to food safety covering the entire food operation from receiving supplies, storage, preparation, processing, to packaging and distribution of the product.

With new tools like the SafetyCulture HACCP Plan Software, food companies can easily customize their own digital smart forms to fit any scenario, keep their records safe and accessible only to authorized personnel, and spot issues and resolve them ASAP. SafetyCulture streamlines your HACCP Plan implementation and ensures you maintain a high standard of food safety in your operation.

#1: Optimize your food safety inspections through hassle-free customization

Download free, pre-made HACCP checklists from our public library so you can start food safety inspections immediately. SafetyCulture’s smart scan feature also allows food safety officers to convert existing paper templates into our digital format for a more efficient inspection process. Lastly, SafetyCulture’s easy-to-use smart form builder allows you to create and customize templates from scratch, ensuring that your food safety audits are always optimized and effective.

#2: Automatically keep electronic inspection records safe via unlimited cloud storage

SafetyCulture automatically saves your audit reports via unlimited cloud storage. Through cloud technology, your inspection data is kept safe and accessible only to authorized personnel. You can perform HACCP inspections using your mobile phone or tablet even if you are offline; SafetyCulture’s cloud save technology will automatically save your inspection data once you connect to the internet.

#3: Get a holistic view of your performance to identify and resolve issues right away

SafetyCulture’s signature web data analytics allows users to get an overview of their current, or past performance. With this feature, food safety personnel can quickly identify negative patterns that need to be addressed, as well as positive trends that can be amplified and rolled out to other teams and sites if applicable. Always know how your operation is doing with SafetyCulture.

Top 3 Hazards a Good HACCP Plan Eliminates

Businesses operating in the food industry cannot afford to take safety for granted. Negligence and malpractice can easily lead to disastrous consequences for both the consumers and food producers. Through the use of effective HACCP software, HACCP plans can help ensure that food products are safe from a variety of possible contaminants.

Here are the hazards you can eliminate with an effective HACCP Plan:

Chemical Hazards

In order to preserve the ingredients and materials necessary for the production of certain food types, some synthetic chemicals must be used. These chemicals, when handled improperly, however, can be hazardous to the health of both consumers and workers. An effective HACCP Plan helps food safety professionals ensure that pesticides, allergens, and other chemical residues are washed off, properly handled, and disposed of through best practices so safety and quality standards can be met.

Biological Hazards

Before the final output, the ingredients and other components used for food products have to go through rounds of shipping, storage, and other logistical processes. Without the right control measures to keep biological hazards in check, food and food products become susceptible to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and molds– all of which are possible causes of illness when consumed or inhaled. A good HACCP plan must provide the details for effective risk prevention so the proper control measures can be applied and biological hazards can be avoided.

Physical Hazards

Aside from biological and chemical hazards, physical hazards such as bones, glass, metal, bugs, and hair can be avoided through proper control measures outlined in a HACCP Plan. Failure to control this hazard type can be equally problematic to both consumers who may suffer illness and injury through accidental ingestion, and distributors whose brand name could suffer as a consequence.

HACCP Software That is Easy to Learn and Use

A HACCP plan is a proactive approach to food safety. It focuses on preventing issues from happening instead of fixing those that have already occurred. Companies in the food processing, manufacturing, and packaging businesses can protect their consumers, workers, and their brand through the use of a powerful HACCP software that can effectively execute a good HACCP plan.

With the help of the SafetyCulture HACCP Software, achieving and maintaining an effective safety program in your organization can be easier.

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