iAuditor for Manufacturing

Ensure the highest standards in every run

Improve quality, reduce workplace risk

Empower your workers to build products of the highest quality in a safe and efficient environment. Your team can collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas, and get problems resolved wherever they are. Get visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across your organization.

Trusted by thousands of global brands.

Maximum yield, minimum downtime

Easy digital inspections take the hard work out of ensuring operational efficiency. With all your data in one place, you can quickly pinpoint problem areas and come up with solutions before they cause bigger problems.

Keep your workers safe

With big machinery comes big responsibility. With iAuditor, you can make sure that everyone is following correct procedure, and that equipment is functioning properly and safely. Your team is also empowered to turn identified issues into actions in real time so hazards don't turn into incidents.

Deliver consistent high quality

Standardize your operations with iAuditor. With all your workers using the same inspection templates, running the same reports, and seeing the same actions, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page. When everyone follows best practices, producing high quality products consistently is easy.

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“Now auditors can finish their near miss reports, take pictures and it all incorporates into one document. You can send it right from the field.”

- Mark Hickey, Environmental Health and Safety Engineer

“We have visibility into everything we do because of the data we capture using iAuditor. If there’s a threshold exception or a process that needs to be improved, all we have to do is drill down, and we’ll find it.”

- Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager,

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“iAuditor has improved our processes and helped us identify elements in the business that need to be eradicated or updated – we’ve saved huge amounts of time.”

- Craig Lennie, Quality Assurance Manager,

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