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A Non-Conformance Report Form (NCR Form) is a reporting tool commonly used in construction industries to document work that has not met required quality standards. These reports are an essential part of the quality control process and aim to mitigate risks by implementing corrective actions and to prevent similar situations from recurring.

An effective NCR Form fundamentally contains these 4 key elements:

  1. Detailed observation of the non-conformances;
  2. Corrective actions to be implemented;
  3. Rectification process; and
  4. Closure of the case

Non-conformance reporting involves back and forth handover of paper forms between managers and project team members. Observations are also difficult to document without the ability to take photo evidence. This process is time-consuming and also leaves risks unresolved and unattended over time. Using a digital inspection app like iAuditor can help streamline workflows, eliminate paperwork and promote timely reporting.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful reporting tool and can be used to perform paperless non-conformance reports. Take photo evidence and detailed notes of observations associated with the NCR Form. Assign actions within your digital NCR Form to relevant teams and authorized personnel for immediate resolution.

We feature comprehensive digital non-conformance report forms you can download for free and customize using iAuditor. Solve business-impacting non-conformances with these templates.

Comprehensive NCR Forms

1. Non-Conformance Report Form

Use this general non-conformance report form template to document any plan deviation or any non-conformances in quality observed in the workplace. This form should be made available to all staff or members. Start by completing details of non-conformance report: type, priority, source, process, detailed description of the case and photos (optional). The staff who raised the issue should affix a digital signature to validate the report. The template should then be endorsed to the manager or any authorized personnel. After receiving the template, the manager should enter corrective or preventive actions to be implemented and assign it to responsible teams or professionals to take necessary actions. After completion of the task, send this back to the manager for verification and closure. Provide an overall rating and provide a digital signature to complete the report.

2. Supplier Non-Conformance Report Form

Use this template to record any non-conformances concerning supplies, raw materials or any incoming goods which are received by the organization.

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