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What is an Inspection Checklist?

An inspection checklist (also referred to as inspection sheet) is a valuable tool used by inspectors across several industries to assess the compliance of a certain process, procedure, facility, or equipment with standards set by internal, local, or international governing organizations. It helps ensure that the object of inspection goes through detailed and documented evaluations and therefore can be endorsed for its intended use.

The Importance of Conducting Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are vital to keeping a product, equipment, or facility up to par with a company’s safety and quality program. These checks help businesses from different industries ensure that the products or services their customers receive will meet or exceed expectations. Further, regular inspections provide more benefits to organizations in different ways:


Regular inspections help define the line between a safe working environment and one that is beset with hazards.


Equipment and facility abuse is discouraged by regular inspections. Using inspection records, maintenance managers can strengthen maintenance programs as inspections help them identify the best frequency of schedules for the upkeep of assets.


No company is looking forward to appearing on the news when something wrong happens. Through regular inspections, companies are able to immediately rectify issues before they become major.

Business Costs

Periodic inspections help prevent workplace injuries, which can result in costly lost work time and compensation claims.

Benefits of Using Inspection Checklists

To the strengthen inspection programs, inspection checklists (or inspection sheets) are used by professional assessors as a guide for performing appropriate assessments.When used correctly, inspection checklists help with the following:

  • Keeping people organized and on task
  • Promoting accountability for performing inspections by serving as a written record
  • Providing confidence amongst employees knowing that their facilities and equipment comply with standards
  • Providing clear documentation to regulatory bodies about the inspections performed

iAuditor, The World’s #1 Inspection App

Paper-based inspection methods can be time-consuming and burdensome. With digital inspection checklists, you can eliminate paperwork and automate workflows for easier data collection and documentation.
iAuditor,the world’s #1 inspection app, helps you streamline your inspection processes by taking out the administrative aspects of your responsibilities and letting you focus on the safety and quality of your business. With an Android or iOs device, you can use iAuditor to:

  • Build digital inspection checklist or sheets, or download one for free from our library of over 50,000 templates– Save time from manual entry when doing an audit. Attach notes and media directly using the iAuditor mobile app. Learn more here.
  • Streamline Audits – Save time from manual entry when doing an audit. Attach notes and media directly using the iAuditor mobile app. Learn more here.
  • Automate communication – Receive immediate notifications when critical risks are identified or when audit scores start to drop.
  • Deliver immediate actions – Create corrective actions for issues in need of immediate resolution. Assign actions to members of the organization and set the time, date, and priority level. Learn more here.
  • Gain safety & quality insights – Get real-time insights from comprehensive reports that are automatically generated every time you complete an audit. Preview sample report here.
  • Share reports immediately – Automatically send your reports to multiple recipients. Reports are shareable in multiple formats and delivery options.