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5+ Best Practice JSA Templates

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) template or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) form is used to analyze potential hazards associated with job processes in the workplace. A JSA template is a useful tool to help observe and break down high risk tasks into individual steps in order to recommend corrective actions (Learn more about JSA). This page includes a collection of best practice JSA templates and JHA forms you can download for free and modify for your workplace using iAuditor. You can use iAuditor to perform JSA inspections on your mobile device and capture photos of the task steps and hazards and generate JSA reports while in the field.

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1. Job Safety Analysis Template

This generic JSA template, also known as a job hazard analysis form can be used by a supervisor or safety official to analyze hazards associated with performing a job. Begin by filling out information about the job and employee participating in the inspection. The template then prompts the inspector to add steps, identify and capture hazards, rate the risk analyzed and recommend preventive measures. Preview a completed sample report conducted with iAuditor. Use iAuditor to conduct better JSAs by capturing photo evidence of tasks and hazards and complete reports without leaving the field.

2. OSHA Job Hazard Analysis Form

This OSHA JHA Form was converted using iAuditor and can be used as safety planning guide or log. List the work processes being performed. Identify hazards associated with the task and elaborate the consequences or negative results if these risks are not dealt with. Next, state preventive measures and controls to reduce, control, or eliminate the hazards. Write a rationale to substantiate better action plans to be taken. Use iAuditor to compile JSA logs for better safety planning purposes.

3. Comprehensive Job Hazard Analysis Template

Use this comprehensive template to conduct more detailed hazard analysis in your workplace. Explore the features of iAuditor and modify the checklist based on your workplace needs. Start by listing the names of the people who develops JSA procedures, and select the work permits, authorizations and PPE required for the activity. Next enumerate applicable trainings to carry out individual tasks. Also, take note of the equipment checks conducted. Proceed with the job safety analysis and risk assessment by adding steps, selecting hazards and identifying controls. Conduct an initial risk assessment, add controls (if needed), then rate the residual/revised risk analysis. Confirm whether the process is completed or not. If not, conduct a task review to serve as a basis for the continuity of the process. Finally, acknowledge by getting all people involved to sign off.

4. Accident Injury Report Template

This accident injury report template can be used to document workplace accidents. A well documented accident register can help determine which jobs to prioritize for a JSA. Begin with recording information of the injured person, injury details, contributing factors and recommendations. You may also include emergency services involved, hospitalization information and witness statements. Use iAuditor to take photo evidence of the injury and track accident location. Browse here for more free incident report sample templates.

5. Hazard Identification Checklist

General hazard identification form used to assess risks and hazards in the workplace. Identify the work being performed, identify hazards that may cause harm using iAuditor’s photo capture and annotation tool. Create corrective actions in iAuditor to assign tasks to fellow team members to resolve hazards immediately. Download industry specific hazard identification checklists here

6. Toolbox Talk Template

A toolbox talk is typically conducted prior to a job or shift commencing and goes for about 5 to 10 minutes. All staff and contractors working on the shift gather to discuss the key hazards and remediation plans associated with the works being performed. iAuditor can be used offline on a mobile to document the group discussion and prompt all workers to sign off.

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