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A toolbox talk template is a tool used by a team or group of workers during safety talks before commencing work. It can be used as a training guide and covers toolbox meeting topics. Conducting regular toolbox talk meetings reduces workplace incidents and increases workers safety awareness.

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toolbox talks app
toolbox talks app

To help you get started we have compiled 15 of the best toolbox talk templates you can download and customize for free.

Top 16 Toolbox Talk Templates

1. Toolbox Talk Template

This toolbox talk template is used to document daily safety discussions prior to the work shift. Use this checklist to document a summary of the toolbox topic discussed and gather electronic signatures from workers present in the meeting. Maximize the use of this checklist by following the points below.

  1. Conduct a toolbox talk discussion and indicate the topic
  2. Provide summary by recording safety issues or suggestions made by crew members
  3. Take photos of the meeting if necessary
  4. Gather electronic signatures of employee’s attending the meeting for attendance purposes
  5. Add remarks or overall recommendation
  6. Sign-off with digital signature from supervisor/manager

2. Toolbox Meeting Template

This toolbox meeting template is used in toolbox talks as a guide for preparing and delivering topics effectively. This template covers preparatory questions to ensure that helpful sources and materials were reviewed for the distribution of up-to-date information. List down concerns raised by the team for further verification and safety planning.

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3. Construction Toolbox Talk Template

This construction toolbox talk template is used during a walkthrough of a construction site. It helps ensure the safety of your workers from the fatal four hazards. This template covers the causes of falls, electrocution, struck by objects, and caught between objects and proposes tips on how to prevent such incidents. Managers or any person responsible can also provide their recommendations to improve workers’ safety.

4. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Portable Ladder Safety

OSHA toolbox talk: portable ladder safety template can be used to discuss how to identify and avoid hazards while using portable ladders. Use iAuditor to confirm that information on safety tips were fully understood by all workers before commencing work. Record any hazards found during the shift to address the issue and provide necessary actions. More ladder safety checklists.

5. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Scaffolding

Scaffolds are temporary structures used to support employees when working at heights. Use OSHA toolbox talk: scaffolding template to remind employees of general requirements on safety precautions to avoid scaffolding hazards like unstable bases, inadequate footings and cross bracing, unsafe access, and defective platforms. Use iAuditor to take photo evidence of damaged scaffoldings and assign corrective action while generating reports on the spot. Free scaffold inspection checklists.

6. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Confined Space

Asphyxiation or oxygen deficiency due to the presence of deadly gases is a common cause of incidents when working in confined space. Use OSHA toolbox talk: confined space converted to iAuditor to remind employees to test and monitor oxygen content, flammability, and toxicity of the confined space before and during entry. Document questions, hazards, and physical symptoms detected to provide necessary actions needed. Browse confined space checklists.

7. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Excavation Safety

Excavation is one of the most dangerous operation in the construction industry. Common hazards like cave-ins, falling loads, and hazardous atmospheres can be prevented by conducting toolbox talk. Use OSHA toolbox talk: excavation safety to communicate preventive measures to protect workers from injuries and fatalities. Free excavation and trench safety checklists.

8. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls are the common causes of accidents in the workplace. Use OSHA toolbox talk: preventing slips, trips and falls to avoid sprains and strains, bruises and contusions, fractures, abrasions, and lacerations. Discuss ways to prevent these hazards and ensure that all employees fully understand these preventive measures.

9. OSHA Toolbox Talk: Chemical Safety

Overexposure to chemical substances may cause acute or chronic health damages. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before commencing work and minimize your exposure to chemical substances. Use this OSHA toolbox talk: chemical safety to discuss the pictogram labels that alert users of the chemical hazards. This will ensure the safety of all employees when handling, storing, and disposing chemicals. Other chemical safety checklists.

10. Working at Heights Toolbox Talk Template

It is always best to avoid working at heights. But when necessary, all employees must fully understand hazards and the preventive measures before commencing work. Use working at heights toolbox talk to heighten workers awareness on general tips and measures to keep them safe and protected. Other working at heights checklists

11. Toolbox Meeting Minutes Template

Use this toolbox talk meeting template to record details from safety talks and toolbox meetings. This includes areas to record items from previous meetings, new safety issues to discuss, general business and an attendance log, and signature fields.

12. Electrical Safety Toolbox Talk Template

Almost all jobs involve the use of electrical tools and equipment that can either be used directly or indirectly depending on the task performed. Discussing this topic during toolbox talk help remind every worker about the hazards of electricity and the preventive measures when getting in contact with it. Use this electrical safety toolbox talk to refresh safety knowledge on electricity. Download other electrical inspection checklists.

13. PPE Toolbox Talk Template

Use this general PPE Toolbox talk template to protect employees from physical harm caused by uncontrollable hazards. This template discusses different kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used to minimize the likelihood and mitigate the effects of hazards. Use this template to assess the sufficiency and availability of equipment for all workers. Document accidents or near-misses caused by faulty PPE and discuss solutions to avoid these hazards. Check out more PPE checklists.

14. Manual Handling Toolbox Talk Template

Manual handling largely involves frequent use of human effort to lift, lower, push, pull or carry a load. These handling operations often lead to fatigue, back and neck injuries, and other musculoskeletal disorders if improper handling techniques were applied. Use this toolbox talk template to educate your workers about the potential risks when doing manual handling in work operations. Browse other free ergonomic assessment checklists.

15. ISHA Fall Protection - Basic Types Safety Talk

Almost all jobs involve the use of electrical tools and equipment that can either be used directly or indirectly depending on the task performed. Discussing this topic during toolbox talk help remind every worker about the hazards of electricity and the preventive measures when getting in contact with it. Use this electrical safety toolbox talk to refresh safety knowledge on electricity. Download other electrical inspection checklists.

16. Heat Stress Toolbox Talk Template

This template was created by the Centre for Construction Research and Training, and modified using iAuditor. Use this toolbox talk template to discuss how workers can recognize symptoms of heat illnesses when working in a hot environment. Provide real life examples and preventive measures such as keeping yourself hydrated all the time. List your action plans using iAuditor’s Dynamic Field feature and get everyone sign off to confirm.