Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Make monitoring temperature and humidity easy

No more manual checks

Get accurate, real-time temperature and humidity readings straight to your phone or desktop. Plus, each reading is stored automatically for safekeeping in the iAuditor app.

Action alerts in the moment

Get proactive, with automatically triggered alerts sent to the right people as soon as something goes out of critical range. From there, you can instantly assign a corrective action to your iAuditor team mate to resolve the issue and capture evidence. Plus, spot performance issues with all your data in one place so you can get ahead of breakdowns or common issues.

Simple sensors that anyone can use

Set up the compact sensor in minutes all by yourself. No need to get your IT department involved. With all your data flowing directly back into iAuditor, your information is housed in one secure spot.

SafetyCulture's sensors are already being used for

Food Safety

Server Rooms

Controlled Storage

Hospitality &
Customer Comfort


“I received an SMS alert late one Saturday night saying that the temperature in our cold storage was rising, putting thousands of dollars in stock at risk... If we had only found out about it when we arrived on Monday, we would have had to throw out everything in the cold room. That one little message saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

Sofia Dias, Food Safety and Quality Manager

A solution that makes sense.

Reduce time spent on tedious tasks, prevent loss, increase compliance and create peace of mind with our sensors solution.

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