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How Schneider Electric cut auditing time and broke down information silos.

30 unique auditors

80% reduction in auditing time

60 hours saved / week

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A huge pet peeve for Mark Hickey, the Environmental Health and Safety Engineer for Schneider Electric in Costa Mesa, California, was taking paper checklists back to the office to compile a report. His team used to perform an audit, take photos on their phones, get the paper form back to the office, enter the data manually into an Excel spreadsheet, and then send it off to the involved parties.

“It took 15-30 minutes for the audit itself, then we had the lag in reporting getting information back to the office,” he remembers. Once the team implemented SafetyCulture, their auditing time reduced to just 3-4 minutes and reports are ready instantly.

“Now auditors can finish their near miss reports, take pictures and it all incorporates into one document. You can send it right from the field.”

Mark Hickey
Environmental Health and Safety Engineer
Schneider Electric Inspections

When a team of 30 auditors are all performing 5-6 audits per week, saving 20 minutes per audit is huge. That’s about 60 hours of labor per week.

Not only is SafetyCulture a time saver for Mark and his team, but it’s easier for him to extrapolate data as well. Each time Mark is creating a presentation, he can go straight into the audit report and cut and paste relevant information into a PowerPoint to communicate that information with the whole organization.

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