SafetyCulture Group

The SafetyCulture Group is a family of companies that own or operate the products and services you use within your business. The SafetyCulture Group operates under both the SafetyCulture and EdApp trade marks.

The tables below specify: (i) SafetyCulture’s products and services; (ii) the SafetyCulture Group entity that owns or operates the product or service; (iii) the Agreement and Privacy Policy applicable to your use of that product or service; (iv) and the law that will apply in any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement; and (v) the courts that have jurisdiction over any such dispute, dependent on where you are domiciled.


Product / Service Region where you are domiciled SafetyCulture Group Entity Customer Agreement Privacy Policy

SafetyCulture (iAuditor)


All regions

SafetyCulture Pty Ltd
EdApp All regions except United States EdApp Pty Ltd
United States EdApp Inc.
Sheqsy All regions Sheqsy Pty Ltd

SafetyCulture Pty Ltd is the parent company of the group. EdApp Pty Ltd and EdApp Inc are wholly-owned subsidiaries of SafetyCulture Pty Ltd.


Region where you are domiciled Governing law Courts with exclusive jurisdiction
All regions except United Kingdom, Europe and United States New South Wales, Australia New South Wales, Australia
United Kingdom, Europe England London, England
United States Delaware, USA Delaware, USA