Looking for a Google Forms Alternative?

Google Forms is considered versatile for general surveys and data collection but can fall short in addressing the nuanced needs of organizations managing large-scale workplace operations. In such cases, exploring other digital platforms that offer solutions more tailored to your company’s needs is advisable. This comparison of SafetyCulture and Google Forms can help you determine which platform best fits your specific needs and goals.

SafetyCulture is the platform of choice

Trusted by over 75,000 customers – ranging from local businesses to NASA and the United Nations.

How SafetyCulture helps businesses

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first operations platform that supports businesses across various industries in creating forms, checklists, and templates for inspections, audits, compliance monitoring, and many more. Our digital solution allows you to efficiently collect data and derive actionable insights through various features built to simplify your workflows and operations.

Google Forms vs SafetyCulture

Here’s a feature comparison at a glance between Google Forms and SafetyCulture:

Google Forms SafetyCulture
Customizable Templates, Forms, Checklists Offers basic customization options for creating general surveys and data collection templates or forms Provides pre-made and highly customizable templates and forms for inspections, audits, general surveys, and data collection in most industries
Mobile Accessibility Available on web Available on web and mobile (with a dedicated app for iOS and Android)
User Interface and Ease of Use
Has a clean and simple interface to easily create and respond to surveys Intuitive, simple, and easy-to-deploy platform. No coding knowledge needed.
Integrations and AI Capability
Integrates seamlessly with other apps within the Google ecosystem; no AI capabilities Integrates with Business Intelligence (BI) tools for streamlining wider operations; has an AI-powered template builder
Data Reporting and Analysis
Basic data analysis features (charts, summaries) to review and analyze survey responses Advanced analytics and reporting tools for various data types toward continuous improvement and compliance tracking (charts, dashboards, attributes, filters, etc.)
Offline Mode Limited offline functionality Reliable offline mode for collecting data anytime, anywhere, even in remote areas
Customer Support
General support through the Google Workspace platform via case filing and email only Dedicated email support, live chat, and phone assistance
Help Center Utilizes the Google Workspace Help Center, including documentation, tutorials, and community forums Maintains a comprehensive help center with resources (videos and tutorials), guides, and FAQs
Security and Compliance Adheres to Google’s security measures within the Google Workspace environment Prioritizes security and compliance features, including data encryption and compliance with industry standards
Pricing Basic personal plan is free, paid plans start at $12/user/month billed annually. Basic plan is free, paid plans start at $24/user/month. Billing options are monthly or annual. Custom pricing available for enterprise.

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What makes SafetyCulture a great alternative?

A smart and dynamic form builder like no other

As the best alternative to Google Forms, SafetyCulture lets you control how you create your forms, templates, and checklists for almost any purpose with its smart and dynamic form builder.

Save time and effort with pre-built yet customizable responses, the ability to add custom logic for workflows and task assignments, a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, and pre-made templates. AI can also help you by generating content as a starting point for your template.

Google Forms, on the other hand, lets you create forms with limited functionality once deployed and when users fill them out.

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Seamless data collection for better business decisions

Gather real-time information with accurate timestamps and make your forms more tailored to your industry use case. You can also use SafetyCulture’s data analytics feature to interpret and visualize form responses into actionable insights to pave the way for or support critical business decisions.

In contrast, Google Forms’ lack of industry-specific features is a significant drawback for organizations seeking a comprehensive solution that aligns seamlessly with their workplace operations protocols.

A holistic platform, built to grow with and integrate into your system

SafetyCulture’s extensive customization capabilities and integration into existing systems make it stand out from Google Forms, ensuring value for money and scalability beyond form creation and data collection that organizations in various sectors require.

When it comes to technical support, SafetyCulture also stands out as a clear leader when compared to Google Forms. Whether via live chat, email, or phone call, you can get in touch with our world-class support team to get you up and running in using the platform to manage your daily operations.

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Both SafetyCulture and Google Forms are digital solutions that provide features and functionalities that help organizations create tools for collecting whatever kind of information they need.

Ultimately, deciding between SafetyCulture and Google Forms will depend on your organization’s specific requirements and priorities. Hence, make sure to conduct a thorough comparison of the two platforms and try out demos or free trials before making a decision.

Why Customers Choose Us

“Excellent app and platform for carrying out regular inspections and maintaining records for statutory compliance and audits. We’ve made over 20 templates so far and saved over 700 pages of paper a year. It’s helped our site join the 21st century and move away from paper. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the platform next.”

By Zak W

“A wonderful application that supports the development of operating and auditing services”

By Salam Gasim

“great app, easy to create audits either from scratch or adapt others”

By Andy Miller

*All reviews are from the Google Play & App Store

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Yes, these include Typeform, SurveyMonkey’s free plan, and Microsoft Forms. While these are recommended options for organizations seeking to explore other Google Forms alternatives, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess each of their features and limitations to ensure the best Google Forms alternative aligns with their specific requirements and objectives.

Yes, it can be made more secure by utilizing features such as limiting responses to specific users, enabling CAPTCHA, and setting up form notifications for real-time monitoring. Additionally, you can ensure that form permissions are appropriately configured and accessed through secure channels.

Yes, SafetyCulture’s suite of features can be customized to suit businesses across various industries.

Yes, there is! Send us your checklists and we’ll convert them into a digital template in SafetyCulture for free. Just upload your files to this page and our team will do the hard work for you.

Sure can! You can search SafetyCulture’s Public Library for free-to-use checklists, forms, and templates that are pre-made and customizable so you can tailor them to your business use case.

Yes! When you make changes to a template, it will autosave the changes as a draft until you are ready to publish the template.

Once published, automatic syncing ensures that template updates are automatically rolled out to all users so inspections across all sites follow the same standard.