The Best Survey Apps of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a comprehensive tool to streamline many processes, including surveys. With the app, you can easily create surveys using templates, digitally record results and other data, and build workflows around sharing accurate and useful surveys. On top of that, the tool integrates easily with other apps you may use during the surveying process, which can make data gathering much easier for everyone involved!


  • Build surveys from scratch or using customizable forms and templates
  • Collect and analyze results in real time from an intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Generate PDF, Web, and Excel reports with the data from the survey
  • Share surveys and communicate your findings across the organization using Heads Up
  • Integrate with other great apps you might use in the process

Why use Google Forms?

If you want a comprehensive surveying tool, it’s best to go to apps designed for that purpose. This is why Google Forms is on this list, as it’s one of the most comprehensive survey apps on the market. The app can help you with everything from form creation to real-time data gathering and analysis. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one surveying tool, this is a great pick.


  • Survey creation
  • Data analysis
  • Question branching

Why use Typeform?

If you want your surveys to stand out, Typeform is the right app for your needs. With Typeform, you can easily create engaging and beautiful surveys with an easy-to-use interface. That way, you drastically reduce the time it takes to produce and send surveys. With Typeform, you can rest assured that you collect all the data you need.


  • Survey design and customization
  • Response tracking
  • Logic and branching

Why use Qualtrics CoreXM?

If you need to collect enterprise-level data and conduct massive surveys, Qualtrics is a great premium tool for you. With the app, you get advanced data capabilities and insights, which can help you paint a crystal-clear image using data.


  • Customizable surveys
  • Advanced response tracking and data analytics
  • Automation capabilities

Why use SurveyLegend?

As the name suggests, SurveryLegend is an app specifically tailored for creating surveys and empowering data collectors. With the app, you can create online and mobile-friendly surveys. That way, they are much easier to deploy, and results will automatically be digitized.


  • Real-time response tracking
  • Customizable designs
  • Data encryption and privacy controls

Why use Alchemer?

If you’re looking for a powerful and customizable survey creation app, Alchemer is a great option. The app offers detailed insights about your respondent’s answers while also allowing you to tailor the survey’s look to your brand and professional identity.


  • Customized service
  • In-depth response analysis and tracking
  • Integrations and workflow management

Why use Formstack Form?

Formstack has a form builder you can use for just about any form that you may need to fill out for your business. This can range from surveys to inquiry forms, which makes this a very versatile app. On top of that, it comes with great features you can use to manage your surveys and analyze data.


  • Automation tools
  • Workflow management
  • Survey creation

What is a Survey App?

Conducting surveys is a tough and time-consuming task. However, if you’re looking to gather customer opinions and data, they are crucial for organizations. Survey apps are digital tools designed to administer and record surveys in the easiest way. With the right app, you can create various types of forms, send them out, and record the data—all without leaving your chair.


Surveys can be a huge hassle to create and administer. To create a proper survey, you will need to factor in many considerations. It should allow you to collect the actual data you need. This is why many organizations spend a lot of time and resources trying to create the perfect survey to send out to the market.

And even if it can be a hassle, it’s important to remember how crucial surveys can be for your business. To start, you can use surveys to gather data on anything, from customer satisfaction to your organization’s public reputation. So, it’s best for businesses to find ways to efficiently and effectively deliver services.

But nowadays, we have apps that can help us with almost any work process, including survey administration. When you have a survey app, rest assured that you’ll find it much easier to send and create surveys. On top of that, the surveys allow you to instantly digitize your data, which can make analysis and recordkeeping much easier.

While you will have to spend some money on the right app, you will save time and resources when building surveys on a dedicated platform. So, it will definitely be a worthwhile investment.

Selecting the Right App

There are many survey apps on the market right now. And while most of them are well-developed, not all of them will be able to serve your organization’s specific needs. Rest assured that all the apps we listed above are good. But to help you find the best option for your organization, here’s a quick comparison table with all the options featured above.

Survey App Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Google Forms Yes $5.40/user/month* No
Typeform Yes $25/month* Yes
Qualtrics CoreXM Yes Custom Yes
SurveyLegend No Free No
Alchemer No Custom pricing No
Formstack No $50/month* Yes

* billed annually

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