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Plastivaloire Group improves its quality audits with SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor). Find out how this global player in the plastics industry meets its customers’ quality standards and uses SafetyCulture to facilitate its audits and improve productivity.

30% of Plastivaloire sites are equipped with SafetyCulture

150 Seats deployed

Comply with ISO standards

Plastivaloire Group is a leading global player in the plastics industry. The company produces plastic injection parts for the world’s leading automakers, automotive suppliers and other industry players. To meet its customers’ requirements, the company is certified to a number of standards (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 ISO 45001 ISO 50001) and uses SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) to facilitate the implementation of its quality audits at major production sites. The company will equip 30% of its sites and deploy 150 seats. Find out more about the benefits of SafetyCulture for his business in this interview with Fabrice Morin, Group Quality Director.

Digitization: the key to productivity

The Plastivaloire Group wanted to digitize its processes to improve the productivity of quality audits, as paper audits take a lot of time and don’t allow problems to be addressed efficiently. Filling in paper questionnaires manually only takes 10 minutes, but processing them can take an hour. With a traditional paper audit, everything takes longer. Information has to be re-entered, the reports have to be formatted, photos have to be included, not to mention, most importantly, the time needed to implement corrective actions. “SafetyCulture enables us to move much faster through all these stages and be more responsive,” explains Fabrice Morin, Group Quality Director, Plastivaloire Group.

While the company has yet to quantify its ROI, the Group Quality Director is convinced of the productivity gains carried out in the automotive sector, particularly on the layer-by-layer field audits (Gemba Walk, checks at middle management and workstation level) as these are strategic for customers and are the most time-consuming.

SafetyCulture: getting to the point

“Today, digital technology is essential for quality control. SafetyCulture enables us to focus on the essentials: checking compliance at the standards required by our customers.”

Fabrice Morin
Group Quality Director, Plastivaloire Group

With this tool, any inconsistencies found onsite are immediately identified. As the camera is integrated into the tablet, the photos and problems identified are immediately sent to the right people. All stakeholders can quickly interact to correct the issue. This greatly enhances interactivity between team members.

SafetyCulture also accelerates decision-making

For Plastivaloire Group, another added value of SafetyCulture is decision assistance. The application’s BI connection enables decision-makers to exploit metadata automatically in real time, speeding up decision-making. One of the Plastivaloire Group’s sites has connected SafetyCulture to the BI application for production quality control and production acceptance control. Nearly 3,000 templates have been edited for this purpose. Thanks to SafetyCulture, information is compiled automatically, and compliance with standards is checked automatically and instantaneously. The solution publishes statistical analysis graphs to verify that the plant complies with standards.

A fully customizable inspection solution

The choice of SafetyCulture was made at the initiative of a team based in Poland that was particularly advanced in digitalization. Before deploying the solution, the company tested SafetyCulture at two production sites (Pilsen in the Czech Republic and at the company’s headquarters based in Langeais, France). A comparative benchmark was also carried out. “Unlike other digital inspection solutions, SafetyCulture adapts very easily to our different needs.

The application’s setting are extremely advanced. It’s both simple and intuitive. This is the great strength of the tool. “explains Fabrice Morin, Group Quality Director, Plastivaloire Group. There was no need for development to meet specific needs. The application is multilingual, customizable and optimized to be as interactive as possible.

Templates adapted to each culture and site

The Plastivaloire Group boasts a wide diversity of products and cultures. As working methods differ greatly from one site to another, the company has chosen to give teams the freedom to create their own repository of audit templates. Each site can thus adapt its templates to local production methods, responding to specific customer requests and its own needs.

A solution acclaimed by teams and their managers

The digital aspect and the use of tablets are very appealing to a population addicted to screens. It gives the role and function of quality auditing in the field a fresh look. For the manager, having real-time results without having to manipulate the data to be able to make decisions quickly provides real comfort and increased efficiency on critical subjects.

“Feedback from our teams has been very positive. Even those who were reluctant at first are now convinced of the tool’s benefits and see its potential.”

Fabrice Morin
Group Quality Director, Plastivaloire Group

SafetyCulture: a world of opportunities

Plastivaloire Group has chosen a step-by-step approach and focuses on specific quality audits, but plans to test SafetyCulture for other uses: process and product audits, communication, R&D. Fabrice Morin, Group Quality Director, is pleasantly surprised by the opportunities offered by the solution. However, he admits that he has only explored 10% of the tool’s potential.

Want to find out more about how SafetyCulture can help you improve quality, productivity and simplify your auditing processes? Visit our dedicated SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) page or contact us today!

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