Kendall Vegetation Services

Kendall Vegetation Services sparks two-way communication with the latest feature by SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) — Heads Up.

Kendall Vegetation Services

Emergency maintenance provider, Kendall Vegetation Services, helps utility companies maintain uninterrupted services through power-line clearing, right-of-way maintenance and storm cleanup. 

WA Kendall implemented SafetyCulture to further align with its commitment to keep employees safe in ever-changing and potentially hazardous work environments. “We started using SafetyCulture on a small scale,” said Matt Irvin, Safety Director, Kendall. “Our teams were able to pick up on it easily, making adoption of the platform quick across the business.” Irvin onboarded SafetyCulture’s 90 users across the organization efficiently, thanks in part to SafetyCulture platform’s user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Creating a safer workplace with each and every touchpoint

With SafetyCulture platform, the safety team can quickly access the data they need, all in one place. Having manually tracked inspections and observations in Word documents and spreadsheets before SafetyCulture platform, they’re saving valuable time. 

On-site employees complete safety observations and inspections in that platform daily, including Department of Transportation inspections, field observations, safety scoring, equipment inspections, and employee-submitted safety observations. 

Kendall uses the data collected to gather insights. They’ve been able to discover what is and isn’t working and improve company-wide safety standards. Unsafe work practices in the field are identified more quickly and resolved immediately. Inspection results are being used to reward team members and build out more robust safety programs. 

Thanks to the high volume of inspections completed by teams in the field, the safety team is collecting valuable insights. Not only is Irvin using this data to understand where continuous improvement is needed, he has the right tools in place to keep job sites safer. 

Irvin makes strategic use of SafetyCulture platform Analytics’ Top Frequently Failed Items report. Using SafetyCulture’s micro-training platform, EdApp, he creates training courses around each of the top frequently failed items. Matt creates a new course for each area of improvement and sends it out for completion through EdApp’s mobile app. Because the trainings are short and engaging, these lessons do not take time away from the work being done in the field. On the backend, Irvin can easily track who has completed each lesson, and easily notify those who have not. 

Since implementing SafetyCulture platform in 2020, Irvin has seen a 5% improvement in inspection scoring and a deeper concern for safety across the organization. 

“We’ve used this as an opportunity to identify unsafe working conditions on site and work as a team to build a safer workplace for everyone. With teams performing routine inspections and staying aware, issues are being addressed and fixed instantly.”

Matt Irvin
Safety Director

Keeping teams connected and informed with Heads Up

Getting safety alerts and updates out to teams in the field is a quick process with SafetyCulture platform’s Heads Up. “Heads Up is such a good way to get messages out to the masses and helps us tighten up our safety processes,” said Matt. Messages can be assigned to specific regional teams, ensuring that no one has to waste time sifting through irrelevant information. Receipt and acknowledgment notifications further streamline the process and save the safety team time on following up. 

Going forward, Irvin is excited to find new ways to utilize both Heads Up and SafetyCulture platform across the organization. “The all-around experience with the SafetyCulture team has been really good for us. From implementation to support, everyone has been so helpful. This entire process has been easy because SafetyCulture has made it easy.” -Matt Irvin, Safety Director

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