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Effectively capture customer feedback and use it to gain key business insights toward informed decision-making using Voice of the Customer (VoC) templates.

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What is a Voice of the Customer Template?

A Voice of the Customer template is a tool that helps in capturing customer feedback and insights in an organized and efficient manner. By using a VoC template, businesses of all sizes can gain valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and expectations. This can help them better understand their customers and create strategies to meet their needs.

Benefits of Using a Voice of the Customer Template

By collecting customer feedback using this template, businesses can:

  • discover customer trends and pain points;
  • gain a better understanding of their target market;
  • identify areas of improvement; and
  • develop strategies to better meet customer expectations.

This template can also be used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about their products and services. During the process of Quality Function Deployment, for example, using a VoC template can help product and CX teams easily refer to the collected customer feedback.

Using a product planning matrix called the House of Quality, necessary strategies and actions can be identified, and opportunities to improve products and services can be aligned with customer requirements.

Voice of the Customer Examples

There are various types of VoC templates that can be used to capture customer feedback. Some examples are the following:

Voice of the Customer Survey Template

This type of template is used typically during interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to ask customers questions about their experience with a product or service. The survey template can be used to gather feedback on customer satisfaction, product features, and customer service.

Voice of the Customer Feedback Form

This type of template is used to capture customer feedback on a specific issue or problem. Typically, this form can be used by customers to provide any type of comments or feedback they may have on their experience, even without being prompted by any representative of an organization.

How to Use and What to Include in a Voice of the Customer Template

Make sure your VoC template has the following sections and elements to ensure a comprehensive way of collecting customer feedback:

  • Title Page – Allot the first page of a VoC template for the basic details about the process of capturing customer feedback, including the date, facilitator name, and purpose of the feedback session.
  • Collection of VoC Insights – This is where you identify what the customers are saying. Then, translate those feedback into customer pain points or issues you need to address. Lastly, recommend or note possible strategies you must implement to meet these customer requirements.
  • Completion and Sign-off – To conclude the report before exporting it, note any additional comments and insights related to the feedback you collected. Afterward, include the name and signature of the one who facilitated or led the session.

FAQs About VoC Templates

Commonly, the following are the ones who can use this template:

  • Customer service, marketing, and product teams – to gain valuable customer insights
  • Individual customers – to provide feedback on their experiences with a company’s products or services
  • Researchers and academic professionals – to collect data on customer preferences, satisfaction, and loyalty

Using checklists and templates, collecting and recording insights from customers can be a breeze. These can then be exported into reports once completed, which can be used as a source of information when translating customer feedback into viable customer requirements during product development, improvement, and launch phases.

Generally, you can use a Voice of the Customer template during any point or stage in the customer journey depending on your goals and research needs:

  • Before product development
  • After the customer’s purchase
  • Why the customer is returning the product
  • When they sign up for a service
  • Why they’re canceling their service subscription or plan
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