The Best Voice of the Customer Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture offers many ways to digitize your processes and bring your organization into the modern business world. It’s a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to take charge of various areas of your business, including customer concerns. With SafetyCulture, you can gather data about your customer’s needs, look at how the organization performs when it comes to meeting those needs, and take full control of your business.


  • Create or customize VoC checklists and customer satisfaction survey templates that managers can use to ensure employees always prioritize and get a general feel of customer needs and concerns.
  • Gather insights and data on customer satisfaction and concerns to help reach informed business decisions
  • Export VOC reports to various file types (e.g., PDF, Web, Excel, Word) that can be used for presentations and for contacting the team
  • Communicate with the team and give feedback across the organization to help achieve higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Integrate with other tools that you use for Voice of the Customer data to create a streamlined workflow

Why use Glassbox?

Glassbox is a top option because it’s specifically designed to gather customer satisfaction analytics. Through Glassbox, it will be easier to get a general idea of customer satisfaction rates and analyze behavior and engagement, easily making it a great option for any organization.


  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Session Replay

Why use Medallia Experience Cloud?

Medallia Experience Cloud is a VoC program that allows you to dive deep into customer concerns and understand the customer experience you offer. The tool makes it easier to understand customer needs and pain points and optimize your operations to meet your customer’s needs.


  • Complete & Modern Listening
  • Action-Oriented Analytics
  • Integrations

Why use Eureka by CallMiner?

As the name suggests, Eureka by CallMiner is a software program specifically designed for monitoring customer calls and giving you a better grasp of their concerns and what they experience with your company. With this tool, you can analyze customer conversations, gain insights into the customer experience, and keep a proper tab on the voice of the customer.


  • Contact Center Experience
  • Quality Management
  • Contact Center Efficiency
  • Risk & Compliance

Why use Viima?

Viima is a tool that encourages customer engagement to give you a better gauge of how your customers feel about your company and improvement areas for customer experience. On top of that, the tool allows you to actively listen to customer concerns, making it easier to act on common pain points and possible areas of improvement.


  • Engage with customers
  • Collect data and customer interactions
  • Develop the customer experience

Why use CentraCX by GSN?

GSN’s VoC platform CentraCX gives you tons of useful tools to analyze the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction. That way, it will be much easier for the team to improve the customer experience, which brings in more sales and success to your business.


  • Customer Contact
  • Workforce Management
  • CRM Integration

Why use Pivotal?

Understanding the voice of the customer is a great way to improve your business, which is exactly what Pivotal offers. This software allows you to gain crucial insights into how your customers are feeling through cloud-based surveys, which allows for an easier way of gathering data.


  • Predictive Engagement
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Speech Analytics

Why use ResponseTek?

ResponseTek is an ideal VoC software due to the amount of data it can collect and the various methods of data collection it offers. With all the data from this software, it’s easier for organizations to determine the actual solutions they may apply to improve their business.


  • Feedback Collection Experts
  • Every Channel, Every Touchpoint
  • Industry-Leading Response Rates

What is a Voice of the Customer Software?

Voice of the Customer (VOC) software is a tool that organizations can use to gather information about the customer’s thoughts and work on ways to improve the customer’s experience. This makes it much easier to assess what the customers want and how they feel about your business, making it much easier to improve the overall customer experience.


Understanding the voice of the customer and what your customers feel about your business is key to improving your operations. For most businesses, the goal is always to satisfy the customer, as this is what brings paying customers to your organization and keeps loyal customers coming back.

That said, understanding customer concerns isn’t easy. Even with a proper customer service and complaint system, it’s important to have voice of the customer software by your side to collect the data and help you analyze it.

With VOC software, it’s much easier to improve your operations and better satisfy your clientele. That way, you don’t spend as much time analyzing customer concerns and can allocate extra time applying fixes to certain issues and pain points.

Key Features

There are many VoC software options available right now. And while every business and organization requires different types of software, the best tools usually have a specific feature set. Here are some of the key features to look for in a voice of the customer software:

  • Analyzing customer calls and engagements
  • Building workflows to improve customer experience
  • Various data collection methods
  • Integrations with the other tools you use in your operations

Again, the exact features you need from VoC software will vary depending on your business. However, if you look for these key features in your hunt for a voice of the customer software, there’s a better chance you’ll find the best option for your business.

Choosing the Right VoC Software

With all the considerations when selecting the voice of the customer software, things can get quite complicated. On top of that, comparing different options is difficult, especially if it’s your first time using this software. So, here’s a quick comparison table to give you a better idea of which voice of the customer software is right for you.

Voice of the Customer Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Glassbox No Price available upon request No
Medallia Experience Cloud Yes Price available upon request Yes
Eureka by CallMiner No Price available upon request No
Viima Yes $39/month Yes
CentraCX by GSN No Price available upon request No
Pivotal No Price available upon request Yes
ResponseTek No Price available upon request Yes
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