Digital Supplier Audit Checklists

Reduce downtime and increase profitability. Mobile inspection app to evaluate reliability of your supplier.

What is a Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit is a formalized system of evaluating the reliability and competency of suppliers and vendors to deliver a quality service. It is foundational in establishing a strong customer-supplier relationship. The supplier auditing process aims to assess and promote the smooth operation in key business areas such as manufacturing, engineering, invoicing, QA, and shipping.

Benefits of Conducting Supplier Audits

Performing supplier audits can help businesses determine if their supplier’s current performance meets business operational standards. Here are 4 benefits of auditing your suppliers:

  1. Manage production downtime – manage the reallocation of resources more effectively and track how suppliers perform against SLAs.
  2. Increase profitability – manage supplier risks and quality-related costs.
  3. Ensure quality and compliance – determine if your supplier meets your standards by auditing their performance on a regular basis. Identify repetitive errors and potential risks in the process and develop contingency plans to solve these problems.
  4. Continuous quality improvement – evaluate and monitor the quality of the service and products that your suppliers provide. Gain a comprehensive overview on how your supplier performs over time.

Go Digital in Auditing Suppliers

Auditing suppliers involves an enormous amount of paperwork and documentation to confirm that quality standards are being met. More time is often spent on data-gathering and paperwork instead of focusing on remediating supply chain and vendor issues.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful auditing tool that can replace your paper-based supplier audits with a mobile application. Conduct your audits with your mobile or tablet while on-site, use voice dictation to take notes, take photo evidence, and customize your forms to suit your specific supplier audit. Generate reports instantly with your mobile and review audits online anytime anywhere.

Get started by downloading these 4 supplier audit checklists for your business. All iAuditor templates are fully customizable and you can even create your own – no programming skills required!