The Top 7 Production Scheduling Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Designed primarily as a mobile-first inspection platform, SafetyCulture is the perfect production scheduling software for manufacturing as it allows companies to build workflows when drafting the master production schedule. With its numerous integrated tools that digitize inventory and asset data and automate operational processes, manufacturers can effectively manage production timelines and ensure the timely delivery of products to their clients. If you want to guarantee customer satisfaction and strengthen your company’s reputation, this platform should be on top of your list of must-haves.


  • Build custom workflows to effectively plan your company’s manufacturing master production schedule.
  • Download pre-built templates from the Public Library or create checklists from scratch that can be used for inventory checks and routine inspections for quality control.
  • Use weather and temperature sensors to monitor the shop floor and receive alerts when numbers go above the set control levels.
  • Collaborate via Heads Up to report issues and delegate specific actions to relevant teams. reporting
  • Generate reports that show key performance indicators with the help of built-in analytics.

Why use ProShop ERP?

This comprehensive platform integrates various solutions, including manufacturing execution systems (MES), quality management systems (QMS), and CMMC compliance, that can benefit manufacturing companies to optimize their operations for increased profitability and guaranteed customer satisfaction. This software, especially the enterprise resource planning (ERP) module, is one of the best tools for creating production schedules.


  • Live purchasing dashboard
  • Work order documentation
  • Customer order tracking

Why use JobBOSS²?

Created by ECI, JobBOSS² is a full-featured ERP solution that helps make-to-order manufacturing companies manage the various processes of their operations. Aside from the numerous digital tools that automate workflows, white papers and case studies are also available so businesses can figure out ways to run their shop floors better.


  • Customizable workflows
  • Machine intelligence
  • Robust reporting

Why use SchedulePro?

Despite its straightforward dashboard and simple design interface, Intelligen’s SchedulePro is one of the best production scheduling software because of its task-specific tools that help companies create a master schedule for manufacturing that can be used to coordinate tasks, equipment, and available supplies for overall productivity.


  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Capacity analysis

Why use Fishbowl?

This ERP solution helps companies optimize their warehouse and inventory management, one of the first elements reviewed when planning manufacturing schedules. Fishbowl is one of the most flexible digital platforms today, perfect for small companies that plan to expand in the future.


  • Asset and materials tracking and management
  • Workforce time tracking and labor costing
  • Order management

Why use Plex?

This is a full-featured manufacturing platform that includes MES, ERP, QMS, and SCP (supply chain planning), just to name a few. With its automated scheduling tool, companies reduce process and human-caused errors, lessen operational downtimes, and increase overall productivity for better revenues.


  • Machine and workforce integration
  • Automated processes
  • Real-time tracking

Why use Genius ERP?

A favorite in the manufacturing industry, Genius ERP is specifically designed for companies that offer custom orders and engineer-to-order manufacturing. Businesses choose this digital solution as it assists in administrative and operational tasks, like inventory management, project planning, workforce organization, actual production process, and customer relations.


  • CAD2BOM (CAD to BOM conversion)
  • Shop floor scheduling
  • Vendor management

What is Production Scheduling Software?

Production scheduling software is a digital solution that assists manufacturing companies plan, organize, and schedule the various activities in their operations. This consists of tools that digitize and automate resource allocation, inventory monitoring, and task coordination resulting in reduced errors, lesser downtimes, and increased productivity. Some platforms also allow integration with CRM (customer relations management) that facilitates accurate cost estimates, specific delivery times, and better order fulfillment, leading to customer satisfaction.


Effectively managing shop floor production is all about efficient planning and organization. Aside from preparing a clear and detailed blueprint for everyone to follow, shifting to digitization and automation helps reduce the common mistakes manufacturers make and ensures smooth-sailing operations that benefit both the company and its customers. Here are some specifics:

  • Enhanced inventory management – Knowing when you’re going to need raw materials is critical in the production process. Production planning and scheduling software provide visibility into inventory levels, preventing stockout or excess. Cost reduction is also reduced because inventory data and production schedules are synchronized.
  • Real-time visibility of the operations – Collaboration among different teams, from suppliers to factory line workers is integral in manufacturing. With tools like shared portals, automated sensors, and notifications and alerts via messaging, supervisors can delegate specific jobs and completion dates to their employees. Even clients get a clear and accurate picture of production timelines so they are not left hanging.
  • Effective order fulfillment – Understanding resource allocation, production capacity, and prioritization helps fulfill customer orders efficiently. With automated tools integrated with manufacturing production scheduling software, companies can meet client demands promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Improved delivery times – Some companies tend to schedule work based on due dates despite the level of complexity required to accomplish tasks. Production scheduling software for manufacturing allows managers to factor in machine and material availability, personnel skills, production capacity, and even the intricacies of the work process. Managers can better prioritize projects and still provide the requests at the right time.
  • Increased operational efficiency – Many platforms allow managers to create the master production plan, with every aspect taken into consideration, such as resources, causes of idle times, bottlenecks, and so on. With this level of efficiency, companies are more productive despite reduced costs.

Key Features

Production scheduling software could be a stand-alone application or part of more comprehensive platforms like MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). If you want to get the most of these solutions, make sure it has the following essentials:

  • Workflow builder
  • Capacity planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Asset monitoring and maintenance
  • Automated (multi-site) scheduling
  • Issues reporting with task delegation
  • Analytics
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Real-time notifications
  • Mobile accessibility

Choosing the Right Production Scheduling Software

The digital platforms detailed above benefit your company through optimized operations, improved order fulfillment, reduced lead times, and provision of accurate delivery estimates. Review the summary below before selecting the one most suited to your needs:

Production Scheduling Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
ProShop ERP No $650/month up to 8 users No
JobBOSS² No Custom quote No
SchedulePro No $4,495 per leased copy per year* No
Fishbowl No Custom quote Yes
Plex No Custom quote Yes
Genius ERP No Contact for pricing No

*billed annually

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