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Guarantee quality from raw materials to distribution using a mobile packaging quality control tool.

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What is Packaging Quality Control?

Packaging quality control is the inspection of finished product packaging done to determine whether it passes quality standards before it is approved for the next step in the supply chain. Packaging department managers, quality control officers, and procurement personnel perform packaging quality control inspections upon receiving raw materials, after production, during storage, before transport, and upon distribution to prevent contamination and maintain product quality.

Importance & Benefit

Without packaging quality control audits, the entire supply chain can be compromised. Suppliers are susceptible to distributing products with incomplete shipping markings, and manufacturers may end up using the wrong materials for production. Ensuring the quality of the packaging is crucial for safeguarding brand reputation, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and requirements, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Performing quality control checks can reap various benefits such as:

  • Maintain consistency by reducing variations that affect product quality and customer perception
  • Reduce additional costs caused by reworks, returns, and customer complaints
  • Enhance brand loyalty and influence positive brand associations by delivering products in high-quality packaging
  • Protect product from damage due to handling, transportation, and storage
  • Increase efficiency and profitability with the enforced quality control processes in packaging

Crucial Checkpoints

Seeing the big picture of packaging quality control can help suppliers, packaging companies, and manufacturers become more intentional when performing packaging quality control checks. Although it may seem like it plays a minor part in the entire process, consistently ensuring packaging quality safeguards product quality itself. Here are crucial checkpoints in the production process where packaging quality control should be done:

Upon receipt of products or packaging components

Manufacturers should use only the specified raw materials for production. They need to ensure that the delivered products are properly assorted to avoid receiving damaged, missing, or incorrect materials. Packaging companies also need to verify if the components to be used for packaging products such as carton, foil, and wood are properly packed to prevent waste and delays.

After manufacturing or packing products

Individual units start undergoing quality assurance as soon as they enter the production line. Performing packaging quality control for the finished product helps maintain the same high-quality observed during the production and assembly phase. Inspecting the products after packing prepares them for safe storage and transportation while keeping quality intact.

While products are in storage

One of the most overlooked quality control checks is regularly validating the packaging integrity of products awaiting transport in the warehouse. Faulty or deteriorating finished product packaging can cause accidents, incidents, or near misses, especially when moved across pallet racks using forklifts or other lifting equipment.

After packing products for transport

Additional packaging might be required by the courier or logistics team to prevent product damage in transit and ensure its safe delivery. Quality control in this area of the supply chain can also be accomplished through free-fall drop testing. This practice entails intentionally dropping packages on its corners, edges, and surfaces to simulate realistic conditions encountered during shipment.

What is a Packaging Quality Control Checklist?

A packaging quality control checklist is an assessment tool used to determine if the condition of packaging components, packaged raw materials, or finished product packaging meets quality standards. Suppliers, manufacturers, packaging companies, and retailers should use mobile packaging quality control checklists to mitigate the risks of manufacturing unsafe, low-quality output.

What should be included in the checklist?

A good packaging quality control checklist should include checking the following:

  • Clear and legible shipping mark on the outer or inner carton
  • Correct purchase order information on shipping mark
  • Correct carton markings and no damage on carton itself
  • Correct package size
  • Matching package printing, material, contents, size, and color with the signed sample
  • Package securely sealed
  • Correct and complete distributor information
  • Complete logo, hangtag, or warning label
  • Product manual intact and not damaged

It is worth noting that quality control checks on packaging are not limited to these only. Factors like local regulations can subject to amending the items checked during quality control.

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