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A racking inspection checklist is used by authorized warehouse inspectors to identify rack issues or any potential risks of a rack collapsing.This tool can be used to assess rack components, such as frames, beams, and braces, and determine the level of risks through the traffic light system. Regular racking inspections can help prevent serious injuries and fatalities from rack collapses.

This video shows what can go horribly wrong when warehouse racks fail.

This article covers: (1) the “traffic light system”; (2) technology to streamline racking inspection processes; and (3) digital racking inspection checklist templates you can download and customize.

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A racking inspection checklist details exactly which components of the racking system an inspector should be looking at—frames, beams, and braces. The traffic light system is used to measure the damage severity and indicate the risk level. Each color corresponds to a required action for record-keeping and monitoring.

racking inspection traffic light system infographic

Rack inspectors can take advantage of mobile technology such as iAuditor to streamline racking inspections and reporting. iAuditor is the world’s #1 inspection software and can be used by rack inspectors to:

  • ✔ Perform efficient racking inspections on a mobile device
  • ✔ Gather photo evidence of damaged warehouse racks
  • ✔ Create traffic light system-based actions with colleagues or superiors
  • ✔ Automatically generate and share reports as you complete an inspection
racking inspection app
racking inspection app

Top 3 Racking Inspection Checklists

1. Racking Inspection Checklist

A racking inspection checklist aims to identify exactly which components of warehouse racks are damaged using the traffic light system. Instantly assign corrective actions to address health and safety risks with the use of this checklist. The template is designed to easily perform the following:

  1. Specify the location of the damaged racking
  2. Measure the damage and risk level based on the traffic light system
  3. Assign actions with annotated photos and additional notes
  4. Provide recommendations for future inspections
  5. Validate the inspection with digital signatures

2. Pallet Racking Inspection Checklist

A pallet racking inspection is a systematic process to ascertain that warehouse pallet racks are in good working condition. This pallet racking inspection checklist includes pallet specifications, rack components, damage guidelines and risk assessment based on the traffic light system. Perform pallet racking inspections to prioritize safe storage practices and extend the lifespan of pallets.

3. Warehouse Safety Checklist

This warehouse safety checklist aims to assess potential risks observed during warehouse operations. It also focuses on evaluating warehouse safety training programs and the implementation of emergency and safety procedures. If defects are identified, the inspector can add recommendations and actions to prioritize overall safety in the warehouse premises.

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