Jaydee Reyes

SafetyCulture Content Specialist
Jaydee Reyes is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture. Her six-year experience in the field of data research and media monitoring adds expertise and quality to her work. She is also a champion of leveraging technology to promote a culture of safety in workplaces around the world. As a content specialist, she aims to help companies adapt to digital changes through interesting and informational articles.

Articles by Jaydee Reyes

riesgo químico

Chemical Hazards

Know more about chemical hazards, the definition, types, and examples. Discover how businesses can implement control measures to reduce employee exposure to hazardous chemicals.

safety team conducting toolbox talks

10 Toolbox Talk PDF Templates

Discover toolbox talk templates that address common workplace safety topics. Use these toolbox talk templates as a guide to effectively perform toolbox talks.

near miss report featured banner

10 Near Miss Reporting Examples

Discover real-life near miss incident examples with this PDF collection that emphasizes the importance of reporting near misses in workplaces, no matter what industry you’re in.

Force Field Analysis

This simple guide will discuss the following: what is force field analysis, what are its advantages and examples, and how organizations can use it in implementing changes in business processes

transporte y logística

Transport and Logistics

Get answers to the following questions: What is transport and logistics? Why is it important? What is the difference between “transport” and “logistics?” What are the top challenges in the logistics industry?

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Health and Safety Software

Select the best health and safety management software to achieve your health and safety goals. Streamline your processes with SafetyCulture.

Combustible Dust

Learn more about combustible dust: what is it, its elements and examples, why is it a hazard, and discover how to protect your workplace from dust explosion

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