Published 19 May 2023

The 10 Best Maintenance Apps of 2023

Maintenance worker using maintenance app on tablet

What is a Maintenance App?

A maintenance app is a tool that enables businesses to manage their maintenance activities by planning, analyzing, monitoring, and documenting all the tasks involved in sustaining an organization. It helps ensure business longevity by increasing the visibility of the maintenance routines performed within an organization. With the use of a maintenance app, you can maximize your assets, resources, capitals, and productivity time.

How Does a Maintenance App Help my Business?

Routine maintenance might sound simple, but it becomes harder to consistently perform as the work becomes more complex. Details might be missed and some inspections and tasks may be skipped outright if they’re deemed too bothersome to complete. A maintenance app or app maintenance can place controls to prevent non-compliance with organizational and regulatory standards, and help your company perform at peak level.

Simply put, a maintenance app helps you oversee your company better. An effective maintenance app should:

  • grant easy access to data relevant to the maintenance and operation of your company;
  • make inspections, assessments, and evaluations faster, more efficient, and more reliable; and
  • be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into your workflow and ultimately improve it.

Top Features

Maintenance app, also known as maintenance software or maintenance management software, is used by wide-ranging businesses from various industries. Although its functionality and importance can differ per organization, what are the top features that a maintenance app should have?

According to consolidated items from several sources, maintenance apps should ideally have the following capabilities:

  • Maintenance work checklists
  • Scheduling capability
  • Maintenance request portal
  • Preventive/proactive maintenance
  • Work order capability
  • Inventory tracking
  • Asset management
  • Vendor/customer portal
  • Reports and analytics
  • Mobile access

Top Use Cases for a Maintenance App

Maintenance app helps you achieve an efficient and effective maintenance operations for your facilities, assets, equipment, and inventory by proactively scheduling necessary inspections and implementing corrective actions. Below are the top use cases for maintenance app in your business:

Work Order

Work orders are authorized requests for maintenance, repair, or other types of work assigned by a supervisor, manager, or client, to a person or group with the appropriate skillset. They outline the details of the work being requested such as quality and quantity, due date, persons assigned, and additional notes.

How a maintenance work order app can help

  • A good maintenance app can help you create customizable work order templates to fit your business needs.
  • You can easily check the status of work orders on your phone or tablet. No need to carry paper documents around.
  • You can also follow up and assign additional tasks to relevant staff through the app if necessary.
  • No more data re-entry. Completed forms can be generated into reports of varying formats instantly. You can also use them as receiving copies for customers.
  • Your data is saved in the cloud. No more worries about missing or destroyed paper documents.
  • It lets your clients confirm their work orders through electronic signatures. No need to print out work order forms.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is an essential process for companies that make use of freight transport either as a service or to deliver their products. This also applies to taxi, car-service, and other car rental companies that use vehicles as their main income generator. Keeping vehicles in good condition through proper maintenance boosts productivity by maximizing the time vehicles spend on the road and minimizing the risk of downtime due to mechanical breakdown.

How a maintenance app can help

  • Perform paperless vehicle inspections on your mobile device and identify items in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement.
  • Schedule and assign vehicle inspections to workers.
  • Log your vehicle inspections digitally and upload the data to the cloud. Stacks of paper logs and physical storage will no longer be an issue.
  • Take photo evidence of defects, irregularities, and other items of note. Less time spent describing items in writing when you can just show.
  • No need to draft emails or print paperwork to show the inspection logs to management. The app can be configured to grant automatic access to management without further hassle.

Building Maintenance

To ensure that a building (commonly residential, but may also be industrial) retains its functionality and structural integrity, regular inspections are done as part of building maintenance routines. A building’s structural foundations and aesthetic assets need to be thoroughly inspected every year or so to ensure not only safety but also the quality of living for its tenants.

How a maintenance app can help

  • Take photos of structural damage, failure, and wear and tear to use as evidence on building maintenance reports and condition surveys.
  • Customize your building maintenance templates to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Indicate priority and assign actions relating to maintenance, repair, or replacement work to appropriate personnel.
  • Schedule routine and ad hoc building inspections through the app to notify appropriate personnel. No need to send emails.
  • Generate reports instantly to share with clients and colleagues.
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage for your inspection and maintenance logs.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) are commonly performed as the first step when doing facility maintenance. FCAs differ from regular building maintenance inspections because their primary purpose is to triage areas and aspects of the facility in need of greater repair or maintenance work, whereas building maintenance inspections provide more of a general overview of its status.

How an application for maintenance can help

  • Take photos of facilities as evidence of their status and annotate as needed.
  • Easily customize and update your FCA templates according to your current assets.
  • Write notes and provide details on what needs repairing, maintaining, or replacing.
  • Indicate priority levels for tasks and assign them to the appropriate personnel.
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage to save your FCA reports. Grant automatic access to concerned personnel and/or clients.

Server Maintenance

A computer server hosts a vast network of clients, making routine upkeep important to ensure that it can handle the workload, achieve optimal performance, and prevent unwanted downtimes. IT professionals typically do server maintenance checks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on necessity.

How a maintenance app can help

  • Customize checklists according to your server configuration and ensure that no minor or critical checks are missed.
  • Ensure compliance with routine checks by setting checklist items to “mandatory” where inspections can’t be marked as completed unless all items have been confirmed.
  • Provide notes summarizing the inspection and include comments and suggestions as you see fit.
  • Grant automatic report access to your supervisor or next staff on duty through the app to keep them in the loop.
  • Use your digital checklist as documentation for certain certifications.

Customer Success Story

Discover how Infravision—a leading provider of versatile powerline stringing systems for aerial construction, uses SafetyCulture to carry out their maintenance operations regularly. SafetyCulture’s Issues feature in particular, enabled workers to increase operation visibility by quickly flagging any incidents, hazards, or equipment malfunction as soon as they happen.

“We’re able to ensure that we have a real direct link with our frontline workers and our customers, and it’s a two-way street. It’s about empowering our frontline workers to be able to notify us of anything that’s happening out there in the field or in the factory.”

                                                    –  Paul Crawford, Director of Operations

Below are ready-to-use maintenance-related checklists you might find useful:

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Jaydee Reyes

Jaydee Reyes is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture. Her six-year experience in the field of data research and media monitoring adds expertise and quality to her work. She is also a champion of leveraging technology to promote a culture of safety in workplaces around the world. As a content specialist, she aims to help companies adapt to digital changes through interesting and informational articles.

Jaydee Reyes is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture. Her six-year experience in the field of data research and media monitoring adds expertise and quality to her work. She is also a champion of leveraging technology to promote a culture of safety in workplaces around the world. As a content specialist, she aims to help companies adapt to digital changes through interesting and informational articles.