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What are Server Maintenance Checklists?

Server maintenance checklists are tools used by IT professionals when conducting routine server maintenance. They list tasks that should be completed on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly, etc.) in order to ensure the continuous and optimum performance of servers. Server maintenance checklists can help proactively catch issues before they cause costly and unscheduled downtimes that interrupt the continuous operation of businesses and organizations.

This article covers: (1) an overview of what’s involved when performing server maintenance; (2) benefits of using a server maintenance checklist; and (3) a collection of server maintenance checklists that can be used to help maintain the expected performance of your servers.

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Performing Server Maintenance

Whether performing a daily, weekly, monthly, or any of the scheduled server maintenance - sustaining the optimum performance of servers involves completing a list of items that target these key areas:

  • OS/Software - There’s a need to be up-to-date with OS updates, application updates, patches, and security updates to make sure that bugs are fixed and that your system is safe from threats.
  • Hardware - Check the server room’s temperature, airflow, humidity, and make sure there’s no dust and debris that can disrupt airflow.
  • Logs - Proactively check logs to look for signs of impending issues that can potentially disrupt operations.
  • User access - Deactivate the system access of persons who are no longer associated with the company. Unauthorized access is a huge threat to information security.

Benefits of Using a Server Maintenance Checklist

Using a checklist during server maintenance can help:

  1. Ensure that all items are covered and issues are recorded and properly addressed.
  2. Implement a consistent and systematic process between shifts and IT teams working round the clock to ensure the uninterrupted operation of servers.
  3. Serve as documentation required by certain certification for international standards.

What is iAuditor and how can I use it for Server Maintenance?

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help perform on time server maintenance checks. iAuditor’s scheduling feature reminds users when maintenance is due and administrators can track if maintenance checks are indeed fulfilled within the scheduled window. Take photo evidence using your handheld device and record notes regarding issues found. Assign tasks to address urgent matters even while a server maintenance check is ongoing. Generate digital reports on the spot for handover to IT teams anytime.

Sustain optimal uptime, save time & effort, and prepare for scheduled downtimes by proactively conducting server maintenance using these customizable digital server maintenance checklists! Browse and download them for free with iAuditor!

Featured Server Maintenance Checklists

1. Daily/Weekly Server Maintenance Checklist

Use this digitized template when performing your daily or weekly server maintenance. Selecting Daily or Weekly will automatically prompt the appropriate items to check for the day/week. IT professionals can use this iAuditor checklist when checking logs and covering categories under active directory, hardware, software, and network. Use this on the iAuditor mobile app to:

  1. Capture photo evidence of issues found
  2. Assign tasks to the appropriate person to resolve urgent issues
  3. Note observations on their report regarding the day’s maintenance
  4. Submit reports for handover to the next staff on duty
  5. Schedule regular checks for staff to complete

2. Monthly/Quarterly Server Maintenance Checklist

This checklist can be used on either the monthly or quarterly check of the server. Use this during periodic checks to cover critical items and make sure nothing is overlooked. All iAuditor templates can be edited to fit the needs of your business.

3. Semi-Annual/Annual Server Maintenance Checklist

This checklist can be used during the bi-annual or annual periodic checks of the server when hardware and software updates or settings need to be kept up-to-date. Trends of server maintenance checks can be observed on the iAuditor online platform.

4. Server Risk Assessment Template

You can use this template to assess the risks and vulnerabilities of your server and your business’s IT and information security. IT Managers can use this as a guide to perform the following:

  1. Identify threat and existing controls
  2. Record the possible consequence, likelihood, and risk rating
  3. Provide recommendations
  4. Enter as many risk items found as needed

5. Server Incident Response Template

Use this template to report incidents concerning the server, the server room, and other IT-related incidents. Use your mobile device to take photo evidence and record if there’s damage to property or injury to staff.

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