Top 8 Utility Asset Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A top-rated software solutions provider, SafetyCulture is a highly trusted and reliable partner of utility companies globally, including the National Grid UK and Ausgrid Electrical Services. With this full-featured platform, companies get a better view of their assets at any site through 24/7 monitoring, deal with issues effectively and promptly with the help of instant communications, and drive operational safety and efficiency through robust data analytics. With SafetyCulture, organizations in this industry can provide top-notch services, strengthening social services in communities and improving their consumer’s lives.


  • Maintain a detailed inventory of all the company’s assets by tracking their location with the help of geo-tagging and monitoring their condition, specifically when there is a need for repair, replacement, or upgrade.
  • Immediately detect environmental anomalies before they create problems in various sites, facilities, or equipment by installing sensors.
  • Ensure routine inspections, safety checks, and equipment maintenance are done on time through proper scheduling and task delegation with specific details.
  • Standardize remote or on-the-spot inspections to ensure accurate data gathering by using checklists and templates downloaded from the Public Library and storing these in a centralized dashboard for compliance reporting.
  • Enhance asset tracking and monitoring functionalities by integrating must-have systems, like GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Why use HxGN EAM?

Utility companies across the globe have benefited from Hexagon’s full suite of products. One of the most sought-after, the Asset Performance Management solution, helps utility providers reduce downtimes and inefficiency through round-the-clock condition monitoring that drives proactive maintenance activities and quick response for identified problems.


  • Reliability maintenance
  • Autonomous operations
  • Asset performance analysis

Why use Cityworks?

Formerly known as Azteca Systems before Trimble’s acquisition, Cityworks has nearly four decades of expertise in supporting utility companies, particularly in managing their public assets. With a full array of GIS-centric applications, this platform provides complete visibility into the assets critical to the operations so utility services can handle unexpected issues that may cause disruptions and delayed service.


  • ArcGIS for real-time data accessibility
  • Workflow management
  • Advanced mapping interface

Why use Accruent?

Facilitating optimal operations, lowering costs, and making data-driven decisions for the utility company and its customers are made easier with Accruent’s asset management software. Best of all, users can retrieve any information, from maintenance documents to work orders, from their mobile phones, further improving overall work efficiency.


  • Asset inventories
  • Maintenance management
  • Actionable dashboards and reporting

Why use AssetWorks?

Backed by 40 years of industry expertise, AssetWorks EAM has become a leading platform that helps utility companies streamline their asset inventory and management. This fully integrated solution provides an all-encompassing view of the operations so managers can identify critical components and become more proactive in extending their assets’ lifecycle.


  • Asset tagging with GIS
  • Work order management
  • Worker connection and mobilization

Why use Nuvolo?

Tracking and managing hundreds of machines, gadgets, and tools in numerous facilities is incredibly challenging. With Nuvolo’s EAM software, utility services can improve task-heavy processes, minimize them to an easy-to-handle, mobile-accessible checklist, and accomplish preventive maintenance tasks or emergency repairs with little to no hassle.


  • Facility and equipment condition assessments
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling
  • Mobile rounds manager

Why use eMaint CMMS?

This CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) enables utility companies to properly tag their numerous assets, monitor their condition and performance, review history logs, and prepare work orders for predictive and preventive maintenance through a unified and user-friendly dashboard. With eMaint, operational delays and downtimes are minimized, ensuring reliable customer service.


  • Asset management
  • Task scheduling
  • Mobile maintenance

Why use Fiix?

This CMMS platform from Rockwell Automation enables users to evaluate their asset’s conditions and promptly handle possible malfunctions. Fiix is the best solution for companies that want to efficiently manage their assets to extend their lifecycle, optimize operations while cost-cutting, and improve their services.


  • Asset management with QR code scanning
  • Automated task scheduling
  • Offline capabilities

What is Utility Asset Management Software?

Utility asset management software is a specialized digital tool that helps companies in the utility industry (e.g., electric, gas, water, and telecommunications) to efficiently manage physical assets that are critical to their operations, such as transmission substations for electric companies, treatment plants for water utilities, and generic equipment like transport vehicles. The software’s primary function is tracking these assets so that companies properly utilize them and carry out necessary maintenance or repairs to ensure their longevity.


The utilities industry provides essential services vital in everyone’s daily lives. Any disruption in the operation could mean disaster for everyone relying on it. Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance prevent power interruptions, intermittent water delivery, and ISP (Internet Service Providers) outages. With the help of utilities asset management software, companies can effectively accomplish those tasks and reap more rewards.

  • Improved asset efficiency – The platform lends complete visibility into the operations, providing real-time data on asset conditions and maintenance needs. With this, companies can maximize the efficiency and reliability of their assets, reducing destructive downtimes and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Better decision-making – Numbers don’t mean anything if not translated into improved operational efficiency and better customer service. Digital solutions with integrated analytics provide the much-needed insights that inform their decision-making for handling incidents, creating management strategies and long-term planning.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance – The utility sector is highly regulated because of its impact on people’s lives, the community, and the environment. Keeping up with different levels of mandates (e.g., municipal, state, and federal) is much easier with automated reporting, reviewing, and submission.

Key Features

There are hundreds of generic asset management platforms available today. However, it is generally better to leverage software solutions that highlight features specifically designed for the industry. Whichever you go for, here is a short list of the essentials:

Selecting the Right Utility Asset Management Software

The digital platforms discussed above are by far the best asset management software for utilities. Any of these give the company a competitive edge over others and, more importantly, ensure their reliability and trustworthiness. Before making your final choice, take a look at the summary below:

Asset Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
HxGN EAM No Contact for pricing Yes
Cityworks No Contact for pricing Yes
Accruent No Contact for pricing Yes
AssetWorks No $2,500 Yes
Nuvolo No Contact for pricing Yes
eMaint CMMS No $69/user/month Yes
Fiix Yes $45/user/month* Yes

* billed annually

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