The Best Asset Tracking Software of 2024

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Top 10 Asset Tracking Software

Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture, the world’s leading asset tracking software, offers powerful tools to keep track of your assets across multiple locations. It allows you to create detailed logs of your items so that you can see who last used them and where they are at all times. With the app, you can also observe all activities for each asset and ensure that they are at peak condition for future use.


  • Record, edit, and manage all assets in a single location
  • Generate and scan QR codes for easier identification during maintenance checks
  • Track the location of items across multiple sites with the app’s geotagging feature
  • Monitor the status, condition, and movement of assets using the filters in the analytics dashboard
  • Easily flag equipment for repair or replacement as soon as you spot them

Why use Cheqroom?

Cheqroom is an asset tracking software specially designed for tracking and managing the use of equipment. With its robust tagging and reservation system, asset managers can ensure that the right tool gets into the right people.


  • Inventory overview
  • Equipment labels
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Reservations and check-outs
  • Reports

Why use AssetTiger?

AssetTiger is a cloud-based tracking tool for an organization’s fixed assets. Using this tool, teams can log each item in their inventory and keep an eye on the movement of individual assets in one place.


  • Barcode scanning
  • Check-in and check-out system
  • Email alerts

Why use GoCodes?

GoCodes is a go-to software for keeping track of tools and equipment. Aside from its location capabilities, it also allows users to input information about each piece of equipment, such as service records and warranty details.


  • QR code labels
  • Custom data fields and lists
  • GPS location tracking

Why use ClearPathGPS?

ClearPathGPS is an asset tracking tool ideal for small and medium-sized fleet service providers. This tool offers full visibility over vehicles and other assets to help fleet businesses gain insights in real-time, streamline their day-to-day operations, and prevent the loss of assets.


  • Advanced reporting
  • Live location sharing
  • Real-time alerts

Why use Setyl?

As an asset tracking software, Setyl allows businesses to monitor their IT devices according to their status, location, and business unit. This tool comes with a scalable asset register, where users can log their devices with their specifications and supporting documentation.


  • Asset register
  • Asset assignment and recovery
  • Documents and receipts repository

Why use Reftab?

Reftab is another good asset tracking software for keeping tabs on IT equipment and other assets. This tool allows IT teams to organize the item assignment process so that they can deploy items to the users who need them.


  • Custom asset types
  • Asset change logs
  • Bulk actions

Why use Rentman?

Rentman is an asset tracking platform with flexible options to organize fixed assets. Audiovisual and event businesses can use this software to observe the movement of their assets across multiple locations so that they can see where their equipment is at any given time.


  • Mobile app scanning
  • Lost equipment marking
  • Repair flagging

Why use AssetCloud?

AssetCloud is an RFID asset tracking software for handling physical and IT assets throughout their lifecycle. It also offers features to prevent the loss of goods and ensure that items remain in good condition.


  • Automated check-in/check-out system
  • Asset audits
  • Tool and equipment history

Why use Sortly?

As an asset tracking software, Sortly offers a simplified way to keep track of your items based on their condition, location, and type. It works for all business types and assets—from tools and equipment to IT peripherals and vehicles.


  • Easy inventory import
  • Custom folders and fields
  • In-app barcode and QR code scanner

What is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is a tool used to monitor, manage, and report on the location, condition, and usage of assets. It helps organizations keep a close eye on a wide range of assets, including physical (e.g., vehicles, equipment, inventory) and digital (e.g., software licenses, intellectual property).


Asset tracking software is beneficial for any business needing to monitor its physical and digital assets. For instance, the program gives them real-time visibility into the location and condition of their assets. This capability allows them to manage their assets better, which can help them cut costs while increasing efficiency. Moreover, with readily-available data, businesses can make informed decisions and improve their bottom line.


Companies of all sizes can use asset tracking software to keep track of their valuable assets. It’s useful for managing large inventories, tracing vehicle locations, and monitoring resource use and allocation.

Some examples of businesses that can benefit from this software include:

Key Features

Organizations can maximize their asset tracking system when their software of choice has the following essential features:

  • Asset logs (e.g., equipment, tool, vehicle)
  • Asset labels and categories
  • Barcode and/or QR code tagging
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Maintenance and usage history
  • Performance reports and analytics

Choosing the Right Asset Tracking Software

An essential part of efficiently tracking your assets is the application or software you will go for. These programs come with a suite of tools at different price points for your needs. To help you decide which works best for you, here’s a summary of our top picks for asset tracking software:

Asset Tracking Software Free Version Paid Plan Web Version Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes Yes
Cheqroom None $100/month* Yes Yes
AssetTiger Yes $120/year Yes Yes
GoCodes None $500* Yes Yes
ClearPathGPS None Custom pricing Yes Yes
Setyl None $249/month* Yes None
Reftab Yes $30/month* Yes Yes
Rentman None €39/month (~$42.43) Yes Yes
AssetCloud None $2,995 Yes Yes
Sortly Yes $29/month* Yes Yes

* billed annually


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