The 10 Best 5S Audit Apps for 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a 5S audit app that helps businesses maintain adherence to quality standards and ensure proper implementation of principles of 5S toward efficient operations. You can use the SafetyCulture 5S audit app even if you are offline. Your 5S audit data will automatically be saved once you connect to the internet through automatic cloud syncing, ensuring that your information is safe and secure as is the case for SafetyCulture users from multiple industries.


  • Conduct workplace inspections and compliance evaluations using 5S audit checklists with an intuitive scoring system to reinforce and continuously monitor consistent conformance with 5S lean principles
  • Create and automate logical workflows in assigning corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), such as scheduling 5S audits to properly designate and address all aspects of your organization’s 5S efforts
  • Capture process, safety, and other workplace issues in a timely manner so that you can monitor flagged items, letting your auditors use the free 5S audit mobile app
  • Maximize SafetyCulture’s mobile app functionality to enable your frontline workers, audit managers, and other employees to easily capture and provide media documentation such as photos and videos as evidence
  • Resolve issues found during 5S audits and improve overall processes quicker through fast and intuitive reporting, which is key to gaining insights into your organization’s inspection and audit performance
  • Store and automatically organize all 5S audit reports in secure cloud storage for future reference
  • Keep everyone informed and guided on principles and other processes related to 5S using Heads Up
  • Train employees on 5S with a dedicated Training feature
  • Have your own forms get converted into digital templates and use them for your 5S audits anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate other Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau and PowerBI to access all audit management data, worker information, and the overview of your 5S insights in one place
  • Leverage automated monitoring systems and sensors to assist your auditors in performing in-depth, all-around inspections to keep the workplace and its systems organized, efficient, and adherent to 5S

Why use Alpha TransForm?

Alpha TransForm is a 5S audit app that helps businesses evaluate and score their 5S implementation using digital questionnaires. Using this app solution, you can easily perform regular audits as part of your overall process improvements.


  • Dashboards for insights and analytics
  • Mobile forms creation
  • Red-tagged items log

Why use Saisho?

As a lean 5S audit and assessment app, Saisho is Lean Transition Solutions’ innovative program to empower organizations to maintain a well-managed 5S strategy. Ultimately, the app helps prevent the complications of paper-based 5S audits and reports.


  • Detailed reports and graphs
  • Centralized and real-time information
  • Audit questionnaires

Why use Kizeo Forms?

Kizeo Forms is a 5S inspection and audit program packed with promising features that allow businesses to manage and track audits and measures implemented for their manufacturing processes toward an ideal working environment.


  • Document authentication
  • Date and time recording
  • Geolocation

Why use EdApp?

As a microlearning software for web and mobile, EdApp by SafetyCulture is a powerful innovation toward making learning and development easy and accessible for employees. EdApp helps ensure that all 5S audit-related guidelines are translated into engaging learning courses, making standardized learning for quality more efficient and easy to update.


  • Instant, on-demand updates and automated visibility of 5S audit learning courses results
  • Scheduled spaced repetition between lessons for better knowledge retention
  • Free lessons from the course library for different industries
  • Secure and easy access for intended trainees such as internal auditors and supervisors, among others
  • Integrations with Canva, Zapier, GSuite, SafetyCulture, Okta, Webhooks, BambooHR, and more
  • Support to contact when assistance is needed
  • Great value for a microlearning software for efficient 5S audits

Why use Tulip?

Using Tulip’s flexible operations platform, businesses are able to collect reliable data from the routine facility and 5S audits. This 5S audit app requires minor configuration, making workflow integration easier.


  • Sensors and machines integration
  • Plugins for expanded functionality
  • Process audit checklists

Why use Smart 5S?

This 5S audit app’s easy-to-use features are best for checking standards compliance, managing team’s corrective actions, and fostering active staff participation toward greater efficiency in the workplace.


  • Graphs and statistics
  • Media attachments
  • App scalability and offline functionality

Why use Weever?

As a simple and smart system that everyone can use, Weever is a 5S auditing app and software that makes operational workflow digitization, process management, audit scheduling, and continuous improvement solutions possible and more streamlined.


  • Dashboard reporting
  • Schedule management
  • Real-time visibility

Why use Quentic?

Enabled as a standardized software system, Quentic aims to provide users with maximum security and flexibility in managing their 5S audit guidelines and measures. This 5S audit app is also optimized for mobile users to make auditing convenient using smartphones.


  • Internal and external auditing capabilities
  • 5S audit reports generation
  • Question catalogs and assessment scales for pre- and post-planning audits

Why use Rever?

For a consistent process of 5S audit implementation, Rever has smart features that aim to activate the untapped power of the frontline. With a straightforward usage workflow, this 5S software provides reliable process improvement learnings to organizations.


  • Insights automation
  • Routines tracking and findings completion
  • Real-time reporting

What is a 5s Audit App?

A 5S audit app is a tool used by teams of workers across various industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, and logistics to evaluate their adherence to the 5S principles: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize), and Shitsuke (Sustain). With a 5S audit app, employees, area supervisors, and site managers can take advantage of free digital checklists to ensure that 5S is correctly done in the workplace. Streamline your audit process, boost 5S performance, and increase efficiency in your operations with a 5S audit app. Learn about what a 5s audit app is and pick from our top 10 list for your organization.


“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

As one of the core principles of kaizen, 5S is a proven system to make the workplace more efficient. However, organizations still experience little to no changes when they try to implement 5S, or it often becomes a difficult process that slows down day-to-day operations instead of optimizing them.

5S audits can help strengthen 5S initiatives by making sure that 5S principles are being followed, eliminating waste in the workplace, and increasing efficiency. Additionally, here are the top benefits of using a 5S audit app:

Complete 5S audits with editable templates

Maximize customizable, pre-built 5S audit templates so you can start right away, convert your existing paper documents to digital formats in seconds, or create a new template according to your business needs.

Save time from drafting and filing 5S reports

Automatically generate reports with photos upon completing the 5S audit, so key stakeholders are always updated and visibility across your operations is improved. A 5S audit app’s automatic cloud storage ensures that all 5S audit reports are automatically saved and accessible only to authorized personnel. Aside from secure data storage, filters such as date, employee, and location, make it easier to locate specific information for reference.

Visualize 5S data and share best practices

With a 5S audit app’s analytics, inspection results from 5S audits conducted over time are automatically collected and organized so you can make the most out of your data. Easily track trends that matter and identify common failures so that you can take action and prevent future problems from happening.

A 5S audit software allows you to manage your 5S data with seamless integrations to Business Intelligence (BI) tools necessary for your organization’s holistic audit performance overview.

5S Audit App Features

Top 5s audit apps must have these features:

  • Smart Forms – Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms.
  • Inspections – Complete inspections from anywhere at any time with a 5S audit app.
  • Fast Reporting – Detailed inspection reports and insights help problems get solved quicker.
  • Insights & Analytics – Turn your data into actionable insights for enhanced workplace efficiency.
  • Integrations – Connect your 5S audit software to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more.
  • Workflow Automation – Automate the boring stuff—from scheduling inspections to sharing reports.

How to Pick the Best 5S Audit App

For a quick overview of which 5s audit app is best suited for your needs, here’s a roundup of our best 10:

  • Best Overall: SafetyCulture
  • Best for Scalability Solutions: Alpha TransForm
  • Best for Metal, Medicine, and Packaging Solution Manufacturers: Saisho
  • Best for Manufacturing Businesses: Kizeo Forms
  • Best for Continuous Improvement of 5S Audits: EdApp by SafetyCulture
  • Best for Frontline Operations: Tulip
  • Best for Digitizing Lean Tools: Smart 5S
  • Best for Enterprises: Weever
  • Best for Large-scale Companies: Quentic
  • Best for Industrial Manufacturing Companies: Rever

You may also use this table for the comparison of free version availability, pricing of paid plans, and web-based software capability:

5S Audit App Free Version Paid Plan Web-based Software
SafetyCulture Yes $19/month/10 users Yes
Alpha TransForm None $30/user Yes
Saisho None Details unavailable Yes
Kizeo Forms None $12/user/month Yes
EdApp by SafetyCulture Yes $1.95/user/month Yes
Tulip None $1,200/station/year Yes
Smart 5S None Details unavailable Yes
Weever None $199/month Yes
Quentic None Details unavailable Yes
Rever None $5/user/month Yes

Check out these ready-to-use 5S audit checklist templates you can download and customize using SafetyCulture:

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