Risk Management

With a proactive risk-based approach, organizations are better able to adapt to change, ensure a safer workplace and learn to identify and prioritize opportunities to continuously improve everyday.


Identify the Hazards

Use Inspections in iAuditor to create dynamic, customizable forms that identify potential hazards, assessing the controls and their effectiveness. 
  • Log detailed records of hazards that have the potential to cause harm with video evidence, image capture and annotation
  • Streamline hazard identification with dynamic smart fields to quickly flag multiple hazards, descriptions and controls in a single report
Empower your teams further and motivate them to capture, report and assess workplace hazards anytime, anywhere with Issues in iAuditor.
  • Capture hazards and unidentified risk in seconds with critical information like photos, video, weather and location
  • Customize reporting categories to reflect terminology used in your business
  • Display QR code posters to collect hazard identification directly from the front line
Identify the Hazards

Assess the Risk

Launch hazard-specific risk assessment templates to capture further detail and record the findings with templates in iAuditor.
  • Build and share customized risk assessment templates, or access thousands of pre-made templates created by global brands and industry experts
  • Upload documents, images or videos to add more information
  • Require digital signature and approvals to help raise accountability across the board
Assess the Risk

Control the Risk

Identify control measures using the risk control hierarchy. Use scheduling in iAuditor to establish routine risk control inspections and compliance checks. 
  • Assign daily or weekly reminders for recurring inspections, and and monitor if it doesn’t get completed within a selected timeframe
  • Provide editing access to inspections for authorized personnel to support the collaborative effort
  • Easily share new or updated inspection templates instantly through permissions
Control the Risk

Plan & Assign Corrective Actions

Raise corrective and preventative actions within risk assessments and risk controls templates, or independently, and track them to completion with Actions in iAuditor.
  • Assign ownership, completion date, status and priority to each action and keep everyone accountable
  • Get to a resolution with ease via the collaborative chat-like timeline
  • Gain visibility into progress and ensure all actions are addressed by tracking and reporting action status and trends
Plan & Assign Corrective Actions

Communicate and Review

Communicate changes or updates to risk assessments with Heads Up in iAuditor.
  • Create engaging rich media messages in seconds with video, images or PDFs
  • Keep a record of acknowledgment by tracking who’s viewed or acknowledged your message
Send refresher trainings and work instructions or SOP’s through EdApp.
  • Build lessons from scratch or choose from over 1000+ free courses in EdApp's editable course library
  • Easily distribute and deploy competency assessments and keep track of completion rates
Communicate and Review

Analyze the Trends

Compare and analyze hazard data with iAuditor Analytics, or by integrating with the tools your team uses. Spot trends, anticipate areas that need attention and start responding proactively.
  • Customize dashboards and graphs to view hazard data that’s most relevant to your business
  • Spot trends and review risk control commonalities through frequently flagged items
  • Easily distribute and deploy competency assessments and keep track of completion rates
Analyze the Trends

Once we saw what iAuditor could do for pyrotechnic safety, we started rolling it out to all the other safety checks we perform. Then our events team saw the efficiency gains and rolled it out to their department as well.

Ash Hepburn, Risk Analyst

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