Looking for a Jotform Alternative?

Jotform may not always fully meet your business needs or streamline your processes effectively. In such cases, explore alternatives that provide comparable features but can enhance your operational efficiency. This comparison of SafetyCulture and Jotform can help you determine which platform is the best fit for your specific needs and goals.

SafetyCulture is the platform of choice

Trusted by over 75,000 customers – ranging from local businesses to NASA and the United Nations.

How SafetyCulture helps businesses

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first operations platform that helps businesses across various industries gather insights from multiple sources to improve the way they work. Our technology allows you to digitize elements of your operations including inspections, issue submissions, report generation, workplace communication, and employee training.

Jotform vs SafetyCulture

Here’s a feature comparison at a glance between Jotform and SafetyCulture

Jotform SafetyCulture
Customizable Templates, Forms, Checklists Allows you to customize templates and/or create from scratch using a drag-and-drop form builder Allows you to customize templates and/or create from scratch using our drag and drop template builder
Mobile Accessibility Available on mobile (iOS and Android) Available on mobile (iOS and Android)
Data Reporting and Analysis Jotform allows users to analyze data to learn customer behavior without programming expertise. Data is collected via forms in your account. Frequently flagged items, performance scores, completion rates, and other indicators are displayed real-time in a dashboard. Analytic reports can be exported in various formats.
Integrations Integrate with online payment systems (e.g., Paypal, Square, Stripe, Venmo), CRM tools, email marketing apps, and storage apps. Visualize and blend your operational data and connect to a wide selection of BI tools and other industry-leading systems to simplify workflows and automatically sync SafetyCulture inspections with your projects.
User Interface and Ease of Use Simple and easy to deploy. No coding knowledge needed. Simple and easy-to-deploy app. No coding knowledge needed.
Customer Support Support chat available 24/7. With an expected average response time of 1 Hour. Only Enterprise customers may avail dedicated real-time support. SafetyCulture support is available 24 hours (with limited support on weekends) via phone, email and live chat
Help Center Yes, with articles, tutorials, and videos Yes, with articles, tutorials, and videos
Security and Compliance Jotform’s security features are designed to meet security and compliance standards including SOC2, CCPA, GDPR, PCI Certification (for payments), and FERPA. Other general compliance also applies that ranges around legal, form privacy, and secure form storage. SafetyCulture’s platform is designed to meet various security and compliance standards, including SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001 and HIPAA. We use industry-standard encryption to protect data in transit and at rest, and we perform regular security audits and penetration testing to identify and address vulnerabilities.
Pricing Starter plan is Free, paid plans start at $34/month (billed annually). Custom pricing available for enterprise Basic plan is free, paid plans start at $24/month. Billing options are monthly or annual. Custom pricing available for enterprise.

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What makes SafetyCulture a great alternative?

Fully-equipped operations platform

Jotform specializes in form and app building. While it’s useful for creating fillable forms, it doesn’t provide tools for overall business operations, including delegating follow-up tasks to individuals and reporting issues.

SafetyCulture, on the other hand, is a complete operations platform that lets you do more—from task management and approvals to incident reporting and resolution—in one place.

Thus, compared to Jotform’s limited capabilities, customers can get more value for their money with SafetyCulture because it brings together an extensive range of features in a unified space.

Transforming insights into action

Jotform can give you the information you need based on the data gathered in their forms. For instance, you can learn more about your customers and gain insights on how often your forms are acquiring conversions.

SafetyCulture takes this a step further, for you can drill down on the specific data points, such as sites, assets, and persons, to uncover inefficiencies and see what’s working and what’s not. 

Using this information, you can quickly implement action points to fix the problem with the associated site, person, or team.

World-class technical support, 
when you need it

When it comes to technical support, SafetyCulture stands out as a clear leader when compared to Jotform. Majority of Jotform live chat support availability may depend on the traffic of queries and operates on scheduled business hours. Thus, most of the time you may be redirected to a forum-style conversation with their support team about your inquiries.

SafetyCulture, on the other hand, offers a quick, reliable, and responsive support team that is dedicated to helping customers quickly and efficiently resolve any issues they may encounter.

Both SafetyCulture and Jotform are digital solutions that provide customizable forms and checklists for workplace safety and compliance, along with a variety of features to enhance safety and compliance processes, such as mobile forms, data analysis and reporting, and integrations with other software.

Ultimately, the decision between SafetyCulture and Jotform will depend on the specific requirements and priorities of your organization. It is advisable to conduct a thorough comparison of the two platforms and try out demos or free trials before making a decision

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“I’ve been using for five plus years now and would not use other. The reports are easily editable and produce a quality easy to navigate report.
Thank you for a continued excellent service.”

By Willy Grey

“I’ve used this app for around 6 years, easy to set up and use”

By LSI The Guv

“This app is very useful. Very happy about the PDF reports.”


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Yes, there are free alternatives to Jotform available, including the following: 

  • SafetyCulture
  • Google Forms
  • Typeform
  • Wufoo
  • Formstack
  • Microsoft Forms
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Ninja Forms

These platforms offer basic form-building capabilities at no cost, although they may have limitations on features compared to paid versions.

When comparing alternatives to Jotform, prioritize platforms with robust form-building tools, extensive customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and suitability/design for your processes. Features such as mobile compatibility, and analytics/reporting functionalities, and data security are essential.

Yes! In-app communication is a core part of our platform. Users are able to communicate in-app to maintain proper documentation and tracking of issues. Also, our Heads Up feature lets you create engaging messages with images, videos, or PDFs in seconds

Our platform simplifies the process of conducting and managing workplace inspections, allowing you to identify hazards and track corrective actions with ease. Additionally, we provide incident reporting tools that enable organizations to promptly and effectively report incidents.

Yes! Both SafetyCulture and Jotform can create, edit, and use forms offline. SafetyCulture will automatically sync online-required features (such as assigned actions) once the user is back online.