Sydney Festival

It's one thing to entertain 400,000 visitors across a metropolitan area for 3 straight weeks, but it's another thing to make sure they're all safe! This is the challenge behind running one of the world's most audacious and enjoyable festivals.








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For 22 days each January, Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on big ideas and cutting-edge art and performance. The festival has been running for over 3 decades and is visited by nearly half a million people.

Organisers need to know what’s working well, and what’s not. And they need to depend on their hundreds of volunteer staff to deliver that information with mobile inspections.

This is the challenge behind running one of the world’s most audacious and enjoyable festivals.

“We needed to find a system that people are actually quite excited to use and makes their life easy” says Alycia.


Using iAuditor allows Sydney Festival staff to ensure the safety of their 400,000 annual visitors

"That's a lot of people to keep safe" – Alycia Bangma, Domain Manager

John Bailey, head of production, depends on iAuditor to stay on top of what’s happening in the field, “The person that’s filling it out doesn’t even realise that it’s completely customised itself to ask the right questions to get the relevant information that we need”.

iAuditor’s flexibility allowed John to use it for all of their inspections, “We have incident reports, performance reports, daily checklist that we do it every site”

With inspections from the field syncing instantly, decision makers are able to move quickly to resolve issues. “Once you hit that submit button, everybody’s got the report and it can also alert people to the fact that they’ve got it” says John.

The festival has been running for over 40 years and continues to grow and attract bigger attractions and more visitors each year. And thanks to John’s and Alycia’s commitment to safety and quality, it’s continues to get better and better!

"When the audience come in, who know nothing about safety and what’s gone into the planning of this event... they enjoy their time, it’s incident free, they go home happy going ‘what a great Sydney Festival’”

John Bailey, Head of Production

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